How to find the right mattress for Senior Citizens: A Complete Guide

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How to find the right mattress for senior citizens? My detailed blog on the subject deserves all your time and attention. Remember, health is wealth! You shouldn’t take it lightly.

How to find the right mattress for Senior Citizens

Age is not just a number. The aged you get, the more prone you are to health issues. Some are a victim of insomnia, body ailments, aches, arthritis and several other health issues. It goes without saying that with age, our body deteriorates. There’s only little you can do to control the surging health problems. Sound sleep plays a massive role in curbing health concerns. We are all aware of the fact that our body requires 7-8 hours of sleep to be rejuvenated the entire day. This duration reduces little by little as and as a person grows older. And that’s one of the reasons why the body lacks energy and cannot function energetically.

Well, I am not saying sleep is magical, and it will take away all your problems. But it surely will help massively in suppressing them. Without the best mattress, you cannot expect to have a good night’s sleep. And that’s why, today, we emphasize on choosing the right mattress.


How does Age affect Sleep?

How does Age affect Sleep

Before we find the best mattress for senior citizens, we must come to terms that age affects sleep monstrously. Sleep disorders can be spawned due to several reasons. Insomnia is one of the known reasons. But besides that, several other factors lead to a night of disturbed sleep.

  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Pain
  • Physical illness
  • Noisy environment
  • Rigid mattress
  • Health diseases
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Periodic limb movements of sleep


What are the ailments caused by a bad/wrong mattress in Adults?

What are the ailments caused by a bad/wrong mattress in Adults

We stress so much on getting yourself the right mattress because a wrong/poor one can hamper your health tremendously. This is especially in the case of senior citizens. Adults are prone to a few ailments caused due to a poor mattress.

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Neck Pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hip pain
  • Dementia


Types of Mattress for Senior Citizens

Sound sleep is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Ageing does not mean you make peace with the fact of having a sleepless night. There are ways you can boost your sleep pattern, and finding the right mattress is getting you one step closer. Let’s look into the types of mattresses designed for senior citizens.


1. Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattress

An innerspring mattress with its enhanced support and fluffiness is a good option for senior citizens. The mattress is topped with springs that are individually enclosed to each other. These springs work towards providing an uncompromised sleep. However, the innerspring mattress is not advisable for senior citizens with serious back concerns. Also, the mattress can get a little noisy, and it is high on motion transfer due to the bouncy fabric.


2. Memory Foam mattress

Memory Foam mattress

The memory foam mattress is widely used amongst adults. The reason being when the sleeper tosses and turns, the mechanism of the memory foam aids in minimizing pressure points and alleviates body aches. The density of the foam mattress also responds very well to weight shifts. This means sleep disruption due to motion transfer is not a problem at all with the mattress. We have also seen senior citizens enjoy the sinking nature of the memory foam mattress.


3. Air Foam mattress

Air Foam mattress

The air foam mattress is a game-changer. It does not incorporate any heat-trapping chemicals and is air-filled foam. The mattress comprises gazillions of air pockets that work as amazing shock absorbers and can beautifully adapt to any size or shape. Also, the mattress has a breathable nature, and therefore it works amazingly for side and hot sleepers. Senior citizens looking for a pressure relief mattress should totally consider this one. It is also a great option for couples with different sleep preferences.


4. Latex mattress

Latex mattress

The best latex mattresses are highly recognised for their firmness, comfort and support. It provides a neutral temperature and provides uniformity throughout the bed. Latex is fabricated with synthetic rubber and hence delivers unmatched durability.


5. Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattress

The hybrid mattress is designed to allow great contouring. The revolutionary mattress is designed with wrapped coils, and that helps in reducing noise tremendously. But the fabrication also results in sleep hot and is not the best to provide pressure relief.


6. Adjustable beds

Adjustable Bed

The adjustable beds have gained stupendous popularity due to the flexibility it provides. If you love watching television before your bedtime, the adjustable bed is a great option in helping you position the way you like. However, it is not one of the most comfortable mattresses you could find in the long run. Sure, this mattress’s elevation and durability factors are exceptional, but the comfort required may fall short.

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How to find the right mattress for Senior Citizens?

Speaking about the best mattress for senior citizens, the subject has been generalized as a whole. Not every mattress mentioned above is suitable for all. Let’s dig into the factors that will help you decide which is the right one for you.


Tried & tested

Always indulge in a mattress that’s tried and tested. That surely gives a sense of security. When we speak about the best mattress, lot’s has been spoken about the ‘comfort’ factor. There’s another criterion that you may not have looked into but is equally important. The mattress should never be too soft to wake up. Getting up from the bed should be effortless and not a struggle.


Mattress Height

Mattress Height

The height of the mattress should play a pivotal role in your buying decision, especially if you are suffering from any joint pain. Senior citizens should ensure the mattress is at a comfortable height. There’s a way to figure if the mattress height is appropriate for you. Park yourself on the edge of the bed and keep your feet flat on the floor. Your hips and knees should be at the same level. And bingo! That’s an ideal mattress height for you.


Pressure relief mattress

Pressure relief mattress

A pressure relief mattress is a good remedy to sleepless nights. The bedding is fabricated to provide good support for the hips, lower back and shoulders. This also ensures you don’t wake up with any discomfort. In the search for the best mattress for senior citizens, indulging in a superior pressure relief mattress makes total sense. It’s great at contouring and cradling. To know more in detail on this subject, check my blog on – How to choose a pressure relief mattress?


Material matters

Material matters

Always give importance to the mattress material, regardless of who you are looking out for. But in the case of senior citizens, give this utmost importance. A memory foam mattress is an amazing option for adults also because of its material. It provides great support to the body around the hip, neck, shoulders and lower back. It is also capable of relaxing all the muscles and joints. Thereby providing uninterrupted sleep.


Edge and spine support

Edge and spine support

Elders definitely require a mattress providing good spine support. This will give good relief to the muscle while asleep and help in curing back problems. Along with that, edge support should also be considered. A mattress with good edge support will ensure it does not sage around the corners and provide enough resistance.


Know your sleeping position

Know your sleeping position

Of course, everyone has a different sleeping position preference. Choosing a mattress as per your sleeping position is a smart move. For example, if you are a stomach sleeper, you must grab onto a medium-thick mattress. To explore some reliable options, head to my blog right away! 11 Best Mattress in India 2023: Detailed review from Experts


Mattress firmness

Mattress firmness

The deal here is to find a mattress that is neither too or less firm. The firmness graph should be on point. Senior citizens are more prone to body aches and joint pains. Sleeping on a firm mattress will provide good comfort to all muscles and ensure you don’t wake up with morning stiffness. However, if the mattress is too firm, it can increase the pain. Therefore, make sure you opt for a medium-firm mattress.



Mattresses with coil layers

Here’s a known fact. A lot of senior citizens naturally sleep hot. So, it is important to choose a mattress that can regulate the temperature. But this does not mean indulging in mattresses that are infused with cooling gels. Well, that’s equally uncomfortable. Mattresses with coil layers can modulate the temperature well and provide a cool surface to sleep.

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Some Sleeping Tips for Senior Citizens

Some Sleeping Tips for Senior Citizens

Barring the factors mentioned above, I have a few sleeping tips for our much-loved senior citizens.

  • Do not indulge in long daytime naps.
  • Stay hydrated always.
  • Do not coddle in large meals and caffeine.
  • Have a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Stay active always.
  • Do not compromise on vitamins.

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Wrapping Up

The biggest joy in adult life is to have a peaceful day and a restful night. Take charge of your day, and let me help you get sound sleep at night. Sleeping on the wrong mattress can elevate your health issues even more. So, take no chances of it.

Get your elders the right mattress and let them work on their sleeping habits. Health is the biggest asset. Find ways to let it not depreciate.

PS: Happiness consists of getting enough sleep. Set no bar for happiness.

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