RO Water Purifier not working suddenly? Here’s what you need to do

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Safe and pure water can undeniably keep you far away from all waterborne diseases. And when it comes to choosing a purifier, RO is my first choice. But what do you do when you find your RO water purifier not working suddenly? I am here to explain every little detail and how to deal with it.

RO Water Purifier not working suddenly

Before I get to that, I would first like you to know that the best RO water purifiers are known to be the most reliable ones. They can capably eliminate all the harmful pollutants and provide you with the purest possible water.


What are the important components of a RO water purifier?

What are the important components of a RO water purifier

What makes RO water purifier the most dependable? The major components play a big role in purifying the water. Let’s have a quick look.


1. Sediment pre-filter

The sediment pre-filter restricts the harmful and large particles, which can clog the RO system. These contaminants are solid and evident ones. This pre-filter works like a sieve to separate these obvious large particles.


2. Carbon pre-filter

Chlorine, odour and bad taste can be disastrous in water. The carbon pre-filter can work efficiently to erase the traces of all of the above. Firstly, the filter capably eliminates the existence of chlorine completely. Secondly, it fragments undesirable odour and tastes as well.


3. RO membrane

Any impurities made through the sediment and carbon pre-filter are eliminated at this stage. The RO membrane can efficiently remove all the bacteria and microorganisms that have reached this thin membrane filter. The filter also eliminates 95% of TDS.


4. Post carbon filter

The post-carbon filter is smartly placed right before you use the faucet for some final purification touch. If any impurities have reached this stage, they are sure not to go beyond the post-carbon filter.


Why should you use a RO water purifier?

Why should you use a RO water purifier

  • RO water purifiers can skillfully lower the TDS level and sweeten the taste of water.
  • The RO purification can successfully lower the TDS levels.
  • The semi-permeable RO membrane can also filter out all the heavy metals easily.
  • RO water purifiers do not require regular maintenance.
  • Expect 100% pure water.
  • RO water purifier provides several health benefits.
  • It can eradicate all the hardness from the water.
  • You can also add a mineralizer to a RO water purifier and make the water rich in minerals.


RO water purifier not working? Problems & Solutions

RO water purifier not working

Okay, now it’s time to discover RO purifier problems & solutions. The reason behind the RO water purifier not working could be silly or big; in any case, it is resolvable. In some circumstances, you may need professional, and some solutions are self achievable. So, let’s find out what can cause your water purifier to stop functioning and the potential solutions.


1. Lack of power supply

Lack of power supply in water purifier

Every machine requires a power supply and a water purifier is no exception to this. Lack of power supply can certainly cause the purifier to stop working. Any concern with the main energy supply can result in the non-operation of the water purifier. Hence, first, check the main power source and also be sure of no loose connections.

What’s the solution? In this case, if you are not very comfortable resolving it yourself, seeking professional help makes sense. However, if you want to give it a shot, take hold of a tester and find out if there is any energy supply to the power point of the water purifier. Inspect the main switchboard to know if there is any tripping problem. In case of any loose connections or voltage fluctuations, I would highly recommend rectifying them with the help of an electrician.


2. Clogged or worn out filters

Reverse osmosis filter changing

The best water purifiers are equipped with an auto shut off feature. What is this exactly? When the filters are clogged or worn out, they need a replacement. In these situations, the auto shut off feature stops the machine from operating once the filters need replacement. But this won’t be a surprise to you. The water purifier will notify you well in advance with a beep sound. You only need to pay attention to it.

What’s the solution? The only solution is to replace the filters. Call the authorized service centre and get it done immediately.


3. Air bubble inside the water purifier

Air bubble inside the water purifier Solution

A rare possibility. But yes, it is a possibility. Loose fittings are solely responsible for an air bubble inside the water purifier. The job of the technician is to seal the pipes rightly. However, carelessness or lack of knowledge can be the reason for loose connections. This then results in the air getting trapped in the tubes. As a result, you will find your RO water purifier not working.

What’s the solution? In any case, if you are planning to attempt to fix this, take a step behind. This RO water purifier problem can be fixed only by an authorized professional. The air vacuum will have to be released carefully. Also, the pipes will need immediate replacement in case of any cracks.


4. Low water pressure

Low water pressure

In the case of low water pressure, the filtration process becomes slow. It means the water will reach the filters little by little. This will diminish the water output substantially and may also result in your RO water purifier to stop working.

What’s the solution? The solution is simple. Get your water supply pressure checked. Also, check the other taps in the household to know if the problem lies in all.


5. Malfunction in Float Valve

Malfunction in ro water purifier Float Valve

The role of a float valve is to shut the water flow once the tank is filled with pure and clean water. This means that the float valve plays a major part in controlling the working of a water purifier. Of course, there’s a benefit to this. It makes sure there is no overflow of water. However, the drawback is significant. A malfunction in the float valve can result cause the RO water purifier to stop working. So, you know how important it is for this water purifier component to be in the best condition.

What’s the solution? A defect in the float valve will result in a complete shut down of the water purifier. Therefore, replace it immediately.


6. Damaged solenoid valve

Damaged ro water purifier solenoid valve

The solenoid valve also plays a pivotal role in working a RO water purifier like the float valve. This component averts the wastewater from flowing into the RO membrane once the machine is turned off. So, a damaged solenoid valve can halt the flow of water in the RO membrane. Once the water flow is stopped, the machine will shut down completely.

What’s the solution? Replacing the solenoid valve is the only solution. Contact your service provider and get it done.


7. Impaired pressure pump

ro water purifier impaired pressure pump

RO water purifiers necessarily are equipped with a in-built pressure pump for smooth working. The pump applies high pressure and enables the RO process to work smoothly. If you find your RO water purifier not working, an impaired pressure pump can be the culprit behind it.

What’s the solution? Firstly, figuring out a malfunction in the pressure pump can be slightly tricky. I will tell you one simple way of doing so. If you do not hear a whirring sound when you turn on your water purifier, suspect an issue in the pressure pump. Once that’s done, get it rectified by the service provider and replace it.


8. Faulty SMPS adapter

Faulty RO Water Purifier SMPS Adapter

Let me begin by telling you why an SMPS adapter is important in a water purifier. It converts the alternating current to direct current and helps in the functioning of the pump. So, a fault in the SMPS adapter can cause the water purifier to stop functioning. One reason for the malfunctioning of the SMPS adapter is high voltage fluctuations.

What’s the solution? Replacing the SMPS adapter is the only option. You can do it yourself, but getting it done from a trained electrician will be sensible.


9. The feeder valve is turned off

A feeder valve is installed in the main kitchen water supply to direct water flow to the water purifier. If the feeder valve has been turned off by mistake, the water purifier will stop functioning.

What’s the solution? Turn on the feeder valve, and the water supply will resume. That’s all you have to do.

RO water purifier not working? You are now well aware of the potential reasons and solutions. Well, you are not leaving on this note. There’s something more I would like you to know.


RO Purifier Maintenance Tips

RO Purifier Maintenance Tips

How to maintain your RO water purifier? It’s easy but imperative. Let me tell you upfront that not maintaining it can certainly lead to health hazards. So, is the risk worth taking? No ways! Here’s what you need to do.

  • Do not delay filter replacement.
  • Clean the pipes regularly.
  • If you find any leakages, act upon them immediately.
  • Repair and replace components when required.
  • Sanitize the RO tank.
  • Annual maintenance is a must. Do not avoid it.
  • Not just the interiors, keep the exteriors clean as well.
  • Install a softener.


One Last Thought

We have discussed all the possible reasons why the RO water purifier can stop working. Hiring a skilled professional to rectify the job is a smart move, but not with a blind eye. Knowing the reason for yourself is the right thing to do. I am not asking you to indulge yourself in fixing the purifier. Well, not all problems can be resolved by yourself. However, self-awareness is important.

So, when your RO water purifier not working, you know exactly what to do. Also, remember one thing. ‘Health is wealth’. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true in every sense. So, go all out and maintain your water purifier.

Have any further questions in mind? Don’t hesitate to shoot below.

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