8 Signs That Mean Your Microwave Oven Is Failing

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Like any other electronic device, microwave ovens are sure to experience wear after years of use. Most start showing major issues after 9 years of use, as stated by Consumer Report. To avoid fatal kitchen disasters caused by these issues, it would be best to get yourself a new oven. In this post, I’ll tell you about a few signs that mean your microwave oven is failing so that you know if it’s time to get a new one.


Signs That Mean Your Microwave Oven Is Failing

Signs That Mean Your Microwave Oven Is Failing

1. Smoke, Burning Smells, and Sparks

Smoke from Microwave Oven

These are usually signs of serious damage. Stop the oven from running and unplug it right away. Whilst whatever issue is causing these problems can be fixed in a newer oven; the same can’t be said for an old one. In the latter’s case, fixing will only be a temporary solution. There’s a high likelihood that the oven might malfunction again. Hence, it’ll be better to get a new oven instead.


2. Unusual Cooking Times

If your oven isn’t cooking as quickly as it used to, you can still try to fix the issue. However, in some cases, none of the fixes might work, and if that happens, then you likely won’t have any choice but to get an entirely new oven.


3. Horrendous Noises

An oven is supposed to cook while barely making any noise. All you’re supposed to hear is a gentle hum. If your model doesn’t sound like that and instead produces loud buzzing or rattling noises, then there’s certainly an issue. There are a few simple fixes you could try in that case. First off, you need to check if the fan blades of the oven and its turntable are alright. Afterwards, you should also check for bits of food or any misalignments. Looking at all these should help you reduce the noises your oven makes. However, if none of that works, then it’s probably a permanent problem in a crucial component. It would be good to give up using the oven and start getting a new one.


4. Door Seal Doesn’t Work Properly

Microwave Oven Door Seal Doesn't Work Properly

The door seal is an important feature meant to enforce user safety. If it doesn’t close properly, radiation may pass through, causing harm. If the door’s gasket receives any significant damage or has been worn out by time, then that’s enough of a reason to get an entirely new oven.


5. Keypad Doesn’t Work

Microwave Oven Keypad Doesn't Work

The keypad is definitely one of the most significant components of an oven. Your user experience might take a turn for the worse if it stops working. It might just need to be cleaned, but if none of the buttons work even after doing that, then it’s time for an upgrade.

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6. Turntable Not Rotating

Microwave Oven Turntable Not Rotating

If your microwave doesn’t rotate the food items you put in after it starts, that likely means that the turntable gear is broken. Without it, you won’t be able to cook properly as it plays a major part in even heat distribution.


7. Display Not working Correctly

Microwave Oven Display Not working Correctly

The digital display on your microwave might start flickering after some time of use. Most of the time, this issue is pretty significant as it’s likely the result of a failing electrical system. If your oven is old, then having faulty internal components is definitely not a good idea.


8. The Oven Is More Than 10 Years Old

Old Model Oven

Why would you hold on to a decade’s old oven in the first place? Such a thing would be absolutely riddled with issues. If you, by some miracle, manage to make it run smoothly, there’s still the issue of power efficiency. Most newer ovens use far less power than an older one would. Not to mention, they also come with better safety features and durability. So, if your oven is past that time range, you have to go for an upgrade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be obvious when the oven is past the point of repair?

There’s no way to tell for sure. It’s hard to say that the oven can’t be fixed anymore without trying possible solutions. If no solutions work, then yes, it’s past the point of repair. That’s usually the case for the issues I’ve talked about earlier. Even getting spare parts can be hard, especially if the model is obscure and old.

Can a failing microwave cause a house fire?

Yes, it can. It’s one of the potential dangers of using an old oven that’s not maintained properly. Microwaves are powerful appliances that produce a lot of heat inside their chambers. If your model isn’t running well, then the chances of a fire increase significantly.

Is my old microwave the reason why my cooking tastes bad?

Well, it could be part of the reason. If the oven in question has been in bad condition for a long time, then it’s very likely to affect your food.

Can I fix internal issues of my oven by myself?

Unless you’re a professional, no. The internal mechanisms of microwave ovens are quite complicated, and trying to fix such issues might lead to more problems.

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Final Word

These are the most signs that mean your microwave oven is failing. Trust me; even if you have to get a new microwave oven, you won’t regret getting it. In fact, you’re probably going to thank me later. Not only will a new microwave bring you increased convenience and safety, but it will also open your hands up to a whole new set of recipes you never tried before. (Tsk, here are a couple you could try once you get your brand new oven).

Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope you find everything I said useful. Thanks for reading!

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