Experts’ Take On The Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

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Sleepyhead is a popular mattress manufacturer that focuses on making orthopaedic mattresses. The Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress is not only one of their best creations, but it’s also easily one of the best mattresses in India. That much is evident from the 1800+ 5-star user reviews on Amazon. Here is our own review of it.

Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

Dimensions78X72X6 inches (King Size)
Item Weight:28.2 kg
Construction TypeMemory Foam
Item FirmnessMedium
Usable On Both SidesNo
Warranty10 years
Trial Period100 Nights

What We Like

  • Easily fits two or more people with plenty of space to spare.
  • Made of high-quality foam for medium firmness.
  • Designed to last, with a long 10-year warranty.
  • Phase-changing technology that maintains cool even in hot weather.
  • Three zoned orthopaedic layers support the entire body.
  • Air groves for optimum airflow.
  • Provides pressure relief for maximum comfort.
  • 100-night trial promotion for all buyers.


  • Made of high-quality foam for long-lasting performance.
  • Maintains cool in hot weather.
  • The upper part is made of breathable material.
  • It has a 100 nights trial promotion.
  • Three zoned layers offer the best support to the body.
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Edges could’ve been designed better.
  • Uses a white cover.


Everything About The Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress 1

Ideal Large-Sized Option: The mattress’ dimensions of 78x72x6 inches make it a fantastic choice for those who want a huge mattress. It’s especially good for couples, as there is lots of room to roam about. It’ll also fit most king-size beds flawlessly. The thickness is more than enough to handle two people weighing around 80kgs easily.

Excellent Cooling With Special Technology: Because of the application of special technology, this Sleepyhead mattress offers outstanding cooling capabilities. It employs PCM (Phase Change Material) to absorb heat and keep the surface cold. This is the same material that NASA uses in their spacesuits for cooling, so you can be confident that it will perform admirably in hot conditions. It can easily withstand the hottest days in a region as hot as Delhi.

Composed Of High-Quality Foam: Another noteworthy aspect of the Sleepyhead Sense is its high-quality foam construction. This foam has a medium hardness, which is ideal for most individuals. It’s also pretty sturdy and should last you for quite some time. It took a while for our durability test to reveal any wear.

Remarkable Orthopaedic Support: There are three zoned orthopaedic layers designed to support the entire body. These layers have different densities to target different areas of the body. For instance, the shoulder and hip regions are given extra support so that you don’t experience any pain in those areas.

Easy To Unpack: We believe the delivery ought to be mentioned first. When we bought the mattress out, we did so quickly and without any damage. In addition, it is simple to carry out and unfold into a bed. It has the usual strange scent you would anticipate upon unboxing a standard mattress. However, the smell dissipates quickly.

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Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress 2

Some Issues We’ve Noticed

Edges Need Improvement: One of the only places where this mattress could be improved is the edges. They’re not bad, but they’re also not fantastic. When you sit on them or apply pressure on them, they droop somewhat. This can be inconvenient, but it is not a deal-breaker. However, we believe that Sleepyhead could have addressed this without significantly boosting the price of the mattress by placing some piping on the edges.

Has A White Cover: Another minor disadvantage of this mattress is that the cover is white. This might be an issue for some people who don’t want their mattresses to reveal dirt or stains quickly, forcing a clean-up session. Nonetheless, if this concerns you, purchasing a coloured bed cover is an easy solution.

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Here are various questions you may have about the Sleepyhead mattress.

How firm is the Sleepyhead mattress?

It has a medium firmness of 7.5, so it can offer great support for a comfortable night’s rest. Therefore, it’s neither too hard nor too soft.

Will I get the 100 nights promotion if I purchase from Amazon?

Yes, you can get the 100 nights to offer if you purchase from Amazon and any other store. Therefore, you can get your money back if you don’t like the product within the trial days.

Does the mattress have a zipper cover?

Yes, the Sleepyhead mattress has a removable zipper cover that can be machine washed.

Is the mattress medically approved?

No, it’s not a medically approved mattress, but it offers pressure relief and comfort.

Does the mattress work on both sides?

No, this Sleepyhead mattress is meant to be used from one side.

What do three zoned layers mean?

Three-zoned support means that the mattress offers maximum support and contours to the pressure points on your body, thus aligning your spine perfectly. Also, it’s a blend of breathable material that absorbs your body heat.

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Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress 4


This Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress is one of the most breathable mattresses we’ve tested. It’s perfect for summer because it is almost always cool. Because of the three support zones, this mattress is ideal for people with back pain.

You can sleep comfortably in any position. If you still have considerable back pain after getting it, you should probably get a medically recommended mattress.

Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress 5

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