Smart TV Buying Guide: What are the must-have TV features?

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The revolutionary appliance has overwhelmed everyone with its technological advancement and array of features. This is certainly very pleasing. But the major obstacle comes in with the whopping number of options in the market today. So, here’s my qualitative smart TV buying guide. Exclusively only for you!

Smart TV Buying Guide

The time spent on mobile phones has taken a back seat with the success of smart televisions. PrimeVideo, Netflix, YouTube – you can have easy access and that too on the big screen. You don’t need to spend hours watching your favourite show on your laptop anymore. That’s not it! Did you imagine watching the legendary India Pakistan match live? Yes, you could do that as well.

Apart from this, the alluring visual experience is a true treat. The need for going to a theatre does not exist anymore. You are sure to have an impeccable cinema experience in the confined areas of your home. All you need to do is be aware of the must-have smart TV features.

Hop on to my smart TV buying guide, and let us get into the nitty-gritty of it together.


What are the must-have smart TV features? Know it from the Experts

1. Refresh rates

The speedier the refresh rate, the better it is. In a smart TV, the refresh rate explains the number of times a picture gets refreshed every second. The standard refresh rate is 60 Hz. This means a picture can get refreshed 60 times every second. However, in high definition televisions, the standard refresh rate is definitely not adequate. You are going to find your pictures to be quite blurry.

The swift the refresh rate, the better the picture quality. The refresh rate of more than 120Hz is sure to give you a euphoric visual experience.


2. User Interface speed

In simple terms, the user interface (UI) is the communication in a device. Smart televisions have a complex user interface. The speed of the UI defines the ability of the television to react. The days of switching on the television and waiting for it to show up have come to an end with an advanced user interface. A quiescent UI can intrude on your television experience. Imagine having the UI working like the speed of lightning. Now that can be so blissful. The reaction to any input command like – voice control, gesture control, multi-screen control, user recognition and more; is certain to make your smart TV more lovable.


3. Second screen experience

Not all, but the best smart TVs are engulfed with the second screen experience. Also known as ‘casting’. This feature has made it possible for all tablet and smartphone users to transfer the content and watch movies/videos on the big screen. It doesn’t end here. You can also reminisce your holiday album by connecting your phone to your smart TV and viewing every memorable picture. Doesn’t this sound exhilarating?

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4. Wifi and Bluetooth

Isn’t this one of the must-have smart TV features? The availability of wifi and Bluetooth connectivity can certainly amplify your smart TV experience. I would rather put it like it’s a must now. A smart TV without wifi and Bluetooth is a hopeless situation.

With the help of a Bluetooth connection, you can easily share files from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. A strong wifi connection will let your online stream videos work without any disruption.


5. Audio Quality

Did you ever think your smart TV could replace your music system as well? That sounds amazing, right? One appliance fulfilling all requirements. All you need to be sure is of the sound quality being exceptional. By the audio quality, I don’t mean the intensity of the sound. That certainly is in your hands. You have the power to increase and decrease the volume when you want. Quality defines clarity.

Every sound you hear should be clear and distinct. If you are figuring out the audio quality, the best way to do it is to test the sound personally. No brochure, no advertisement, no salesperson can do justice in making you aware of the literal sound quality.

Just in case you want to amplify the sound quality further, you can do it comfortably by getting hold of a soundbar. Check my blog on – 9 Best Soundbars in India (2023)- Reviews & Buying Guide for some cool and electrifying options.

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6. 4K Ultra High Definition Resolution

This sounds like a no brainer isn’t it? So yes, it was one of the topmost aspects to look into the smart TV buying guide. A television with a 4K panel and a high definition resolution of 3840*2160 pixels will beautifully upgrade your television experience. This feature aids in delivering the 4K content smoothly by broadcast, streaming services or Blu-ray.

4K televisions are capable of executing even small objects with the most detail. In the case of any text, it will certainly be sharp, and the picture quality will be rich. The 4K HD resolution televisions have now expanded their horizon to a high dynamic range. With the HDR technology, you can expect the perfect level of brightness, colour and contrast. Unquestionably, this is to lift the video quality.

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7. Built-in search engine

I am not sure if I can call this is a must-have feature, but it certainly won’t hurt having one. Rather, having a built-in search engine is only going to make your television experience delightful. Sure, our smart apps are filled with more than enough content. But what if you would like to spend time lavishly watching a movie or series not available on any of the OTT platforms. Boom! A search engine can present you with whatever you want. So, get smart. Get a smart TV with a built-in search engine.


8. Gaming

Movies and music is like been there done that. How about gaming? Did you ever think of it? Oh well, I am not exaggerating; you could use your smart TV for gaming as well. Solitaire and angry birds are the commoners. Did you know that you could even have play station on your smart TV? Yes, isn’t that cool? But the deal here is that you won’t have access to play stations with all smart TVs.

Only the high-end models from Sony, Samsung and LG will let you enjoy a much-hyped game night at home. You only have to loosen up your budget a little bit. But I can get you some crazy and irresistible deals on – The Best LED TVs trending in 2023: Expert Analysis.

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9. Voice Control

Voice control is positively a must-have smart TV feature. The built-in AI control voice interaction feature will let you control your smart TV with only your voice commands. You are smart television will come along with remote control. That’s basic. The remote control will have a microphone feature to absorb all your voice commands. So, you can virtually control your smart TV completely with just your voice commands. Well, if you think this is a bit complicated, trust me, it’s the easiest to use. All you have to do is speak.


10. Number of ports

The more, the merrier! Yes, that’s true in this case. You must ensure accessibility to at least four ports– HDMI, USB, VGA and audio/video input. This will give you the leverage to connect external devices like pen drives, hard discs, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and more. Using each of these ports is easy. But remember, not having these major ports is going to restrict your smart TV experience.


One Last Thought

So, the ones mentioned above are certainly dominant. In a nutshell, these must-have smart TV features are imperative. Doing without them is like depriving yourself of luxury.

But besides that, if you are looking for a more sensational television experience, you could go one step ahead. You can lookout for a smart TV with a large memory capacity, skype capability, built-in camera, remote magic feature, Apple Airplay 2, HEVC decoding, large screen size, contrast ratio, app navigation, page navigation and more. This is a no-defined process. The more money you put in, the more features you get exposed to.

But if you are looking for some moderately budgeted options, I have a list of options ready for you on – Top 11 Best 32 inch LED TV in India (2023): Reviews & Buyer’s Guide from the Expert.

Remember one thing. Nothing in life is perfect. But a smart TV can be!

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