Soundbar buying guide 2023: How to choose the right one?

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If magnificent resolution and incredible sound are your requirements, this blog is totally worth reading. Sure, you must have bought yourself the best television in the market and acquired an amazing picture quality to a great extent as well. But what about the sound output? Are you complacent with the existing one? Exactly why we must be thankful for the invention of soundbars! So, here’s a detailed soundbar buying guide by our experts. Let’s dig deeper!

Soundbar buying guide

What is a Soundbar?

What is a Soundbar

A soundbar is nothing but a type of loudspeaker, which traditionally has a wide stereo enclosure. It is generally a single long and narrow speaker capable of creating an amplified virtual surround effect. The fabrication of the device is generally oblong-shaped, so it can conveniently be mounted below or above your television. You can connect the soundbar to your television with just one simple wire.


Why should you get yourself the best soundbar?

  • Soundbars are super sleek in size. So accommodating them is absolutely hassle-free.
  • Soundbars are way cheaper than home theatres.
  • Setting up this device is not complicated and requires basic wiring.
  • Due to the compact size, soundbars can accommodate smartly even in small rooms.
  • The thin and sleek design will ensure your TV cabinet looks contemporary and stylish.
  • At an affordable price, you can experience cinematic sound at home.
  • Soundbars have a wide array of features.

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Soundbar buying guide: How to choose the right one?

You are already aware of the multiple advantages attached to a soundbar. But does that mean that every soundbar is competent? Hell, no! Every soundbar requires a bit of scrutinizing. Exactly what I am here for.

So, which features should you consider before buying the best soundbar for your TV?

1. Subwoofer


Most soundbars do have a subwoofer. But if you are sure about experiencing a deep and intense sound, you cannot take this for granted. Therefore, ensure to invest in a soundbar with a subwoofer. In case you are imaging the device to be bulky and voluminous, you are mistaken. The modern subwoofers are sleek and closed-packed.

If the soundbar you like does not come along with a subwoofer, you have another option of buying it separately. So, there’s nothing to worry about. I would rather recommend you purchasing this extra equipment for an extra kick of sound. It is sure to overwhelm your room.


2. Active or Passive Soundbar

Let me begin by explaining what each of the concepts means. An active soundbar is equipped with a built-in amplifier and other channel processing components. These soundbars are well contained are power everything. This means that you will need no additional components and wires for the setup. The all-inclusive device delivers a streamlined look.

On the contrary, passive soundbars are not equipped with built-amplifiers. They need additional amplifiers or receivers to function. Therefore, the setup requires more involvement. Due to this, they can connect well with the speakers, so the end result is crisp and overwhelming.

Most soundbars are active. However, you will still find a few passive options. The question here is which one’s better. Both types of soundbars are best suited for different requirements. If you have simple requirements of only upscaling your television audio output, indulging in an active soundbar makes complete sense. But if you are looking at full-on customization, only a passive soundbar can leave you engulfed.


3. Soundbar Channel

Soundbar channels are nothing but individual speaker sources. This means the number of speakers, the number of subwoofers or the number of drivers in the soundbar. Soundbar channels have plenty of options to choose from – 2.1, 3.1, 5.1, 7.1 and so on. The 2.1 channel soundbar will include two speakers – left and right. The 3.1 channel soundbar will include an addition of a centre speaker. The 5.1 channel soundbar will have all the above (left, right, centre) and two rear speakers. The 7.1 channel soundbar is like the 5.1 channel but has 4 surround rear channels. This means a total of 7 speakers.

Now the question here is – how many speakers do you want? Heard of the phrase – more the merrier. It is absolutely true in this case!


4. Night mode

Soundbar Night mode

Late-night movies are almost like gathering some memories. And watching your favourite movie, late in the night, on your cosy couch while munching onto some popcorn is divine. A soundbar can certainly add to the experience. However, you may end up waking up your family members. Did you even consider getting yourself a soundbar with a night mode? This feature is capable of restricting the audio range to a great extent. In this sense, the night mode will escalate the volume enough to be heard without any ear-splitting explosions.


5. Voice control and enhancement

Voice control and enhancement sounbar

Voice control assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants upscale the convenience level tremendously. If you are looking to own the best soundbar, you should make sure of having this one. Things you can do with the help of it? Request a movie or song, turn it off, set up a reminder, ask for the latest news or more.

The voice enhancement-mode makes it convenient to hear whisper-quiet movie dialogues, which may be very difficult to hear otherwise. Not all soundbars have this one. Only the high-end models do.


6. 3D audio

Some of the best soundbars certainly have the virtualized 3D audio feature. With its help, the device will create a virtualized audio effect so you can have an ultimate sound experience.


7. Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos Soundbar

Dolby Atmos is a clever technology that tracks the sounds with the help of a multi-directional speaker and will make you feel the sound is all around you. So regardless of what you are watching, whether it is an action movie, a comic scene or a thriller, you are sure to have an immersive sound experience.


8. Chromecast support

If you are a music lover, you are sure to love the Chromecast support technology. This feature will give you the leisure of streaming online and hooking on to your favourite music without the help of an external device. The only glitch here is that you will need a wi-fi equipped soundbar. You can then easily set it up from your smartphone and get ready to enjoy high-resolution audio.


9. Bluetooth connectivity

Sound bar Bluetooth connectivity

Sounds like old school, but Bluetooth connectivity is evergreen. All you have to do is connect the soundbar with your smartphone and play any music of your choice. Bluetooth pairing with any audio device is convenient and easy. The best part is that almost every soundbar will be equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. Besides this, you will also have access to connectivity options like RCA, HDMI, and 3.5mm stereo.


10. Room detection soundbar

Get ready to splurge in some extra penny if you want this feature. Room detectors can do some great wonders for the sound output. The device will send forth a loud beep, buzz, or other sound and then discover how long the sound will take to reach the microphone. The soundbar optimizes the audio depending on the room shape and size is using the above measurement.


One Last Thought on our Soundbar buying guide

Those were some important soundbar features I wanted to familiarize you with. Besides these, a few basic parameters deserve your thought as well.

  • Where do you plan to place the soundbar?
  • What should be the size of the soundbar?
  • Does it have a remote control?
  • Which soundbar brand is the best?
  • How much should you spend on this device?

With this thought, I’ll put an end to the soundbar buying guide.

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PS: Music is the soundtrack of your life. Make no compromise!

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