10 Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Locks

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With summer approaching, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Beach vacays, sunscreen, breezy clothes, large sunglasses and perfect looking hair. Yes, that’s surely a picture-perfect situation. But hey, only a few days into summer can make your hair frizzy and lifeless. That’s why I am bringing forward some summer hair care tips for healthy locks.

Summer Hair Care Tips

Sea, sand and sun. As exciting as this sounds, the latter can really make your hair look fried and lose its shine. I am not even exaggerating, but you can actually notice your coloured hair becoming faded and brash. And that’s not it. Even if your hair isn’t coloured or chemically treated otherwise, you could still face the repercussions.

Sun-induced stress is for real. Prolonged sun exposure can harm your hair in more ways than you have imagined. Powerful UV rays can damage your hair cuticles, take away the moisture from your hair and cause hair breakage. Hence, not just your skin but even your hair gets sun-damaged. But guess what? There are ways in which you can revive them.

So, let’s get your hair summer ready!


Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Locks

Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Locks

1. Grab a moisturising shampoo

This could be an all-year use, but if not, it’s a summer must for sure. Sun-damaged hair is ideally in desperate need of moisturization and hydration. Now the deal is that your hair will require more frequent wash in summers, thanks to all the grime build-up and sweat. Washing with a shampoo that lacks nourishing oils and moisturising properties can make your hair even more dry. Your sun-parched hair is in need of an SPF shampoo with essential oils like argan and jojoba.

Get hold of a nutrient-rich shampoo and an oil-based conditioner from my blog – 7 Best Hair Fall Control Shampoo in India: 2024 Picks by Experts. Along with hair fall, they are sure to meet your hydration requirements.


2. Accessorise the smart way

Cover up as much as you can. Well, to a great extent, you can revive the shine of your hair by using the right product, but you will still be left with some grey areas. Shield your hair strands as much as possible. Get yourself a stylish hat or a scarf. It definitely goes well with your summer attire and also protects your hair to a great extent. These hair covered accessories safeguard your hair strands from getting scorched and sun-damaged. They help your scalp and hair retain moisture and give great UV protection.

If you have coloured treated hair, I would totally recommend you hat on. A large-sized hat will protect your hair from fading. You can also diminish the damage caused by wind.


3. Don’t skip the hair oil

Not just the right shampoo and conditioner, but your hair is a sucker for the right oil as well. We are all aware of the plentiful oil massage benefits, but how many of us have incorporated it into our regime? I am not asking you to get it done every day, but once a week should suffice.

Sun-stressed scalp leads to a lot of tension in it. And that leads to your hair strands getting weak and fragile. It may sound a bit brittle, but you could easily pluck your hair. And therefore, your scalp at that point is thirsting for a warm oil massage. You need hair oil with ingredients like vitamin E, avocado oil, black seed oil, onion extracts, coffee seed, and more power-packed herbs. Take a pick from my curated list – Expert Picks: 7 Best Oil for Hair Fall Control in India 2024.

All you need to do is warm the oil and massage it in a circular motion to enhance your blood circulation. All of these oils can penetrate perfectly into the hair shaft and prevent moisture loss.


4. Invest in hair care products

Long and luscious locks are not just a dream; they are very much attainable. The sad part is that the sun can really take a toll on your hair. As much as we love the sun-kissed face glow, it gets very brutal on the hair. Eventually, the summer season will leave us, but dehydrated and dull hair will stay with us. Chlorine and salt-water damaged hair is definitely not a pleasant sight. Just like we layer up our face with sunscreen, our hair needs it too.

Pamper your hair with some antioxidant-rich summer hair masks and serum. Pick one of the SPF packed hair care products to stay protected from the harsh UV rays. Hair masks also work efficiently on sun-drenched locks by replenishing all the lost moisture and providing the required nourishing benefits. Look for ingredients like vitamin E, green tea, coconut, aloe vera, avocado, olive oil and honey to prevent your scalp and hair from environmental damage.


5. Take it easy with the heating tools

It’s no surprise how heat can damage our hair. That’s exactly why we are discussing summer hair care tips for healthy locks, isn’t it? But the problem is that we love blow-dried, straightened, well-set hair. Especially when heading to a brunch pool party or a beach vacay.

The outside heat is already provoking your hair to look dry and frizzy. There’s no way you want to contribute more to it. Well, you have got to play it smart here. First, minimise the use as much as possible, and keep it for special occasions. Secondly, trust your hair with the right appliance. Whether it’s a flat iron or a blow dryer, be sure of what you are using. Our curated team of hair experts have recommended a list of products with the right technology, attachments, features and fabrication. Curious to get a pick?

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6. Keep it short

The less the hair, the less you have got to take care of. It’s as simple as that. Keep your hair as short as possible. Begin your summers with a trim or a cut. Revamp your style and make it look super fresh. This will help your hair eleminate split ends, look healthy and get rid of frizz. Also, long and thick hair is more prone to retaining heat during summers. You must find ways to retain moisture and keep your hair hydrated to the max. Beat the heat with your summer-ready hair.


7. Comb less, comb right

Once you are back from the sun, it’s very tempting to begin detangling your hair. When your hair is blown by the breeze, it’s prone to look frizzy and dry at the moment. Don’t attack your strands immediately; give them time to breathe. First, begin with separating your knots with your fingers. Trust me; it’s the most gentle way of detangling and having no breakage. Skip the hairbrush.

Today, most people have completely stopped using the old school wide-tooth comb and are indulging in fancy looking brushes. They only look good; they do no good. They will snag your precious hair strands and leave you frustrated. Grab a wide-tooth comb and go super slow. It will pull out minimum hair. You can also apply some serum before detangling your hair.

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8. Stay hydrated

Whether it’s your face, body or skin, staying hydrated is super blissful. Drinking adequate water, fresh juices, or other fluids can significantly boost your hair health. It helps in reducing scalp dryness, thereby promoting hearty hair. When your scalp is happy, your hair gotta be. Not drinking enough water will directly impact your scalp and make it dehydrated. In the long run, it will make your hair look extremely dry.


9. Silky pillowcase

I am sure most of you haven’t looked into this yet. While we love the traditional cotton pillow covers, it could be a bad idea to use them in summers. Unintentionally, cotton can sabotage your hair and add to your frizz. When it’s summer, make silky pillow covers your best friend. Even when you toss and turn, they ensure no friction. So, there is no hair breakage or frizziness. You ought to wake up with healthy hair.


10. Cold hair showers

It’s already so hot and humid; why take a hot hair bath? It’s a simple rule. Reduce heat as much as possible. Along with nourishment, your scalp needs to stay cool. Taking a hot hair shower can dry out your scalp even more. So, ditch the heat and take advantage of cold water. It’s the only time you can do that.

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DONTs for Summer Healthy Hair

When you want shiny, lustrous and healthy, there are some basic rules you need to follow. Here’s a list of a few basic DONTs for healthy summer hair.

  • DON’T wash your hair every day.
  • DON’T tie up your hair too tight.
  • DON’T overbrush your hair.
  • DON’T use the hairdryer at a high temperature to dry your hair faster.
  • DON’T shower your hair with perfume.
  • DON’T overdo fatty foods in summer.
  • DON’T indulge in silicone-based products.
  • DON’T leave your conditioner on for a long time.
  • DON’T chemically treat your hair in summers.
  • DON’T twirl your hair.

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Final Word

Regardless of your age, there’s one thing everyone loves in common – Summer ready hair! It seems like an impossible task to achieve incredible looking hair with the ever-increasing list to do. But we scrutinised from the gazillion hair care tips only to bring out the easiest summer hair care tips for healthy locks.

These hands-on tips and tricks are so doable. It makes life easy and gives you the much desired shiny hair. Let the heat, sun and humidity not take away the life from your hair. Enjoy the sea and pool as much as you want. Just do what it takes!

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