Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator: Which One To Pick?

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If there is any appliance that can enrich your culinary skills, it is certainly the refrigerator. Beyond the basic dynamics of the brand, capacity, features, colour, there’s something more I would like you to look into. Top mount vs Bottom mount refrigerator: Ever gave this one a thought?

Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator

The good olden days only involved the presence of a top-mounted refrigerator in most kitchens. However, the emergence of the Bottom mount refrigerators has now made most people reconsider their decision.

When we speak about top or bottom mount, what exactly does it mean? Yes, I mean the placement of the freezer. Do you like to have it on the top or bottom? Hold on, don’t jump to a conclusion right away. Let’s explore every single aspect of both types of refrigerators first.

Before we begin, let me tell you that you are only going to benefit from this blog. So, let’s dig deep into knowing the difference between the top mount and bottom mount refrigerators.


Top Mounted Refrigerator: What is it?

Top Mounted Refrigerator

Top mount refrigerators are ideally the traditional ones which are being used in most Indian households for years. The appliance is commonly found and manufactured by every brand.

Top mount refrigerators are very impressive with their size. On an average, the width is typically between 28 – 33 inches, height is between 61 – 66 inches, and the depth should be anywhere between 28 – 34 inches.

Top mount fridges have a very versatile price range. The pricing depends upon various aspects like capacity, brand, features and more. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the appliance.

Advantages of a Top Mount Refrigerator

  • The dimensions of a top mount refrigerator are generally wide. The appliance provides an ample amount of storage space.
  • You can be sure to have easy access to the lower shelf.
  • Top mount refrigerators provide affordable options.
  • Compared to Bottom mount refrigerators, top-mounted ones are known to be more energy efficient.
  • The most obvious advantage of the appliance is that it is less straining for frequent freezer users.
  • Top mount refrigerators have provided more options to choose from – colours, size and brands.
  • The compressor of the inverter can run efficiently, even on an inverter.
  • All the models of top mount refrigerators are frost-free. So, you can be certain of not facing ice accumulation.
  • The best top mount refrigerators are available in free-standing and built-in models.

Disadvantages of a Top Mount Refrigerator

  • Compared to Bottom mount refrigerators, the freezer storage of these appliances is lesser.
  • Access to the fruit and veggie box requires the user to bend since its placement is right at the Bottom.
  • These models have fewer organization options.


Bottom Mounted Refrigerator: What is it?

Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Also known as bottom freezer refrigerators, these appliances are yet making their way in Indian households. This appliance is also available in free-standing and built-in models to provide maximum flexibility to the user.

The invention of Bottom mount refrigerators has surely provided a warm relief to the users from bending to access the fresh food section. The appliance is designed exactly opposite to the top mount refrigerators. The freezer unit is at the bottom, and the storage unit is on the top.

Some of the best Bottom mount refrigerators are from the big names like Whirlpool, Haier, LG and Samsung. The disparity between the two types of refrigerators lies in the design; the features remain the same. Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of this appliance.

Advantages of a Bottom Mount Refrigerator

  • The biggest advantage of a Bottom mount refrigerator is the easy access to the fresh food section.
  • The appliance is highly recommended to people with low freezer use. Rather, Bottom mounted refrigerators are more convenient than top-mounted ones.
  • Stocking heavy frozen food can be more convenient in Bottom mounted refrigerators. The appliance minimizes overhead lifting.
  • Some of the Bottom mounted refrigerators have a small footprint and can be accommodated easily in tight spaces.
  • The ingenuity and aesthetic appeal of Bottom mount refrigerators are unmatched. It can certainly make your modular kitchen look even more spectacular.
  • Certain Bottom mounted models have pull-out draws with variable temperature settings to stock perishable food items.

Disadvantages of a Bottom Mount Refrigerator

  • The most obvious drawback of a Bottom mount refrigerator is the cost. It varies based on aspects like capacity, features, brand and more. However, it is still more than its counterpart.
  • Unlike the top mount refrigerators, Bottom mount ones have fewer models.
  • The appliance can be inconvenient to people to people using the freezer often.
  • Bottom mounted models are generally less energy efficient compared to the top-mounted ones.
  • The compressor cannot function on the inverter.


Top mount vs Bottom mount refrigerator: Which one is better?

Top Mount Vs Bottom Mount Refrigerator

Before we jump to any conclusion, let me compare the two types of refrigerators based on a few parameters.

1. Which refrigerator is more energy efficient?

Winner: Top mount refrigerator.

2. Which refrigerator has a convenient freezer position?

Winner: Top mount refrigerator.

3. Which refrigerator has an eye-level fresh food section?

Winner: Bottom mount refrigerator.

4. Which refrigerator is relatively inexpensive?

Winner: Top mount refrigerator.

5. Which refrigerator has a better aesthetic appeal?

Winner: Bottom mount refrigerator.

6. Which refrigerator is a space saver?

Winner: Bottom mount refrigerator.

7. Which refrigerator has more options to choose from?

Winner: Top mount refrigerator.

8. Which refrigerator is trendier?

Winner: Bottom mount refrigerator.

9. Which refrigerator has more organization options?

Winner: Bottom mount refrigerator.

10. Which refrigerator compressor can function efficiently on an inverter?

Winner: Top mount refrigerator.


One Last Thought

Top mount vs Bottom mount refrigerator: Which one should you buy?

The definition of the best refrigerator varies from person to person. Therefore, we don’t have a winner here. It all boils down to what your requirements and preferences are.

Is it time to replace your old refrigerator?


Reasons to consider buying the best top mount refrigerator

  • You do not need to stock heavy frozen food items in the freezer.
  • You are looking for an energy-efficient appliance.
  • You want an inexpensive refrigerator.
  • You are not looking for something trendy.
  • You prefer features over fads.


Reasons to consider buying the best Bottom mount refrigerator

  • Your freezer requirement is not as much.
  • You prefer a chic looking refrigerator over a traditional one.
  • You don’t mind paying the price for being trendy.
  • You are looking for more compartments in the refrigerator.
  • You want maximum accessibility to all the refrigerator shelves.

Now that you know which refrigerator works well for your household grab your favourite one from our blog – Best Double Door Refrigerators in India 2023: Top 9 Expert Picks

PS: Happy Shopping!

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