Which are the Types of Air Coolers? Know it All

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Living in India means dealing with blazing heat throughout the year. And that’s why I am here with a wonderful solution. Let me brief you on the types of air coolers available in India.

Which are the Types of Air Coolers


Let’s face it; a ceiling fan is definitely not competent enough to sustain the heat. You need much more than that. And if you are on a budget constraint, nothing could be as feasible as this cooling appliance. The best air cooler can provide great comfort even in open spaces like your backyard or office. You can also carry the appliance conveniently from one room to another. And, of course, unlike an air conditioner, an air cooler is easy on the pocket.

So, let’s discuss the types of air coolers and get the right one for your home.


Advantages of Air Coolers

Advantages of Air Coolers

Before we explore the different types of air coolers, let’s discover the positives of the appliance.

  • The most obvious dominance is the cost factor. Compared to an AC, an air cooler costs way lesser without compromising on the cooling capabilities.
  • The functioning of an air cooler does not involve any carbon emissions. Therefore, the appliance is absolutely eco-friendly.
  • If you begin to rate the appliance’s energy efficiency, an air cooler scores very high on that aspect. The consumption of power is very less.
  • With the help of an air cooler, you can expect fresh air circulation in the room.
  • It is super easy to maintain.
  • An air cooler is a brilliant cooling appliance for outdoor spaces.
  • It has a decent level of durability.


Which are the different types of Air Coolers?

Let’s discuss each air cooler in detail and its advantages and disadvantages.


1. Tower Air Cooler

Tower Air Cooler 1


Tower air coolers are capable of distributing air vertically. The appliance uses a deadly combination of water and a fan to take in hot air and release cool air. These air coolers are very powerful and therefore can cool larger spaces quickly.

Tower air coolers are designed to be super silent and consume less space. If you are on a space crunch, you can easily fit them anywhere and enjoy superior cool air delivery.

The appliance features a 4-way air deflection to reach the corners of a large room. Tower air coolers have a water tank capacity of 20 – 40 litres and therefore can be operational for long hours.

Advantages of tower air coolers

  • It is sleek and stylish and can add aesthetics to any space.
  • The slim design makes sure it occupies minor floor space.
  • It is powerful enough to cool large rooms.
  • They are easy to clean and require minimum maintenance.
  • With the help of the caster wheels, they can easily move from one place to another.
  • These air coolers are equipped with mosquito and dust-free filters.
  • They can work for long hours without making any noise.


2. Desert Air Coolers

Desert Air Coolers


Desert air coolers are a kind of air conditioner. The fitting of the cooler is done just like an air conditioner outside the unit. As the name suggests – desert, the air cooler is ideal for hot and dry weather conditions. They also come in a large capacity of up to 90 litres, so you don’t have to refill them frequently. Therefore, it is a sound investment for large rooms, party halls, factories and more.

The best part about desert air coolers is that they do not recycle fresh air. On the contrary, they suck in the fresh air and release cold air through evaporation. The effectiveness and comfort of desert air coolers are unmatched. Hence, it is definitely a great option for open spaces.

Advantages of desert air coolers

  • Desert air coolers are capable of providing a large amount of cooling.
  • It is perfect for dry and humid areas.
  • It is equipped with a humidity controller.
  • The water tank is anti-bacterial and therefore prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • Desert air coolers can reduce the ambient temperature in enclosed areas.
  • It has a huge tank and a powerful pump.

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3. Personal Air Cooler

Personal Air Cooler


Personal air coolers are designed for smaller spaces. Also known as mini coolers, they are compact in size. Due to the condensed size, they can easily be portable from one place to another. Personal air coolers are super light in weight, and that’s definitely its USP. They are equipped with a water drain plug and are easily compatible with an inverter. Personal air coolers also have honeycomb cooling pads which provide efficient chilled air.

Most personal air coolers have a capacity of 20 litres and are equipped with caster wheels to ensure hassle-free mobility. These appliances are also packed with advanced features like an empty tank alarm, timer and turbo air throw.

Advantages of personal air coolers

  • They are effortless to use and clean.
  • They are super easy to move.
  • Personal air coolers are super light in weight.
  • They consume the least power and therefore are energy efficient.
  • You can position it near your bedside and use it as your personal cooling appliance.
  • It is super small and compact.
  • They are capable of covering only minimum space but effectively.


4. Window Air Cooler

Window Air Cooler


The name says it all! The window air cooler, just like air conditioners, requires it to be installed on the window frame. It is designed in such a way that they fit right into the windows. Window air coolers have a capacity of 40 – 60 litres and are a good option for medium-sized rooms. The appliance is designed with a superior plastic body and equipped with honeycomb cooling pads.

Window air coolers cost more than all of the above and require more maintenance than the rest. They provide efficient cooling but are slightly less energy efficient compared to the rest. Window air coolers are not so effective in an area with high humidity. They are ideal for areas with low humidity.

Advantages of window air coolers

  • Window air coolers have the option of being placed in portable trolleys.
  • They have a smart look and can uplift the aesthetics of the room.
  • The appliance takes up absolutely no space inside the area.
  • Window air coolers do not regulate the inside air. On the contrary, provide fresh air.
  • These air coolers are pretty much durable.

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One Last Thought

The prime reason behind talking about the types of air coolers is to help you decide the right one for your home. One thing is for sure, each of them is eco friendly and budget-friendly. So, how do you choose one of them?

First, know the regional climate you are living in.

Second, what is the required cooling area?

Third, know your budget.

Fourth, what is the tank capacity?

If you are looking for an air cooler for humid areas and large backyards, you must surely opt for a desert air cooler.

If you are hunting for an air cooler strictly for your home or bedroom, you could opt for a window or personal air cooler.

If you are looking for your small office area or shop, you could opt for a tower air cooler.

Now that you know which air cooler type suits your requirement, head to my blog to grab one right away. Which is the Best Air Cooler in India 2023? Top 11 Picks.

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