5 Reasons Why You Should Buy VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer

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VEGA is another of our favourite brands when it comes to personal care products. Their hair dryers are known for their quality build and performance. The VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer is no different. It’s a great product that offers good value for the price. We’ll take a close look at it in this post and tell you about what it brings to the table.

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer

Product details

  • Dimensions: 10 x 23.5 x 25.5 cm
  • Weight: 894g
  • Number of Speed Settings: 2
  • Number of Heat Settings: 2
  • Warranty: N/A
  • Cord Length: 1.5m
  • Wattage: 1800-2000W

What We Like

  • Automatic overheat cut-out increases the dryer’s durability.
  • The cool shot feature lets you fix your hairstyle and make it shinier.
  • More versatility with four settings.
  • Large and medium nozzles offer extra precision.

Reasons To Buy

  • Overheat cut-out.
  • Cool shot feature.
  • Enough settings for most hair types.
  • Large and medium nozzles.

Reasons To Avoid

  • The switch feels a little cheap for the price.


Here’s Why You Should Buy VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer 1

Smart Overheat Cut-out: The Vega Pro Touch has a smart overheat cut-out, which allows it to avoid overheating. This feature is quite impressive and unique among the other high-end hair dryers we’ve reviewed. The dryer will not only keep your hair safe from heat but also protect itself from overheating.

Enough Settings For Styling: The product has two built-in temperature settings and two speed settings. That’s not the highest you can get, but it’s enough for most people. The cool shot feature is also a nice addition, allowing you to set your hairstyle and make it look shinier.

Provides Good Control: Vega Pro Touch has two nozzles, large and medium, as attachments. So you’ll be able to change the airflow to fit your needs and be more specific in how you get your hairstyle.

Good Durability: In general, we think that the build quality of this dryer is far beyond most of the products on the market. Furthermore, the wire’s quality stands out as well. The cord has a guard on top, keeping it free from unwanted damage. With all this, the hairdryer will be able to last for a very long time.

Strong Motor: The motor in this dryer is one of the best you can get. Being able to adjust from 1800W to 2000W can offer you a fair amount of raw power while being light on your wallet, as the power consumption isn’t as high as a motor fixed at 2000W.

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer 2

Extra Notes

About The Switches: While the switches could’ve been better, the rest of the hair dryer is still of high quality and can last you a long time. The attention to durability is evident with the special cord guard, which most other manufacturers don’t even consider adding to their hair dryer.

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it foldable?

No, it isn’t.

Does it come with both a diffuser and concentrator?

Unfortunately, no. It only comes with a concentrator.

What's the length of the cord wire?

The length is about 2 Metres.

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer 4

Final Thoughts

Vega is a bit of an underrated brand, and we think its products certainly deserve to be at the top, if this hairdryer is any indication. And we’re sure many people can agree with us, as there are more than a thousand customers on the Amazon page alone, most of whom had a good experience with it. The overall rating of 4.5 stars is proof enough.

Of course, it’s not flawless, but it lacks nothing performance-wise. The dryer’s switch does feel flimsy, but the rest of its body passed our expectations during our tests. In the end, this VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer can offer you more than enough benefits to keep you happy.

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Hair Dryer 5

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