What is a Smart TV? Know it from the Tech Expert

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When the phones and other home devices are getting smart, why not your television? What is a smart TV? Let’s find out.

What is a Smart TV

The release of smart TVs in India opened the door out for traditional televisions. While the filthy rich people indulged in them, some populace is still figuring out the concept. In case you are one of them, you are exactly where you need to be.

My blog today is all about Smart TVs. A decade ago, the television capabilities and features were so different from today. Also, online streaming of movies, songs and shows were never a thing. But thanks to smart TVs, everything is possible today! I have seen many people finding out the idea of this device’s invention and what it can do. Well, if you are that curious soul, you will love every minute spent on my page. My blog is a treat to the untrained eye.

Before we start discussing every little detail, did you know that Smart TVs have a mathematical formula? Yes, that’s true.

Smart TV = Television + smart apps + high operating system + internet

Sound interesting, isn’t it?


What is a Smart TV?

Smart TVs are ideally traditional televisions with integrated internet and collaborative features to support videos, music, and movies. Not just that, the technology also allows browsing of internet on the television. In a nutshell, we can also call them a technological confluence of laptops and computers.

Like smartphones, smart televisions have good connectivity with the internet and can support a wider range of applications. So, it wouldn’t be wrong if we call it a digital television. It is primarily designed to provide maximum entertainment. So, you could have easy access to apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube and more. The smart TV is also capable of taking your internet experience beyond belief. So, you can connect to a wi-fi network and have no restriction on streaming.

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What are the advantages of a Smart TV?

Smart TVs have not gained massive popularity for no rhyme or reason. There are a plethora of advantages attached to this modish device. Let’s have a look.


1. A platter of applications

The outbreak of applications on any smart TV is incredible. It’s not just restricted to Netflix and Youtube. You can also access varied other applications like Amazon Prime, HBO Max, Disney Hotstar and more. Hey, it doesn’t end with apps related to movies and music. You can also turn your smart TV to a gym instructor by downloading a fitness app. And how about knowing the weather forecast? Yes, you can download AccuWeather to tell you all about it.


2. Exceptional internet connectivity

It’s known as smart TV for a reason, right? Internet connectivity is certainly a blessing in disguise. With the accessibility to it, you can do any kind of online streaming. A music video, checking social media, doing online research or tap your feet to your favourite music; the possibilities are endless. Go as far as you want. You only need a strong wi-fi connection.


3. Easy to operate

I am not kidding, but a smart TV is as easy to use as a smartphone. I don’t even need to cross-check the fact whether you are using a smartphone. Well, this means nothing can restrict you from using a smart TV. Plug the television onto the wall, get it connected to the internet and get going. You are all ready to rock and roll.


4. Game on

How brilliant it is that you could use your smart TV for gaming as well? Yes, that’s true. You could download gaming apps on your smart TV and go gaga over them. This means you can convert your home to a gaming parlour and have a crazy session. Doesn’t that sound super interesting?


5. Smartphone casting with smart TV

There is no limit to the progression in technology. And it’s proved time and again. Smart TVs have got even more incredible with the capability of cast mirroring option. This means you can cast your phone with your TV and have a beautiful experience. Well, you could do an audio or a video call on the big screen and make it even more special.


6. Smart TVs promote decluttering

Remember the old days when we had a large DVD player sitting next to our television? Thinking of it now, what a mess it was! Smart TVs have put an end to all the decluttering caused by the additional devices. The HDMI cords, the players and their respective remote control. You don’t have to manage all of it anymore. Whatever you need is on your smart TV.


7. Voice recognition

Do you want to talk to your TV? Sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it’s not! Smart TVs have an artificial intelligence system that drives the device’s software. So, you can communicate and command your TV. Your television’s remote control is embedded with a microphone, and that’s connected with the device. So you can control the TV completely with your voice. Turn it on or off, stream your favourite movie, ask for cricket highlights, check on the news or just say hello. Do what you want. It’s your playground.


8. Quick user interface

This is where smart TVs can rule over the others. Smart TVs have a fast interface, and that’s how it wins the ball game. This means switching between applications and executing them can happen in a jiffy.


9. Smart app store

Not just the tv, but even the available app store is smart. Every smart TV has an app store that allows you to download different apps for your entertainment. The count and the type of apps may vary depending upon your TV brand. But some of the trending options are MX player, Air screen, google drive, steam link, etc. One thing’s certain; you are sure to have a slew of apps.

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What are the disadvantages of a Smart TV?

There’s nothing such as no strings attached. It’s time for some reality check. Why just hype about the positives? Let’s dig deep and have a look at the downsides as well.


1. High wi-fi dependability

There’s so much hype about the splendid capabilities of the smart TV for online streaming of movies, music, games and what not. The harsh truth is that all of it depends on one strong factor, and that’s the wi-fi connection. If your home connection is sluggish or inconsistent, you will certainly not enjoy all the entertainment on the TV. Expect the picture quality to be pixelated and the video to be slothful. It can be a true disaster.


2. Unexpected breakdowns

It’s rare, but yes, it’s a possibility. Smart TVs are high performers, and that’s the sole reason why they can crash unexpectedly. They are designed to run various apps simultaneously, act to voice commands and do more. This can cause the software to fail. However, you can always get your software upgraded, and your smart TV mended.


3. Privacy concerns

Internet is a boon, but it can definitely inappropriately invade your privacy. This drawback is attached with smartphones, laptops and even smart TVs. For the users’ convenience, smart TVs are equipped with automatic content recognition (ACR) software. This keeps track of what you are watching and recommends as per your preference. The information can get leaked to the marketing gimmicks. Also, some of these televisions have webcams installed. The data on the microphone and camera can also be leaked easily.


4. Cost dominating

Of course, there are no free lunches in the world, and everything comes at a cost. The biggest drawback of a smart TV. Sure, it can get heavy on the pocket. But there’s also a twist here. If you are seeking luxury, you need to pay for it.

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Wrapping up

What is a Smart TV? Is it worth the buy?

Hey, why not? Is there anything in the world that has no strings attached to it? So, why not a smart TV? For all the elaborate entertainment this device provides, it is totally worth it. Privacy concerns can surely be a hinge. But you can always monitor your data and keep track of it. And if you are worried about the hefty price, select a trusted manufacturer, and the product is sure to stay with you for long. Also, Amazon is raining discounts right now. Do you want to explore the options?

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