What is an Auto Clean Chimney? Everything you need to know

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The invention of the best auto clean chimney has certainly been a game-changer in the working of a kitchen. Smoke, fume, contaminants, odours! All of these are part and parcel of daily cooking chores. There’s no way you can skip being a victim of it. But you can certainly find ways to eliminate them. What do you need? The best kitchen chimney!

What is an Auto Clean Chimney

When we speak about the types of kitchen chimneys, there are two options for you to choose from. Manual and Auto. Most of you are familiar with the manual clean chimney. It’s conventional and has been used in most Indian kitchens. What is an auto clean chimney? If that’s what you are wondering, I am here to give you every little detail about it.


What is an auto clean chimney?

auto clean chimney

Let me begin by asking you what kind of food do you enjoy the most? Tangy, spicy, flavorful? Without even knowing you, I can say that you happily relish appetizing Indian cuisine with a lot of affirmation. The complication comes in when kitchen chimney filters are found greased with oil particles. If you don’t clean them, the appliance will not do what it is supposed to. This is where an auto clean chimney can benefit you tremendously.

Unlike the manual one, an auto clean chimney is equipped with a separate oil collector. The appliance automatically inhales all the hot gases along with the oil particles. The working of this device involves a water reservoir or heat to eliminate all the oil particles. You only need to activate the auto-clean feature. With the touch of a single button, all the oil particles drive down to the oil collector. This mechanism ensures that the chimney functions with maximum efficiency.


Some exclusive features of an auto clean chimney?

Some exclusive features of an auto clean chimney

  • Curved glass design
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Powerful suction
  • Premium oil collector
  • Filterless design
  • Low energy drain
  • High capacity oil collector

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Advantages and disadvantages of an auto clean chimney?

Auto clean chimney: Is it a curse or a boon? The answer to this depends on whether the appliance has more advantages than disadvantages. Let’s find out.


What are the advantages of an auto clean chimney?

1. High suction power

Auto Clean Chimney suction power

Auto clean chimneys are equipped with top-notch blowers capable of absorbing hot gases at a high rate. It means you can do vigorous cooking and deep fry food items without worrying about having excessive fumes, smoke or odour in the kitchen. The high suction power of the appliance will ensure that your kitchen is without any hot fumes and grease, regardless of what you cook.


2. Advanced features

Auto Clean Chimney Features

Every auto clean chimney comes with advanced features which are not to be found in its counterpart. The most important one is the oil collector. This component keeps the appliance away from unnecessary clogging by collecting all the oil particles. The oil collector can also be detached easily and therefore cleaned. So, the filters will also remain clean at any point.


3. Low on maintenance

Auto Clean Chimney Maintenance

The auto-clean technology makes the appliance economical with its maintenance. There is a strong reason behind this. I have already mentioned the importance of an oil collector in the appliance and how it collects adulteration. So, you only have to clean the oil collector. This reduces the overall maintenance of the chimney.


4. Highly efficient

Highly efficient auto clean chimney

The high suction capacity of auto clean chimneys makes the appliance highly efficient. Compared to an old school traditional chimney, this one has a really powerful motor. The appliance is highly capable of eliminating all impurities and maintaining the hygiene level in the kitchen. It also terminates the growth of bacteria in the kitchen. Therefore, the chimney works very well for big kitchens.


5. Enhanced life expectancy and durability

In general, advanced features work in favour of any appliance. This is exactly what enhances the lifespan of an auto clean chimney. The high suction power of trapping grease and other impurities diminishes the chances of any blockage in the chimney. Because of this, the durability of the appliance gets extended. Also, most manufacturers provide a one year warranty for users to enjoy maximum convenience.


6. Easy to clean

auto clean chimney clean

Unlike a manual chimney, an automatic one accumulates all the toxic pollutants in the filters of the blowers. It would be best if you clean them periodically. The point here is that all you need to do is detach the filter and clean it. Cleaning these filters is super easy. You can make use of vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing liquid or simply liquid detergent.


7. Appropriate for every kitchen

automatic kitchen chimney for kitchen

The high suction capacity and efficiency of automatic kitchen chimneys make the appliance ideal for large kitchens. So, undoubtedly, it is appropriate for every kitchen.


8. Energy Efficient

If restricting power consumption is one of your major concerns, you will be more than happy to use this appliance. Auto clean kitchen chimneys are highly energy efficient. The presence of high-quality blowers ensures low consumption of power by the appliance.


What are the disadvantages of an auto clean chimney?

1. High upfront cost

Every good thing comes at a cost, and so is the case with an auto-clean chimney. The in-built automatic technology is power-packed with high-end features, a powerful motor and supreme efficiency. This escalates the cost of the appliance.


2. High cost of repair

Self Service Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimneys are highly exposed to toxic substances and hot gases. Sure, all because of the advanced features, the auto clean chimneys can trap all these pollutants. But the bad side is that in case of any breakdown, repairing the appliance can get expensive.


What is the difference between an Auto-clean and a Manual kitchen Chimney?

What is the difference between an Auto-clean and a Manual kitchen Chimney

1. Initial and Repair cost

Due to all the advanced features and technologies, auto clean chimneys have high initial and repair costs. On the contrary, that’s not the case with a manual chimney. It’s way more economical to own the appliance and repair it in case of any damage.


2. Oil collector

All auto clean chimneys are equipped with an oil collector. The appliance has a non-stick aluminium turbine blower that catches all the contaminants and then eventually gets collected in the oil collector. However, a manual kitchen chimney does not have any oil collector bowl. The greasy particles get stuck on the filter.


3. Lifespan

The auto clean kitchen chimney lasts long since all the impurities get collected in the bowl and do not stick in the filter. The working of a manual kitchen chimney leads to stuck oil and clogged filters. This can damage all internal components brutally. Therefore, the appliance has a short lifespan.


4. Suction power

The filter of an auto clean chimney is never clogged or contaminated. This increases the efficiency of the appliance, and hence it has a high suction power. The mechanism of a manual chimney leads to clogged filters. Therefore, it has a low suction power.


5. Maintenance

In the case of auto clean chimneys, all you have to do is remove the oil collector once in a while and wash it. Hence, the appliance is very easy to maintain. Speaking about the manual chimneys, they are comparatively difficult to maintain.

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One Last Thought

What is an auto clean chimney? How does it work? What are the advantages and disadvantages? You are now well acquainted with everything about the appliance.

Isn’t it clear that the perks of an auto clean chimney surpass the drawbacks? And yes, it is certainly a way better option than a manual one. So, don’t you feel the need to get yourself the best auto clean chimney right away?

Well, finding an appropriate one for your kitchen is my responsibility. There’s nothing you need to do apart from investing only a few minutes.
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