What is Android TV? Everything you need to know

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What is Android TV? I bet most of you are perplexed about this concept.

While you are on a spree for the best TV, you certainly will come across different types of televisions like Smart TV, Google TV and Android TV. Well, to tell you the truth, each of them is so different. The streaming capabilities, operating system, features, mechanism, upsides and more; everything about each of them differs completely from the other one.

What is Android TV

The Android TV biz is booming and how. And that’s exactly what inspires me to talk about the subject. If you are planning on getting a new television, my blog is everything you need right now.

What is Android TV? How does it differ from the others? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Yes, you are going to have all your answers by the end. Stay tuned.


What is Android TV?

The Android platform in televisions was released in November 2014. A successor to Google TV, it is ideally a type of smart TV based on the Android operating system and developed by Google.

Android televisions is a grand version of the android phone. It has a large section of android apps. You can stream video and content at your convenience. The operating system also recommends content depending upon your preferences. The Android television features a user interface that is delineated around voice search and content discovery.

These TVs have some impressive streaming capabilities via apps (paid and unpaid). Users have the convenience to access anything with the help of a good internet connection. It’s as simple as using an Android phone. You only have to navigate through the menus.


What are the advantages of an Android TV?

Why is this device worth every penny? Well, there are several reasons why Android TVs are winning the hearts of many. They have gained a massive amount of popularity in no time. Let’s know the reasons.


1. Easy to Use

Android TVs are nothing but widely used smartphone platforms. Anyone using an Android phone is going to find it very easy to operate the television. They have a simple layout, just like the smartphone. You can browse through the internet, discover new content, stream videos and also multi-task.


2. Play store Accessibility

Android televisions, just like android phones, have easy access to the play store. This means you can access any application available on the play store. Install it and then run it (just like your smartphone). From youtube to social media platforms to Netflix to Amazon Prime to gaming apps to Spotify, you can install any of it with just a touch of a button. All of the applications have intuitive control for the big screen.


3. Seamless connection with other Android devices

Due to the same ecosystem, Android televisions have a seamless connection with other Android devices. So you can synchronise your tablets and smartphones seamlessly with your television. The best part is that you can stream videos, music and pictures from your phone on the television.

The beauty of this technology is that you can turn your phone into a remote control. You only need to download the Android TV remote control app from the phone and access it. Then sit back and navigate content on the TV with your phone.


4. Android TV compatibility with Google Assistance

Android televisions compatibility with google assistance is admirable. Rather, it is far better than the voice assistance in Smart TVs. This means you can control every device at home with your TV. Ever imagined technology to go this far? Find the mic button on the remote control, press it and shoot. ‘Turn off the AC’ ‘Dim the lights’. Yes, you could do all of it.


5. Android TVs have built-in Google Chromecast

With the help of a built-in Google Chromecast, you can have high quality and effortless screencasting on your Android TV. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps. Connect your television HDMI port and pair it to your home network. Then play any content from your laptop, tablet or phone right on your television. With the convenience of Chromecast, you don’t have to attach devices to your television directly. This means the complete elimination of unnecessary accessories.


6. Pocket-Friendly options

Undoubtedly, television prices are escalating day by day. Various factors play a pivotal role in dominating the cost of the TV. Brand, features, screen size, display, ports and more; determine the upfront price of the television. However, when it comes to Android TVs, they have a wide variety of options available. The good news is that you can easily find an option suiting your pocket and with a decent number of features.

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What are the disadvantages of an Android TV?

Barring knowing what is Android TV and its advantages, you should be well versed with the downsides as well. Everything is not always rosy. Just like a coin, the device has two sides as well. Let’s have a look at the disadvantages now.


1. Android TV poor connections with wi-fi

One of the big problems you will be a victim of is when the Android TV is at a far distance from the router. This is going to lead to massive connectivity issues. Always remember to keep the router as close as possible to the TV. Or else, you are sure to face connectivity issues.


2. Slow operating system

This is certainly the bitter truth of every Android TV. You may find the app’s installation and performance to be sluggish at times. It is a very common problem faced by Android TV users. You are not alone in it. At times, you will also find the app not reacting at all. However, this could be resolved by restarting the device. It is still a problem you can do nothing about.


3. Content compatibility issues

We have already spoken about how you can browse any content on your Android TV. This is the predominant advantage of Android televisions. You can browse through content from applications like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney Hotstar and more. However, there’s a catch here. Not every Android TV is compatible with all these applications. So, it would help if you certainly looked into it.


What features to consider in an Android TV?

Here’s a mini buying guide for all the potential Android users. There are some important aspects I would love my readers to look into before grabbing on to the best Android TV.

  • Type of TV
  • Screen Resolution
  • Television brand
  • Screen size
  • Smart features
  • Google cast
  • Streaming options
  • Google Assistant voice search
  • Connectivity options
  • Remote system
  • Built-in Chromecast

To dig deeper on each aspect, glance through our blog on – Smart TV Buying Guide: What are the must-have TV features?


Wrapping up

Of course, your curiosity about Android TVs must have come to an end now.

Coming back to the question, what is Android TV? You are very well acquainted with the device, its advantages and disadvantages. Now the big question comes in, is it worth buying an Android TV? Yes, it is totally worth every penny.

The smart device is certainly a smart choice. Weigh the upsides and downsides of it; who wins? The advantages have exceeded the disadvantages.

Also, you could have access to all modern-day applications at a budget-friendly price. Sounds too tempting, isn’t it? Why don’t you check out some options at the ease of a click?

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