What Is Dry Mode in AC? – Function And Benefits Explained

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Sleep mode, timer, fan control; all those Air Conditioner settings are incredibly handy. However, there’s one more feature you’re probably missing out on, as it’s often overlooked in favour of regular cooling. I’m talking about Dry Mode.

What Is Dry Mode in AC


What Is Dry Mode in AC? It’s an excellent feature that can make your room twice as comfortable as it is when normally using the AC. Even better, you can use it in most weather conditions, even if it’s raining and the air is colder than it normally is. Read on to find out what it does, how to use it, and more useful information.


What Is Dry Mode?

What Is Dry Mode

Dry Mode is essentially the “Dehumidification” mode of the AC. Turn it on, and the AC will get rid of the moisture in the air, making it cool and dry. It’s a must-have for anyone who lives in an area with high humidity.

Do note that Dry Mode also causes slight temperature fluctuations. The AC sometimes switches to lower or higher temperatures than the value set by the user to dehumidify the air more efficiently.


How To Turn It On?

How To Turn Ac Dry Mode On

You turn it on the same way you do other modes. Press the “Mode” button on your remote and keep an eye on the display; the AC will switch modes with every press, eventually settling on “Dry”, which will be shown on the display.


5 Benefits Using AC Dry Mode

While the primary function of the Dry Mode is to dehumidify the air, it can offer a few other extra benefits. Some of these benefits make the mode worth using even if the humidity in the room isn’t particularly high.

1. Improved Air Quality

AC Dry Mode Improve Air

Beyond keeping the air in the room at the most comfortable humidity level and making it possible for everyone to breathe easier, the Dry Mode can also make the air better in another way. It gets rid of certain particles in the air that can trigger asthma- specifically, dust mites, mould and mildew. Among other particles, these ones are the ones that build up the most whenever the humidity level in an area is high.


2. Prevents Property Damage

You’ve probably never considered this, but humidity doesn’t only affect the human body. All the excessive moisture in the air will eventually collect on top of clothes, furniture, bedsheets, towels, etc. That’s not even the extent of all the damage; the moisture can lead to corrosion on your appliances and pipes.


3. Keeps The Air Smelling Fresh

Ac Dry Mode Keeps Air Fresh

The presence of mould and mildew in the air can bring out a “musty” scent, making it an unpleasant experience for the room’s inhabitants. Such a thing will be especially troublesome when you’re supposed to have guests over. However, Dry Mode can quickly get rid of the scent since it’s meant to remove particles like mould.


4. Excellent Energy Savings

Here’s another fact you probably don’t know about Dry Mode; it can be used to reduce power consumption. To get how that works; remember this; a hot summer day isn’t simply about the heat. A lot of the restlessness you feel is also because of humidity.

You can set a higher temperature like 20°C and still get good cooling and energy savings if you turn on Dry Mode. Your AC will give you amazing cooling without needing to run at full capacity- the compressor runs slower when you mix cooling with Dry Mode.

In fact, if you constantly use Dry Mode on a good Split AC with good energy star ratings, you can save as much as half of your usual electricity bills.

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5. Dry Mode Makes Your Body More Comfortable

When you’re feeling sweaty and lethargic, you can turn on the Dry Mode of the AC to feel a lot better. You’ll get a similar experience of setting the AC at a low temperature without actually resorting to doing that.


Is Humidity Always Bad?

Is Humidity Always Bad

No, it isn’t. High humidity levels are certainly bad, but if the indoor air is within 40%-70% relative humidity, you’ll actually benefit from the air in the room. Many harmful viruses like influenza and measles die out when the air has humidity between these levels. They’re far less contagious in such an environment as well. Besides that, optimum humidity will;

  • Lower the chances of any kind of respiratory infection.
  • Remove chemicals in the air that can irritate the body and even cause diseases.
  • Hampers accumulation of allergens resulting from organisms like fungi.

As you can see, there’s practically no reason to not have Dry Mode on whenever you’re using your AC.

Outside the given range above, your body will start experiencing more bad effects. If the humidity levels are lower than 30% (which means the air is dry), you’ll face respiratory issues, eye irritation, and possibly a dry throat. When humidity levels are low, the viruses I mentioned earlier will also be more dangerous. You’ll be exposed to influenza and even get rhinitis or bronchial constriction.

Meanwhile, if the humidity level is higher than the optimal range, your cooling systems won’t work as efficiently, and you’ll feel exhausted and uncomfortable. Even more, the chances of having a stroke also increase during such a situation.


What To Do When The Humidity Level Is Too Low?

What To Do When The Humidity Level Is Too Low

The Dry Mode of an AC only brings down the humidity levels. It doesn’t bring it up, however. If the humidity level in your room is under 30%, you need to resort to different methods to control the air. The first and most obvious way to fix this is to get a standalone humidifier- with the device, you can increase humidity levels. Some other things you can try are;

  • Cooking or boiling things on your pots and pans without using any lids.
  • Dry your laundry in the room under a regular fan.
  • Put in some houseplants.
  • Fill up water storage containers in the bathroom and leave them open.
  • Keep buckets or containers full of water under windows that have direct sunlight.
  • Sprinkle bits of water over the room with your hand or with a spray bottle.

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Other Ways To Decrease Humidity

Other Ways To Decrease Humidity

If your AC doesn’t have a Dry Mode and you don’t want to replace it or get a dehumidifier, you can try these tips;

  • Make sure the outwards vent in your bathroom is unobstructed.
  • Use exhaust fans in your bathroom or kitchen if you have any.
  • Always cover your utensils when cooking with them.
  • Install an air intake duct.
  • Spend less time using the water and avoid using hot water often.
  • Dry your clothes outdoors.
  • Take out any houseplants.
  • Add a big carpet to the room; it can absorb and trap moisture.



Is Dry Mode available in all ACs?

No. Some models do lack it; if you want to make sure the AC you’re purchasing has Dry Mode, go for the best Inverter AC.

My AC doesn't have a Dry Mode. Does it have any other variation?

Yes. You could try looking for a “Dehumidify” option. However, if you still can’t find the option, it might be time for an upgrade, as only most of the older models don’t come with such a feature.

Is there a specific area this mode is especially good in?

Yes. You can notice the benefits even better in coastal areas or in places where it rains often.

Can I use any temperature setting when using Dry Mode?

No. In Dry Mode, you can only set temperatures from 18°C to 30°C. You can’t go to temps as low as 16°C.

Fan Speed not changing during Dry Mode. What to do?

That’s not a problem with the AC. You just can’t do that while using Dry Mode in most ACs.

Can Air Coolers dehumidify air?

Unfortunately, no. Air Coolers use evaporative cooling, which is more likely to add to the humidity levels. When it comes to portable cooling solutions, a straight out Portable Air Conditioner will do the job better- it’s not the same thing as an air cooler, though it looks similar.

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Final Word

What is Dry Mode? I’m sure you understand the significance of the answer now. This mode can offer a lot of benefits. Start using it more often, and you’ll start noticing the difference right away. The best thing about this feature is that you can use it during any season.

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