Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator – Lot Of Space At A Great Price

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Whirlpool has done it again with its 190 L Direct Cool 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator! Not only does this model boast a new, sleek design that fits into any kitchen decor, but it also packs some serious punch in terms of features. Plus, with direct cool, you can keep your food nice and fresh without worrying about your electricity bills, as the technology uses less power than Frost Free technology.

Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 190 Litres
  • Type: Single door
  • Defrost System: Direct Cool
  • Energy Efficiency: 3-Star Rating
  • Inverter: No
  • Annual Energy Consumption: 168 Kilowatt Hours
  • Special Features: Stabiliser Free Operation, Honey Comb Lock, Door Lock
  • Shelf Type: Grill
  • Material: Steel

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Highlight Features

  • Advanced Insulated Capillary technology offers cool air retention for nine hours, ensuring the food stays safe.
  • Perfect for areas with power issues due to extra protection and seamless transitions to Home Inverter.
  • The vegetable crisper has a large size for easier storage.
  • Handy chiller that’s easy to maintain.
  • Comes with a specially designed gasket that keeps fungi and bacteria from contaminating food.

The Pros

  • Made up of very durable components.
  • Reliable and consistent performance.
  • Especially good at keeping milk fresh.
  • Holds up a lot of items easily.
  • Energy-efficient.

The Cons

  • Defrosting needs to be done frequently.
  • The surface is prone to scratches.


Why You Should Get The Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator

Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator 2

Handles Power Outage Well: First off, with this refrigerator, you won’t have to worry about perishable food during a power outage. When there is a power outage, the Advanced Insulated Capillary Technology ensures that the food has 9 hours of cooling retention to keep it fresh.

Offers A Lot Of Space: The Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator can hold many things despite its modest capacity. As many as three 2 L bottles can fit in the big bottle racks. Additionally, its other sections are larger; you get a bigger vegetable crisper and a bigger freezer. That means you’ll have a far easier time organising the fridge.

Durable Shelves: Furthermore, you won’t have to worry about damaged shelves. Since these are wired shelves rather than glass ones, there is very little possibility that they will shatter. However, that means you’ll also have to contend with a greater likelihood of spilling.

Aesthetically Pleasing Exterior Design: This refrigerator would look great in almost any kitchen. Part of the reason for that is the lack of a handle—it comes with a pocket-less one, which makes the front of the door seem clean and sleek. Another aspect we like about this product is that it does not quickly accumulate scratches on its surface.

Great For Storing Milk: There’s another small but handy feature; a chiller designed particularly for cans and milk. This chiller provides optimal cooling to ensure that these items stay fresh. That means you get to keep your food fresh, and you also get to keep your fridge free of foul odours.


Comments About The Cons

Defrosting Isn’t Easy: Defrosting a Direct Cool fridge is already enough of a chore. However, this fridge is a little more cumbersome; the defrost tray doesn’t come off easily. The ice also builds up fast due to the raw cooling power- you’ll have to remember to defrost this fridge every 3 days.

Needs To Be Maintained Carefully: You’ll have to be extra careful when cleaning this refrigerator– it tends to attract scratches. We recommend that you use a damp cloth for wiping and dusting.

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Common Questions

Can I use this refrigerator without a stabiliser at all?

Yes, you can. We’d still suggest getting a stabiliser for extra safety. You never know when things might go wrong, and a refrigerator is a fairly big investment.

Is the back covered or open?

It’s open.

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Overall, the Whirlpool 190 L Direct Cool 3-Star Single Door Refrigerator is a great choice if you’re looking for an energy-efficient and reliable refrigerator. It’s got solid construction and doesn’t require a stabiliser, so voltage fluctuations won’t cause any issues. Its insulated capillary technology ensures that it can handle power outages without spoiling food. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and spacious for its capacity. The only downside is that it needs frequent defrosting and cleaning to prevent scratches. But if you’re willing to put in the effort, this refrigerator is definitely worth considering.

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