5 Reasons Bluetooth Speakers go bad and how to make yours last longer

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It amazes me to see how a Bluetooth speaker has made its way in every home today. Using it while listening to music or watching movies, or even while exercising. Everyone’s got so addicted to utilizing a speaker for all of the above. Am I right? “How many years should a bluetooth speaker last?” I have been questioned this several times. Does it have a definite answer? Well, not really, but it all depends on the precautions you take while using one.

Reasons Bluetooth Speakers go bad

Before I get to some Bluetooth speaker problems, I would like to throw some light on the DOs and DONTs. I have observed a lot of people being sloppy and negligent while using their Bluetooth speakers. What’s the end result? It stops functioning sooner than it should. And not to miss how users then denounce the brand or the product.

I question you: How will a Bluetooth speaker last you long if you do not be vigilant while using it? Yes, some tips are mentioned by the manufacturer, but some aren’t. Hang on! My detailed Bluetooth speaker troubleshooting guide is going to give you all the insights.

By the end of my blog, will you be mindful about using this electronic appliance cautiously? For sure!


DOs and DONTs of using a Bluetooth Speaker

DOs and DONTs of using a Bluetooth Speaker

  • DO place your Bluetooth speaker near the walls for a loud sound.
  • DON’T let any dust rest on the speaker.
  • DO maintain the appliance for better sound quality.
  • DON’T overcharge it.
  • DO cover it when not in use.
  • DON’T use it with wet hands.
  • DO keep it away from children.
  • DON’T keep it near your phone.

The checklist of using a Bluetooth speaker is not just easy but also scaled-down. So, what makes the Bluetooth speaker go bad? Well, a few common mistakes we pull off unknowingly. What are they?


5 Reasons why Bluetooth Speakers go Bad?

Reasons why Bluetooth Speakers go Bad


1. Accidentally dropping the speaker

Accidentally dropping the speaker

Not necessarily your speaker will go bad every time you drop it; however, there are chances of it happening. It depends if all the components get desoldered from the PC board. In case it remains intact, you are good to go. The sound quality will not get affected, and you can enjoy it as much as you did before.

Nevertheless, if these components become loose inside, your speaker will either stop functioning or have an infuriating sound. In case your Bluetooth speaker has a tantalum capacitor inside, it will most likely get impacted with a fall (especially if it is severe).

What’s the bottom line? Yes, I know there is no one around here who would drop their Bluetooth speaker intentionally. However, handling with all possible care wouldn’t hurt. Before you go ahead and ask how many years does a Bluetooth speaker last, I would like to point out that this factor plays a huge role in it.


2. Overcharging can damage the batteries of the Bluetooth speaker

Overcharging can damage the batteries of the Bluetooth speaker

I bet most of you, who are reading this, are a bit heedless on this aspect. No, don’t deny the fact. Instead, know how bad it can damage your speaker and put a stop to this act right away. Charging the speakers beyond the required time can exceed the capacity and result in overheating. As a result, it can cause the battery to explode.

Bluetooth speakers are generally fabricated with lithium-ion batteries. In most cases, the speaker will notify you once the battery is low or full with some indication. Follow it simply. Once it goes below 25%, the speaker will alert you before it goes off completely.

What’s the bottom line? Well, of course, now you know you don’t have to overcharge your speakers. Here’s a small tip. If your speaker displays the % of battery being charged, I recommend you unplug it once it touches 90%. There is a scientific reason behind this. If you allow your speaker to charge more than 90%, it ages faster. Therefore, keep a check on it and avoid it as much as you can.


3. Particles of dust can damage the Bluetooth speaker

Particles of dust can damage the Bluetooth speaker

I have already mentioned above how important it is to keep your Bluetooth speaker covered when not in use. Well, every speaker does come with a cover. If not, purchase one separately. Please keep it away from debris and dust as much as possible. Dust particles can damage your speakers radically. It can affect the quality of sound and worsen it gradually. Under any circumstance, if you find any dust on your speakers, clean them the very same day. Sometimes we do tend to delay the cleaning process out of sheer laziness. Don’t do that. The dust particles will get in the internal parts and hamper the functioning.

What’s the bottom line? Keep your Bluetooth speakers far away from any kind of dirt or dust. If you find any, wipe it off with a dry cloth immediately. Using a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt is also a good option. However, remember not to use any kind of liquid while cleaning it. It can damage all the internal components.


4. Playing the speaker at full volume for long hours

Playing the speaker at full volume for long hours

How many of you play your Bluetooth speaker at full volume for long hours? Please don’t shy away from it. I am pretty sure most of you do. Yes, I would certainly agree that it gives a different kick. It energizes us, makes our hearts happy and rejuvenates us. So, when there are so many positive takeaways from doing so, why is it unfavourable to the speaker? To be sure about this, I conducted a small experiment.

I was fortunate with having two speakers at home. So, I played one of them at the maximum possible volume and the other at a moderate volume. To my surprise, the latter one lasted longer than the former one. I got really curious about the reasoning behind it and then did in-depth research on it. Let me share it with you in short.

So, every Bluetooth speaker has a voice coil that encounters some heat once it is turned on and working. When you play the speaker at a high volume, the heat increases. If it is for a short period, it should not be a problem. However, the generated heat can damage all the internal components due to long hours.

What’s the bottom line? Do you love loud music as much as I do? Then please do not play it for long hours. Keep it short. Or keep the volume moderate. Choose your side, but don’t combine the two.


5. Storing the speaker in extreme conditions

Storing the speaker in extreme conditions

Before I get to it, there is something I would like you to know.

What are the major components of a Bluetooth speaker? Voice coil, magnets, wire and a speaker cone. Now let’s get to what extreme conditions can do to each one of them. In most cases, cold temperatures can do no bad to them, but the heat can definitely do.

Voice coil: A voice coil is indifferent to cold but can have a terrible impact due to excessive heat.

Magnets: Heat can substantially diminish magnetism. Therefore, it is majorly harmful to the magnet. In case of cold, it can strengthen the magnetism. So, surprisingly low temperature is good for it.

Wire: Immoderate cold and heat are not favourable.

Speaker cone: This component can generally brace cold and heat graciously. Hence, it should not be affected by either of them.


How to make your Bluetooth Speaker last long?

How to make your Bluetooth Speaker last long

Number one, bring home high quality and dependable ones. Some of the big daddy’s in the bracket are – Bose, JBL and Sony. If you want to know about each one in detail, peek through my blog – 11 Best Bluetooth speakers in India 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide.

But get one thing straight. Buying the best Bluetooth speaker does not make it sustainable. My Bluetooth speaker troubleshooting guide was requisite but not enough. Here’s a small checklist I need you to follow. Once you do, I promise your stressbuster is going to stay with you for long.

  • Use the Bluetooth speaker until the battery is completely drained, and then charge it again. Do not charge it midway.
  • Keep your Bluetooth speaker away from static electricity.
  • Ensure the speaker is neither too cold nor warm.
  • Do not leave your Bluetooth speaker charging overnight.
  • Keep it dust-free.
  • Do not place it on a wet surface or even close to any liquid.
  • There should be enough room for ventilation.
  • Your speaker should always be away from direct sun rays.


One Last Thought

“Sometimes music is all you need” Are you a strong believer in it? If yes, I hope my blog has done some good to you.

Coming back to the question- How many years should a Bluetooth speaker last? Well, if you sincerely follow all the DOs and DONTs, it should last you ten years easily.

So, why not take all the precautions and do what has to be done. Tell me something honestly, is it too much to do? Not at all, right? Using this fun-size speaker is uncomplicated, and maintaining it is effortless. Do you know what the best part about it is? Your Bluetooth speaker can add life to any party and be your best travel buddy. Thereupon, take these minor little steps to ensure your speaker lasts long.

If you have already been a victim of these mishaps, get your hands on a new one today. My blog on the 9 Best Bluetooth speakers in India 2024 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide will introduce you to several options.

PS: When word fails, music speaks.

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