A Close Look At The Yamaha YAS-209 200W Alexa Compatible WiFi Home Theatre System

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You’re probably surprised and a little doubtful seeing us review a home theatre system from a brand focused on motorbikes. We do vouch for it, though. The features, price and sound quality on this underrated system are great. If our word isn’t enough, take it from the 230+ people who rated it 5 stars. Keep reading for details about why we think this Yamaha YAS-209 200W Alexa Compatible WiFi Home Theatre System is so good.

Yamaha YAS-209 200W Alexa Compatible WiFi Home Theatre System

Main Unit Weight2.7 kg
Main Unit Dimensions93 × 6.2 × 10.9 cm
Subwoofer Weight7.9 kg
Subwoofer Dimensions19.1 × 42 × 40.6 cm
Max Output200W
Sound Channel2.1
Advanced Surround Sound FormatsDTS Virtual:X
Available ConnectionsHDMI, Optical, Bluetooth, WiFi


  • DTS Virtual:X offers excellent immersion while taking up less space.
  • Special clear voice mode offers an excellent movie-watching experience by making dialogue pop and sound more dynamic.
  • Alexa support and multi-device WiFi support make controlling this device an easy task.
  • Has an elegant design and durable build quality.


  • Works well with movies.
  • Supports voice recognition.
  • WiFi connectivity offers superb versatility.
  • Outstanding overall sound quality.
  • Clear Voice mode works well.


  • Not good for bass.
  • No display on TV.
  • Maximum volume could be a little higher.

Here’s Why You Should Buy The Yamaha YAS-209 200W Alexa Compatible WiFi Home Theatre System

Yamaha YAS-209 200 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 1

Solid Sound: Every component in this system delivers on sound quality. The left and right speakers provide clear highs, while the subwoofer works to deliver a good bass response. We would’ve liked a little more power from the sub, but it’s not terrible by any means. The YAS-209 is great if you’re looking for an all-around great-sounding home theatre system.

Virtual Surround: It can produce surround sound without a full set of speakers; the DTS Virtual:X technology can reproduce virtual surround sound with only two speakers. Even yet, the produced audio is authentic and very close to physical surround sound production. You also gain more positioning flexibility.

Voice Recognition For Easier Control: This is something you don’t see in most home theatre systems. The Yamaha YAS-209 features voice control technology. So, you won’t need the remote or fiddle too much with your phone to change or pause tracks. You can be in another room and simply tell the system to do whatever you want. Pretty neat, right?

WiFi Support For Extra Versatility: This home theatre system doesn’t rely on Bluetooth only; it has WiFi support too. So, you can connect it to your home network and stream music from any of your smart devices. You’re not limited to just one source, either. It works on PCs, Phones and even NAS (Network-Attached Storage).

Other Connection Options For Maximum Compatibility: Of course, the YAS-209 can give you an immersive and deep cinematic experience without Bluetooth or WiFi. It has an HDMI ARC port and an optical input too. So, you can connect it to any TV or compatible device and enjoy any content.

Perfect For Movies With A Lot Of Dialogue: Some films have excellent stories, but many also have unbalanced audio. The score and ambient noise tend to drown out the dialogue. However, with the Yamaha YAS-209, you won’t have to worry about that. It has a ‘Clear Voice.’ mode, which enhances dialogue and makes it sound more vibrant without sacrificing other sound elements. You can also listen to lyric-heavy music better with this mode.

Durable with a Classic Look: If you like traditional sound system designs, then you’re in for a treat. The Yamaha YAS-209 reproduces the look of these designs and adds more in terms of practicality. Hence, you can enjoy these looks without worrying about sound quality. Plus, the components are also designed to last a long time.

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Yamaha YAS-209 200 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 2

Some Notes

Bass Could Be Better: While the bass is acceptable, it could be far better. The subwoofer does a decent job, but the main speaker units can’t reproduce lows well. Instead, they make these lows fade into the background while pumping up the mids and highs.

No TV Display: The soundbar of this home theatre system has its own display, but for anyone inexperienced, it’ll be extremely confusing. No GUI shows up on the TV, so tasks like changing volume will take time to get used to.

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Yamaha YAS-209 200 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 3


Does it have a separate amplifier?

It comes with a built-in one.

Does it come with a Subwoofer?

Yes. Although, do note that it’s a passive Subwoofer. If you need even more bass, you need to get an Active Subwoofer yourself.

Can I use it with earphones?

Yes, it comes with an earphone jack.

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Yamaha YAS-209 200 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 4

Our Thoughts

Need something inexpensive but with good sound quality and a little bit of extra convenience? Then this Yamaha YAS-209 200W Alexa Compatible WiFi Home Theatre System will be perfect for you. It could have been far better if there was any support for Dolby, but the speakers still offer immersive surround sound.

Yamaha YAS-209 200 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 5

Besides performing well, this sound system is also convenient and easy to use. It’s a compact system, too, so you’ll have an easier time setting it up. All in all, we’d say that it’s more than good enough to be one of the best home theatre systems in India.

Yamaha YAS-209 200 Watt Wireless Bluetooth Soundbar 6

If you want to compare options and see if this home theatre is in stock, you can check out our listing of the 9 best home theatre systems in India 2024. It contains this particular model’s price and stock availability, along with brief descriptions of other alternatives.

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