About Us

Homeliness.in is the top website in India to look for in-depth reviews and buyer’s guide of the best home and kitchen appliances.

There are numerous products from different brands in the Indian market with various features and price. We know it’s challenging to decide which product is ideal for you according to your budget.

Buying one wrong product means wasting your money, time, and disrupting mental peace. To select the correct product, you need the technical knowledge and the right idea about the market.

Homeliness is a team of 5 Enthusiastic people. Here we try to help you choose the right product according to your budget. Here you will find an in-depth review and proper buyer’s guide, which will help you choose the right product for you.


Meet The Team

Sourav Roy is an Alumni of the University of Calcutta, having graduated from it with a B.Sc. He has been professionally working for multiple companies since nearly two decades ago. Back then, he started Homeliness as a bit of a side project before he decided to get into it full time to share the years’ worth of information and experiences to other people regarding the large variety of electronics he has worked upon for so many years. He also has a penchant for little details, looking at things that people often overlook, allowing him to look at them from a different perspective.

He understands the inconveniences people go through after buying a product based on the little information they find or based on what an overeager shopkeeper tells them about it. So, to save them the trouble, he dedicates his time to Homeliness, working with an experienced team to test and review new products, picking out the best on the market.

Regardless of budget limits or the like, he always offers advice for everyone regarding electronics such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioner etc.

Abir, who graduated in Electronics Engineering from the National Institute of Technology located Tiruchirappalli at 23, acts as this website’s eyes and ears for the newest technologies coming to the market. He keeps an eye out for large advancements in every field, doing in-depth research every time something new comes out. He wants to help others see products in the best way possible, being able to dig out pros and cons that aren’t usually noticed.

Moreover, he’s also an expert with electronics that more frequently used and interacted with. Computers and Smartphones, to be more specific. However, his expertise also extends to categories like Audio Equipment, which are some of the things he’s done jobs for over the years. In fact, at 34 years old now, he’s been working professionally for the earlier fields for plenty of years and has built up a large repertoire of knowledge.

Meghna Jalali holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Mumbai. She started her career in 2009 as a sub-editor for CNBC financial segment, later on moving to Style Speak magazine. She holds certification in SEO, Creative Writing and Modern Copywriting.

Her goal is to provide readers with all the relevant details regarding home and kitchen appliances using various fact-finding techniques. In-depth research and knowledge on personal gadgets is her strong point. She includes as many personal experiences as possible for complete transparency. The readers are sure to feel satisfied with the expert analysis delivered by her.

Darshan focuses on providing customers with as many details as possible about every product. All the buying guides on this site are created by him, for the most part, with more expertise from the rest of the team. He’s worked as a former Public Relations Manager in several companies.

He also has experience doing Customer Support for a large range of products, making him specifically qualified to work on these guides.

He knows customers’ needs better than most, and he understands common things that they can have issues with. Over the years of Customer Support, he’s gained a lot of in-depth knowledge about certain products. So, his goal is to offer effective advice and tips to buyers to help them make stress free purchases that last a long time.

Darshan has graduated from the University of Delhi with an MBA.