The 7 Best Dry Hair Shampoo in India: 2022 Picks

Best Dry Hair Shampoo in India

Once upon a time, having dry and damage was a crime. But not anymore! Let me bring forward an intricate list of the 7 best dry hair shampoos in India. Healthy and luminous hair is every girl’s dream. And why not? It can boost your confidence tremendously. What if I tell you that we are … Read more

How to get rid of sunburn? 10 Quick & Easy Ways

How to get rid of sunburn

Summers are here, and we can’t wait to soak up the sun. Gorgeous beaches, rip-roaring excursions, the gleaming sun, sand and beachwear. Of course, you cannot do without a pair of shades and slathering lots of moisturiser. A lot of you guys have some serious tanning goals. But you definitely have plans to get burnt, … Read more

How to treat acne at home? 5 Easy & Effective ways

How to treat acne at home

What makes a grand entry and takes the longest time to leave? Yes, that’s the unpleasant acne! And it only leaves us with major disappointment and awkwardness. That’s why I am here to bring forward some easy ways of how to treat acne at home. Commonly known as a pimple, it surely is everyone’s enemy. … Read more

10 Summer Hair Care Tips for Healthy Locks

Summer Hair Care Tips

With summer approaching, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Beach vacays, sunscreen, breezy clothes, large sunglasses and perfect looking hair. Yes, that’s surely a picture-perfect situation. But hey, only a few days into summer can make your hair frizzy and lifeless. That’s why I am bringing forward some summer hair care tips … Read more