What is a Smart TV? Know it from the Tech Expert

What is a Smart TV

When the phones and other home devices are getting smart, why not your television? What is a smart TV? Let’s find out. The release of smart TVs in India opened the door out for traditional televisions. While the filthy rich people indulged in them, some populace is still figuring out the concept. In case you … Read more

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What is Android TV? Everything you need to know

What is Android TV

What is Android TV? I bet most of you are perplexed about this concept. While you are on a spree for the best TV, you certainly will come across different types of televisions like Smart TV, Google TV and Android TV. Well, to tell you the truth, each of them is so different. The streaming … Read more

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What is 8K TV resolution? Everything You Should Know About It

What is 8K TV resolution

Woah, believe it or not, 8K resolution is actually here! There’s no secret that the TV industry loves big numbers. From 4K to 8K resolution, it has travelled in very little time. Well, if you decide to get your hands on the best TV, get ready to be thrown massively with the term ‘8K’. What … Read more

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4K UHD vs 4K HDR: Know the Difference from the Experts

4K UHD vs 4K HDR

Buying the best TV for your home is no more a duck-soup. With all the tech jargon popping out, the process can be intimidating to any commoner. In the vast world of TV acronyms, 4K has been pretty much established. When you go on a television spree, you are definitely going to find all 4k … Read more

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Smart TV Buying Guide: What are the must-have TV features?

Smart TV Buying Guide

The revolutionary appliance has overwhelmed everyone with its technological advancement and array of features. This is certainly very pleasing. But the major obstacle comes in with the whopping number of options in the market today. So, here’s my qualitative smart TV buying guide. Exclusively only for you! The time spent on mobile phones has taken … Read more

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QLED vs OLED vs LED- Different types of TV displays explained!


QLED vs OLED vs LED- so many terms, but what do they all mean? I won’t be that far off to assume that most people don’t know at least one of these terms. The truth is that the meaning of each is significant, especially for people intending to buy TVs. These terms are used to … Read more

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The Best LED TVs trending in 2024: Expert Analysis

Best LED TV in India

The emergence of LED televisions has forsaken all the old fashioned ones from every household. Okay, I will admit. Unlike other tech products finding the best LED TV in India involves a lot more complexities. Screen resolution, motion display, sound quality and various other specifications deserve a thought. The Indian market is booming with options. … Read more

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