8 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Setting Up Your Home Theatre

Setting Up Home Theatre

When setting up a home theatre, you have to be careful and avoid making mistakes. Mistakes, like buying a cheap TV and watching movies in SD quality or not considering space, can be detrimental to your experience when you sit down to watch your favourite movie on your new home theatre system. Things aren’t as … Read more

15 Simple Tips To Improve Home Theatre Sound Quality

Improve Home Theatre Sound Quality

You’ve bought the best home theatre system. What are you going to do now? Well, there’s still a lot more left to do. Getting the perfect Home Cinema experience doesn’t simply consist of getting one specific set of equipment. In this post, I’ll tell you everything you need to know to improve home theatre sound … Read more

How to find the perfect Bluetooth Speakers? Experts reveal

How to find the perfect Bluetooth Speakers

Hey music lovers! I have something exciting in store for you today. My detailed blog is here to guide you on how to find the perfect Bluetooth Speakers. If you are hesitant about ditching cables and going wireless due to technicalities, don’t be. The sound of music on the best Bluetooth speakers is magical. It … Read more

Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker: Which one is better?

Bluetooth Speaker vs Smart Speaker

Ever heard of the phrase – change is the only constant in life. Well, it holds true even in the case of this tiny little gadget. The look and functionality of speakers have evolved and how. Bluetooth speaker vs smart speaker – this is much spoken about in the tech market. I am not acquainted … Read more

Soundbar buying guide 2023: How to choose the right one?

Soundbar buying guide

If magnificent resolution and incredible sound are your requirements, this blog is totally worth reading. Sure, you must have bought yourself the best television in the market and acquired an amazing picture quality to a great extent as well. But what about the sound output? Are you complacent with the existing one? Exactly why we … Read more

Home Theatre vs Soundbar: What’s the Difference?

Home Theatre vs Soundbar

Unquestionably, television experiences have evolved and how! Not just eye-pleasing, but deriving the best quality of sound should also be on your priority list. And that’s why I am here to speak about the most debatable topic – home theatre vs soundbar. What inspires me to talk about this subject? Well, the convenience of having … Read more

Top 9 Best home theatre systems in India 2023: Expert Picks

Best home theatre systems in India

If you are a cinephile, nothing will please you as much as having the best home theatre systems in India in your living room. Imagine sitting on the couch with your big fat family and having a theatre-like experience. An eye-catching picture quality, immersive sound experience and a bowl of popcorn. Yes, you can now … Read more