Top 10 Best home theatre systems in India 2022: Expert Picks

Last Updated on 11 January, 2022 by Sourav Roy

If you are a cinephile, nothing will please you as much as having the best home theatre systems in India in your living room. Imagine sitting on the couch with your big fat family and having a theatre-like experience. An eye-catching picture quality, immersive sound experience and a bowl of popcorn. Yes, you can now bring the magic of cinema home!

Best home theatre systems in India

However, knowing which are the top home theatre systems in India can be tedious and choosing one out of those is certainly mystifying. I won’t deny the fact that this entertainment appliance can get very technical to understand. And hence, I have simplified the process for you by expressing every term in layman language.

What can you expect from my blog? A compiled list of 10 trending home theatres systems. Their features, advantages, disadvantages and our expert take on them. Not just that, a buying guide to help you choose one out of them. So, keep away your paralytic analysis and let’s get going.


1. Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System

Of course, it makes sense to start our list off with Sony, whose brilliant audio devices have enraptured listeners for decades. The Sony HT- IV300 deserves to be on top of our list of the best home theatre systems in India. It offers state-of-the-art features mixed in with build quality acquired over a decade’s worth of experiences. Let’s take a closer look at all the features.

Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 10.8 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 37.0 x 30.1 x 62.0 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 24.5 x 35.0 x 32.5 cm
  • Max Output: 1024W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: DTS, Dolby
  • Available Connections: Micro USB, NFC, Bluetooth, HDMI

Key Features

  • High RMS for powerful audio.
  • Uses superior Sony technology to improve audio in various ways.
  • S-Master Digital Amplifier offers more audio clarity.
  • Has Dolby Pro Logic Technology which can turn stereo audio to surround sound.
  • Bluetooth capability makes it easier to control the system remotely.

Why do we recommend The Sony HT-IV300 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DTH Home Theatre System?

High-end Audio: Let’s get on with the audio quality of the theatre system first. It has 1000 Watts of RMS power to boost up the audio to complete movie theatre levels. The volume can go higher than conventional home theatre systems as well. Although, despite the loud volumes, the quality of your audio won’t go down at all.

Enhanced Clarity: The system uses an S-Master Digital Amplifier, which can reproduce digital audio signals without any analogue stages. Instead, it uses a full-digital signal path. As such, you can enjoy increased power, and you can do so with much fewer distortions that are created by heat build-up.

Special Audio Enhancement Technology: Additionally, you also get some special benefits from this being a Sony product. It comes with Sony’s innovative Audio Harmonic Restoration technology, along with Advanced Auto Volume and Dynamic Range Recovery. All these technologies combine to provide excellent sound output, with detailed music and dialogue audio. As a result, the things you listen to will sound much more realistic.

Ideal for Surround Sound: Besides, this system has another great benefit- it can turn 2-channel audio to surround audio, allowing the sound from your source to travel to many more places. Hence, you can enjoy full immersion with surround sound from just about any source.

Extra Convenient: It even has a smart remote system– you can use your phone as one through Bluetooth. Through the connection, you can listen to things you play on your phone. In fact, you can even control playlists. That’s not all, though; you get other convenient features like Miracast for screen mirroring and DTH compatibility.

What are its advantages?
  • Lots of input options.
  • Long and colour-coded cables.
  • Excellent design with the good build quality.
  • Ideal for medium-sized rooms.
What are the downsides?
  • Bluetooth is somewhat unreliable.
  • Not enough adjustment options for bass and treble.
  • Bass tends to cover bits of dialogues sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect it to a PC?

Yes, you can do it with HDMI.

Can I use it for FM?

Yes, it supports FM.

Will it be able to run HEVC format?

No, it only works with XVID.

Our Thoughts

We knew without a doubt that a Sony product would be the first one we’d select for our list. The brand has been creating quality audio products for decades. The speakers are far better than your average speakers. They can give you an excellent movie-watching experience while giving you a good audio output for most music tracks as well. The fact that the system can be used to listen to Radio is also a point towards it.


2. Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

Another Home Theatre System from Sony, this one is unique in its own right and manages to use both regular speakers along with a soundbar to produce ear-pleasing audio. If you liked the design of soundbars but didn’t want to sacrifice immersion, then you can go for this product. Let’s take a look at all its features.

Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 11 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 90 x5.2 x 7 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 19 x 39.2 x 31.5 cm
  • Max Output: 600W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: DTS, Dolby TrueHD
  • Available Connections: Micro USB, NFC, Bluetooth, HDMI, Optical

Key Features

  • Soundbar-based system for enhanced looks and easy placement.
  • Has multiple extra enhancements for improved audio.
  • Easier to set up and use because of the HDMI ARC Output.
  • Supports wireless interaction through NFC and Bluetooth.

Why do we recommend The Sony HT-RT3 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System?

Immersive Surround Sound: You may wonder why this product is a 5.1 channel system when it seems to have only three speakers. Well, it doesn’t. The soundbar contains the other two speakers as well. There’s a central speaker in the middle with two more speakers on both the left and right end. So there’s no need to worry about the sound quality- the system can still offer high-quality surround sound while offering the sleek looks of a soundbar at the same time.

Loud Audio: Of course, even with the soundbar design, there’s no compromise in the overall sound quality. The whole system has a relatively high total power output of 600 Watts. As such, the produced sound is still a blast to listen to.

Crispy Vocals and Natural Sounds: The HT-RT3 also comes with the S-Master digital amp for maximum audio clarity, enabling you to listen to the purest sound that, the movie or music you’re listening to, can offer. Besides that, the external subwoofer also provides more force to your bass so that you can truly feel the power of the audio. Do note that the extra bass doesn’t affect the realistic quality of the sound.

Easy to Use: Moreover, setting the sound system up doesn’t take much effort either. The positioning is already taken care of with the pre-positioned front speakers. If you have a compatible TV, you don’t need an extra audio cable either. The HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) will bring the audio into the soundbar instead. There are other connection options as well- the home theatre system features a USB Port for connecting phones, tabs and even USB drives. If your TV/DVD/Blu-ray Disc player uses optical cables, then you can still use them with this sound system as it supports optical inputs.

Convenient Wireless Control: There is also wireless support for smart devices. If you have a device that supports NFC, you can just touch your device to the N-marked NFC chip on the body for an instant connection. You’ll still have another option if you don’t have NFC support. You can still connect your device to the system through the Bluetooth function.

What are its advantages?
  • Clear audio.
  • Good overall sound quality.
  • Punchy bass.
  • Strong Bluetooth connection.
  • Simple remote.
  • Numerous preset settings for different situations.
What are the downsides?
  • Lots of wiring.
  • USB format support is lacking.
  • Weak bass at low volumes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an Optical Cable to connect it to a TV?

Yes, you can do that. However, we advise making use of the HDMI ARC port if possible.

How can I use it to play music from my phone?

It can play music from any phone through Bluetooth, so you can utilise that.

Does it support FM?

No, it doesn’t have FM.

Our Thoughts

This home theatre system definitely deserved to be here on our list of the best home theatres in terms of pure audio. The bass is good, and it doesn’t overwhelm the other parts of an audio track, unlike the Sony HT-IV300 above. Considering the rest of its aspects, this sound system is more than enough to be a perfect fit for your home, especially if you prefer to have smart-looking decor.


3. Yamaha YHT-1840 4K Ultra HD 5.1-Channel Home theatre System

The company doesn’t only produce premium motorcycles; it’s also known for producing high-quality audio equipment. That includes some of the best home theatre systems in India. The YHT-1840 comes with a host of features, along with HD audio that never ceases to please.

Yamaha YHT-1840 4K Ultra HD 5.1-Channel Home theatre System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 16.3 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 32 x 44 x 15 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 29 x 29.2 x 31.5 cm
  • Max Output: 600W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: None
  • Available Connections: HDMI, Optical, AUX

Key Features

  • The combination of powerful equipment provides Dynamic Surround Sound.
  • The system can produce virtual surround sound when speakers can’t be installed to the back.
  • Offers higher-quality bass than standard systems through low-range enhancement technology.
  • Has a traditional design and high build quality.

Why do we recommend The Yamaha YHT-1840 4K Ultra HD 5.1-Channel Home theatre System?

Solid Sound: Every component of this home theatre system is designed with maximum sound quality in mind. The AV receiver makes sure the surround sound is loud and realistic, while the speakers themselves are capable of producing high definition audio. Even the subwoofer itself is impressive, as it can deliver powerful yet crisp bass.

Virtual Surround: Although this home theatre system is made with reliability in mind, it has its own set of distinct features. It can even produce surround sound without needing full placement. In case you can’t place the surround speakers behind you, the Virtual Cinema DSP will be able to reproduce virtual surround sound with the speakers only being in two directions. The resulting sound is still realistic and very close to the physical surround sound production. You even get more flexibility on placement as well.

Additional Enhancements: Another thing that makes this system so deserving of being on our list of the best home theatre systems in India is the presence of Yamaha’s distinctive audio enhancements. The components use a low-range enhancement to provide bass quality higher than you’d get with the speaker sizes as they are. The subwoofer increases the low range volume of the entire speaker system, enhancing the bass in the process and still keeping good localisation and sound balance. There’s also a nifty little Dialogue Level Adjustment function that allows you to balance the sound between dialogue and other audio.

Durable with a Classic Look: If you liked the traditional sound system designs, then you’re in for a treat. The Yamaha YHT-1840 reproduces the look of these designs and adds more in terms of practicality. Hence, you can enjoy these looks without having to worry about sound quality. Plus, the components are also designed to last a long time.

What are its advantages?
  • Works great with movies, impressive cinematic audio.
  • Has a plethora of useful features.
  • Compact components.
  • Good overall sound quality.
What are the downsides?
  • No USB support.
  • Bass could be better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Blu Ray with it?

Yes, it supports Blu-Ray players.

Does it come with a Subwoofer?

Yes. Although, do note that it’s a passive Subwoofer. If you need even more bass, you need to get an Active Subwoofer yourself.

Can I use it with earphones?

Yes, it comes with an earphone jack.

Our Thoughts

If you’re tight on budget and only want good sound quality with just enough practicality, then this sound system will be perfect for you. It could have been far better if there was any support for Dolby or DTS, but the speakers still offer immersive surround sound. Besides performing well, this sound system is also convenient and easy to use. It’s a compact system, too, so you’ll have more flexibility when it comes to placement.


4. Sony HT-S700RF Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tall boy Soundbar Home Theatre System

Here’s another option for all the people that love soundbar designs. There is the regular horizontal soundbar with a pair of sleek tallboy speakers to compliment the design.

Sony HT-S700RF Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tall boy Soundbar Home Theatre System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 20.4 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 100 x 40 x 36 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 44 x 36.5 x 23.5 cm
  • Max Output: 1000W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: Dolby Digital
  • Available Connections: HDMI, Optical, Bluetooth

Key Features

  • Quality sound with Dolby Digital and high power output.
  • Easy and quick setup so that you can get started with using it right away.
  • Smart wireless control enables maximum comfort.
  • Additional connection options for more sources.

Why do we recommend The Sony HT-S700RF Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Tall boy Soundbar Home Theatre System?

High-Quality Surround Sound: As per usual, let’s get started with the sound quality. It comes with all of Sony’s excellent design, with subtle enhancements to provide a considerable boost to all kinds of music and movies. The volume won’t be low either, as the speakers have a high output power of 1000W. The rear speakers don’t cut back on the audio power either, despite looking a bit thin. They come equipped with full-range 65 mm driver units for maximum performance.

Easy Installation: The whole system comes nearly ready-to-use right out of the box. You just need to put in three speaker cables, which are colour coded for even more convenience. There’s also support for HDMI ARC, with which you can connect the system to compatible TVs with a single cable.

Wireless Operation: Moreover, the system comes with both of everyone’s favourite wireless technology. Like its setup process, you can easily get connected to it right away through NFC, and if your device doesn’t support that, you can use the powerful Bluetooth connection instead. We’ve tried out both, and the system has a decent range- it should be more than good enough for you in most cases.

Additional Storage: Additionally, it also works with Sony Music Center, where you’ll have access to all your favourite tracks across your phone, USB stick and even online music streaming services. Indeed, you can use a USB drive with it and run the music stored in it- you can control the playback through the Sony music app or the onscreen playback controls.

What are its advantages?
  • Sound clarity is beyond the price level.
  • Unique design.
  • Supports Bluetooth and NFC connections.
  • Speaker wire length is long.
What are the downsides?
  • Way too many wires.
  • No support for full HD/4k videos.
  • The surround sound could be better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the rare side tall speakers wired or wireless?

They’re wired.

Is it compatible with Blu Ray Players?

Yes, it is. In fact, you can even connect it to Blu Ray Players from other brands.

Is it suitable for Karaoke?

No, it isn’t.

Our Thoughts

This system may seem basic compared to the other ones we have on our list because of the lack of fancy features, and it actually is. However, it offers remarkable performance and thus deserves to be on our list. The audio is good all around, and if you want something for listening to music, this one is certainly a good choice. We wouldn’t recommend it for watching movies, though. The odd spacing of the speakers tends to break immersion when watching movies.


5. Logitech Z906 5.1 Channel Surround Speaker System

Logitech is hot among the populace right now for its top-tier audio products. You’ve probably heard of or seen people use Logitech Headphones, which offer consistent audio and a reliable lifespan. The same goes for all their home theatre systems, and nothing proves it better than the Z906.

Logitech Z906 5.1 Channel Surround Speaker System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 16 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 29.2 x 28 x 35 cm
  • Max Output: 1000W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: Dolby Digital, DTS
  • Available Connections: Optical

Key Features

  • Excellent sound quality with support for high-quality codecs.
  • Compatible with TVs, PCs and even gaming consoles.
  • Easier to use remote control that doesn’t need extra connections.

Why do we recommend The Logitech Z906 5.1 Channel Surround Speaker System?

Powerful and Booming Sound: This home theatre may seem basic, but even though it’s not filled to the brim with features, it’s still fit to be on our list of the best home theatre systems in India. We’ve tested out the whole thing- it makes pleasing, consistent sounds. It’s all about the internals; this system comes packed with 1000 Watts of powerful sound, along with an RMS power of 500 Watts. There’s even a THX certification, along with Dolby and DTS support. No doubt, you’ll truly feel like the sound is right next to you in real life with such quality.

Advanced Connection Options: Compatibility is also a significant upside with this home theatre system. It has a multitude of ports, including RCA, digital coaxial and optical inputs. There’s even support for 3.5 mm input. That’s not all, though. You can also keep six devices connected to the system at once and control the audio input with the remote control that comes with the device.

Convenient Controls: Speaking of the remote control, that’s another advantage for you as well. Most devices have recently acquired Bluetooth support and can be controlled by smartphones. But, the problem is that the connection is somewhat weak as the technology hasn’t settled in properly yet. So, having a remote at hand is always handy. Though there is a small drawback in that regard- the system doesn’t support any extra wireless input, so you can’t use NFC or Bluetooth anyway.

What are its advantages?
  • Produces crisp sound with powerful bass.
  • Supports multiple active connections and gives control over which source to use for input.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • High power output.
  • Comes with a THX certification.
What are the downsides?
  • Distorted bass at lower frequencies.
  • Somewhat bland design.
  • No wireless connectivity.
  • No HDMI support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does one adjust bass?

You can adjust the bass through the subwoofer.

Does it support FM Radio?

No, you can’t use it for FM Radio.

Will I be able to connect it to a TV without HDMI?

Yes, you can use an Optical Cable.

Our Thoughts

This one is another one of our low end picks. If you don’t like the designs and the issues with the Sony HT-S700RF, then this is the next best option. It’s not as good as all the other systems on our list, but it’s still a solid choice. It can provide better than average quality for both music and movies. Plus, it’s also a treat for those that prefer a more traditional speaker design. It’s a durable design, too, though that’s to be expected as Logitech is a premium brand.


6. Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

There’s no shortage of Sony products on the list, but they all deserve the praise. If you ask an audiophile about good sound equipment, they’ll likely mention Sony numerous times.

Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 13.6 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 8.6 x 76 x 5.2 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 19.2 x 38.7 x 34.2 cm
  • Max Output: 400W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: Dolby Digital
  • Available Connections: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI

Key Features

  • Has 400W power output along with Dolby Digital for powerful and clear sound.
  • Easy to connect with most TVs.
  • Has quite a lot of audio presets along with remote control for the highest convenience.
  • Has Bluetooth and USB compatibility to provide more audio sources.

Why do we recommend The Sony HT-S20R 5.1 Channel Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System?

Loud Audio without Distortions: This system is great for most medium-size rooms. With its powerful 400W power output, it can blast sound through the entirety of the room, while Dolby Digital makes sure the audio comes out clear and crisp. You can even mount the speakers to the all. The surround sound will always stay realistic and pleasing to the ears.

High Compatibility: Moreover, the HT-S20R comes with various compatibility features. If you’ve got a TV that supports HDMI ARC, then you can hook this system up to the TV with only a single cable. There’s still optical input in case you don’t have that, though. Additionally, this home theatre system does feature analogue input if you don’t have either. In case you don’t want to turn your TV on and enjoy some media on your phone instead, you can still connect the sound system to the phone via Bluetooth. Or you can just plug a USB in and run your favourite tracks from there.

Optimised for All Situations: You can also adjust the system settings to any of the predesigned options. There are options for both Cinema and Music, along with the Standard and Auto modes. So, you can set the speakers to make the sound just the way you like it.

Comfortable Controls: Even more, there’s also a Voice mode to help you listen to dialogues easier- handy when there’s a lot of action on the scene or when you’re not used to the character’s accent. All these modes are available on the remote control, so you can just sit back, relax, and change the audio on the fly.

What are its advantages?
  • Great overall sound clarity.
  • Dialogues come out crisp and clear.
  • All sorts of connectivity options, except for NFC.
  • Volume can go very high.
What are the downsides?
  • Low volume lacks some punch.
  • The rear satellite speakers are a bit weak.
  • Bass is average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use it with my earphones?

Yes, it has a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Is it compatible with Amazon Firestick?

No, it isn’t, as the Firestick doesn’t use an Android-based OS.

Can I manually extend the wires?

Yes, but we highly advise not doing that. Wire extension will not only void your warranty, but it will also reduce the sound quality.

Our Thoughts

This one was certainly one of the best soundbar-speaker hybrid surround systems we tested. With how long the bar is, the speakers are evenly placed and thus create a more realistic surround sound, adding a much higher level of immersion. Overall, it’s a good all-around budget home theatre system. It’s also bound to last you more than a few years, as it has Sony’s signature build quality.


7. Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

One of the best things about this home theatre is that it’s super easy to install. There’s more freedom for you when it comes to placing the speakers as well, as the rear speakers come with 30m wires.

Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 13 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 79.9 x 48 x 23 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 20.7 x 40.2 x 33 cm
  • Max Output: 1000W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: Dolby Digital, DTS
  • Available Connections: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, Optical

Key Features

  • 1000W Power Output ensures high sound pressure.
  • Comes with front tweeters fitted to the soundbar for better surround sound.
  • The large subwoofer produces excellent bass.
  • Easy to set up as it comes with multiple connectivity options.

Why do we recommend The Sony HT-S500RF Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System?

Bassy Audio with Clear Vocals: Let’s get this out of the way first- this system is a beast when it comes to raw power. It can get as much as 1000 Watts of power output, and all the components are bigger than usual, and the sleek design itself is modified with more audio clarity in mind. In fact, the whole system is modified to play any kind of music perfectly, especially those with heavy bass.

Strong Bass: This home theatre system can also create powerful bass that you can truly feel. It comes with an 18cm subwoofer just for that purpose. As you can see, the HT-S500RF comes equipped to produce any kind of audio with high quality.

Fine-Tuned to Retain Original Audio Quality: This device runs with impressive grace even with all the raw power. The pair of 1-inch front tweeters on the soundbar help in creating high frequency while Dolby Digital keeps the audio quality like how it was originally supposed to be and even improves on it. As a result, you can take in the joys of dramatic and high-quality surround sound.

What are its advantages?
  • Good build quality.
  • Easy installation.
  • Well-rounded sound output.
  • The good output of 2.1 Channel songs in 5.1 Channel.
  • Various connectivity options.
What are the downsides?
  • No HDMI passthrough.
  • The front channel is a bit weak.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the wire for the rear speakers?

The wire is about 5-6 metres in length.

Since it supports Dolby, will it work with Dolby Atmos?

No, it won’t. Dolby Atmos is different from Dolby Digital, which is what this home theatre supports.

Does it come with a remote?

Yes, it does.

It doesn't sound like I'm getting surround audio, is something wrong with the system?

No, you just need to make sure that the content you’re watching has 5.1 channel sound.

Our Thoughts

Performance-wise, the speakers do as well as you would expect from a Sony product. The bass and treble are great, although we noticed that the mids were average. It’s great for listening to music and watching movies, though keep in mind that the bass occasionally drowns out vocals. To get the best performance out of it, just always remember to tune the system for whatever you’re watching.


8. Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Philips also deserves to be on this list of best home theatre systems in India, not only because it’s a reputable brand producing premium products but also because this sound system is a big crowd favourite right now. And we can already see why so- let’s talk about its capabilities.

Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 11.91 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 42.4 x 50.3 x 38 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 17 x 31.6 x 32.5 cm
  • Max Output: 120W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: None
  • Available Connections: Bluetooth, USB, Audio-in

Key Features

  • High power bass with 8-inches subwoofer driver.
  • Comes with convenient connectivity options.
  • It can be used as an FM Radio.
  • Consistent audio, with little distortions.

Why do we recommend The Philips SPA8000B/94 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers System?

Incredibly Versatile: You can play audio from a lot of things with this sound system. It plays audio brilliantly, whether if the audio is coming from a PC, TV or CD. It can also play audio from a USB. Better yet, it has one more extra connectivity option- you can use it with an SD card by putting it into the SD card slot. Bluetooth works too, so you can pair your phone or tab to it as well.

Radio Support: For the traditional person, this sound system has an extra treat. It has an FM tuner, which you can use to listen to the radio, with the full benefits of the surround sound features.

Enhanced Clarity: Whatever you’re playing, the audio is always clear, and it rarely comes out boomy. From our tests, it only seems like there are slight distortions beyond the 80% volume range, but that’s barely noticeable.

What are its advantages?
  • Extensive connectivity options.
  • Excellent bass.
  • Speakers have long wires.
  • Powerful subwoofer.
  • Individual volume adjustment for each speaker.
  • Incredible surround effects.
What are the downsides?
  • No bass or treble control.
  • The Bluetooth connection gets a little shaky when playing tracks at full volume.
  • Remote is barebones and offers limited control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wireless?

The speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity. However, it’s still connected to the woofer through a wire.

Can I use it with a remote control?

Yes, it comes with one.

What kind is the subwoofer?

The subwoofer is an active one.

Our Thoughts

This Phillips sound system is especially good for music, with the finely tuned subwoofer that offers just the right amount of bass. If you’re going to set up a system in a small room, then this home theatre system is an excellent choice. You can even compare this system’s sound production quality to that of Sony, it’s not as good, but it comes very close.


9. F&D 3000X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

F&D is a newer brand, and it’s already on its way to building up a strong reputation. The 3000X is definitely like a diamond in the rough, with a multitude of fun-to-use features in an easily affordable package.

F&D 3000X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker

Product Specifications

  • Product Weight: 6.2 kg
  • Dimensions (Main Unit): 49.3 x 39.9 x 24.4 cm
  • Dimensions (Subwoofer): 33 x 23.5 x 22 cm
  • Max Output: 80W
  • Sound Channel: 5.1
  • Advanced Surround Sound Formats: Dolby
  • Available Connections: AUX, RCA, Bluetooth, USB

Key Features

  • High spec components for loud, clear and immersive audio.
  • Comes equipped with powerful Bluetooth functionality.
  • Has a plug and play USB reader that can decode multiple formats.
  • Offers FM connectivity and storage for as much as 100 stations.
  • Has convenient remote control.

Why do we recommend The F&D 3000X 5.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker?

Powerful Sound: The 3000X packs a giant punch with its set of 3″ full-range drivers and 5.25″ subwoofer bass driver. Hence, you can listen to audio in its full glory, with powerful bass, clear detail and loud volume. It has just the right amount of power in it to offer you a true movie theatre-like experience.

Good Connectivity: Like the other high-end home theatre systems, this one also has Bluetooth support. It pairs with your phone instantly and can keep a strong connection to it, letting you be as far as 15 meters with no issues. Alongside Bluetooth, it also has a USB plug and play feature. The USB reader can decode both MP3 and WMA formats.

FM radio: On top of all that, it also has support for FM radio so that you can listen to stations through powerful surround sound speakers. If that sounds great to you, then you’d be glad to know that it can also store up to 100 stations at once.

Remote Control: Lastly, it also offers something very useful in terms of convenience. If you don’t want to bother pairing the device with your phone for remote control, you can use the remote that comes with the system. It’s simple, and it can also glow in the dark. For all those times in the night you feel like sleeping with music on.

What are its advantages?
  • Strong remote control.
  • Loud sound and great bass.
  • Robust design.
What are the downsides?
  • No display.
  • Satellite speakers are somewhat weak.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it wireless?

The speaker supports Bluetooth connectivity. But the satellites are still wired, all 5 of them.

Are the speakers wooden?

No, they’re plastic speakers.

Can I adjust the bass with the remote?

Yes. You can use the SW+ and SW- buttons to do that.

Our Thoughts

This sound system is one of the cheapest you can find on the market that can offer you premium sound quality. However, it does come with a few compromises. The general audio quality is excellent. The surround audio is good too, but it could still be a little better. The satellite speakers being a little weaker makes the sound somewhat unbalanced. However, if you’re not an audiophile, you won’t notice the difference and still enjoy the audio quality.


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Best Home Theatre Systems in India – Buying Guide

Best home theatre systems in India – Buying guide

Now, let’s get started on with the buying guide. Before you start looking into features and specifications, there are certain things about home theatre system that you need to know to make a happy purchase.


What is a Home theatre System?

The answer may be obvious, but the definition is sometimes confusing- some people have different ideas on what it is. But, for the most part, a home theatre is essentially a high-quality sound system. There’s a large gap in sound quality between a standard speaker and a home theatre system, which is more extensive. Immersion is what makes watching things on TV more enjoyable and having a good home theatre system will give you that and much more.

A home theatre system is essentially a combination of 5 speakers, and a subwoofer plugged into an AC receiver in a way so that the audio resembles surround noise, similar to that of an actual movie theatre.


How many speakers will you need?

As a thumb rule, the more speakers you get, the better. You can enjoy a home theatre-like experience with a few speakers, but to have an authentic home theatre experience, you need to have at least 5. In this speaker combination, there will be one in the centre in front of you, two on your left and right and another two on each side of your rear. There will also be a subwoofer.

The centre speaker will sound out most of the dialogue while the rest of the audio will be distributed evenly across the other speakers. That way, you get the audio coming from all around you.


What do the channels mean?

You’ve probably seen some home theatre systems use 5.1, 7.1 and other similar numbers. These mostly refer to the number of outputs the audio can be channelled through. So, in other words, the numbers are how many speakers the system uses. For instance, in a 5.1 home theatre system, there are 5 speakers. The .1 part indicates if the system uses a subwoofer or not. So, the 1 means there’s 1 subwoofer.

Some home theatre systems also have another number to them, like 5.1.2. Here, the 2 means that there are 2 Dolby Atmos speakers.

Although a lot of music formats only need two channels (left and right ones), having more channels adds to the level of immersion the home theatre system can offer. You should at least go for five channels, or even seven if you can. With seven, you can have the equivalent of a full-fledged cinema sound system at home.


Home theatre Vs. Soundbars

Home theatres are an excellent choice for speakers in your home. However, you also have an alternative; a Soundbar. They aren’t all that great when it comes to immersion, but they do provide good bass and low-frequency sounds. More importantly, they’re still a huge step up from a TVs in-built speaker. High-end TVs usually have pretty good speakers, but having either a soundbar or home theatre with one will still enhance the sound significantly.

So, if you want a bit more of an affordable option as an upgrade for TV speakers, then soundcards are a good choice. They’re compact, easy to set up and have decent sound. Although, you still won’t be getting the immersion of a cinema-level sound system. That’s where home theatre speakers excel at. They take some time to set up, but these speakers are easier to put in different locations, and you also get several options based on room size like 5.1, 7.1.2, and so on.


Different types of home theatre systems

As we’ve mentioned earlier, home theatre systems come in different combinations. For the most part, you’ll see these three home theatre systems in the Indian market; 2.1 Home theatre Systems, 3.1 Home theatre Systems and 5.1 Home theatre Systems. Here’s a short description of how each of these is like.

1) 2.1 Home theatre Systems

These systems are bass-focused. There are two front speakers, with a subwoofer added in to increase the bass power. They’re good if you just want fairly good audio quality, but not an ideal choice if you want surround sound.

2) 3.1 Home theatre Systems

These systems have a pair of front speakers and a subwoofer as well. However, there’s also a central speaker, which makes it seem like the dialogue is coming from the centre of the screen.

3) 5.1 Home theatre Systems

These are the most commonly bought home theatre systems. In fact, these are the best home theatre systems as they have a good balance between price and quality. The speakers here are arranged so that there are two in the front, two in the back, and one in the centre of the front two. There’s also the subwoofer.

This whole setup is meant to produce a surround sound effect. Hence, if you want really high quality and immersion, then it’s best to go for this kind of system over the other two.


What is Surround Sound technology?

While home theatres offer surround sound, the technology they use for it varies. These technologies, also known as codecs, affect audio differently. There are two main codecs for surround sound, used by most home theatre brands. These codecs are Dolby Atmos and DTS.


Dolby Atmos and DTS

Dolby Atmos is a recent codec, which started out by being used in cinemas and is now with Blue-ray discs as well. This codec is object-based. Here an object creating sound isn’t restricted to a specific channel- rather it has the liberty of being in a more precise position in a sound field.

Considering the setup will help put that in perspective- a setup with Dolby Atmos requires two more front speakers that are higher than the others. These will help provide sound from not only left and right, but also up and down.

The setup is denoted by an extra 2 at the end when indicating the home theatre type. For instance, if it’s a 5.1.2 Home theatre system, then the first two numbers imply a standard 5.1 home theatre setup, with the 2 at the end referring to the two Dolby Atmos speakers.

The DTS codec is a bit less common. This one is usually detected and decoded by an AV receiver when it goes through it, using a DTS decoder. The receiver uses optical/coaxial connections or HDMI to acquire the DTS signal before sending the audio over to the speaker system.

There will still be a little reduction of sound quality from the studio product, though. That’s because both Dolby and DTS are lossy formats, where disc compression causes the quality to go down a little bit. DTS is slightly better as it’s transferred at a higher rate, but for an average person, the difference is minimal and unnoticeable.

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Things to consider before buying the best home theatre system in India

It’s time to talk about the finer details now- choosing these properly is going to be important. Especially so, when you’re watching a movie for the first time and want to enjoy it to the fullest. These things are going to determine whether if the home theatre system you get is good enough to be the best home theatre system in India or not.

1. Purpose

One surround system isn’t necessarily suited to every activity. Every one of the surround systems we’ve listed is excellent, but you probably won’t have much use out of them if you use them where they aren’t all that needed at.

In other words, you have to consider what you’re going to use them for. If you want to play games or run regular music playlists, then 5 speakers aren’t all that important. You can go for systems with fewer speakers.

However, if you intend to watch movies, then a bigger system will undoubtedly be beneficial.


2. Room Size

The size of your room will determine the placement of all the speakers of the home theatre system. Based on it, you’ll likely be paying a lower or higher price for the theatre system.

Always count for the room’s size before you get the speakers- compact speakers might look good, but if you have a large room, then you’re better off getting bigger speakers.

Also, do note that the room you install a home theatre system in should be about at least 15 ft long, with a 12 ft width and 8 ft ceiling height for a proper home theatre experience.


3. Connectivity

Consider what sources you’re going to connect to the system before you get it. There are various systems which have different numbers of connectivity options. If you want to connect your mobile with the system to play something, then you should look out for the models that include Bluetooth and NFC.


4. Audio Quality

Of course, to get the best home theatre system for yourself, you have to make sure the speakers of the system stand up to the mark in terms of quality. Generally, the best audio is offered by theatre systems with more speakers, like the 5.1 ones, where there is RMS power support. This support enables the speakers to create high-quality audio with no left out details. Although most makers test their systems for the bass, dialogue and surround sound quality, you can still get an idea of the quality by yourself.

In a 5.1 Home theatre System, you can take a look at the two main speakers to get a feel for the quality. For the most part, these speakers handle all the dialogue and other sound audio. They come with a switch that allows you to run certain speakers rather than all at once. You can use the switch to make sure each speaker provides good audio.

Another thing to take a look at is the subwoofer- generally, home theatre systems have subwoofers with good bass. If you go for a system with a dominant subwoofer, then you can get an idea of its energy volume through the RMS power rating. You can also get an idea of its capabilities looking at the subwoofer’s peak power.

5. Receiver

The entire home theatre system is centred around the Audio-Visual (AV) receiver. It’s responsible for interpreting and processing audio signals from a TV and sending them out to the speakers.

In terms of features, you don’t really need to get much as you likely wouldn’t have a use for the additional features. So, you can opt for a reasonably cheap AV receiver with essential features and still be satisfied with it. That is, unless you’re a full-on audiophile. In that case, you probably should get an AV with extra capabilities in case you need them later on. However, you should at least get an AV receiver with 5.1 output.

You’ll get more usability and quality in the long run if you choose to get one with Dolby Atmos and with seven channels rather than five. Although, you should only get the latter if you know your room can support it.

It would be best if you thought about getting a good AV receiver because such a receiver can correctly process the audio signals and send them to the proper channels. It can also serve as a central unit for all the wireless and wired speakers around your home. Better yet, if the AV receiver is wireless, it can stream things as well, like music and even podcasts.

Lastly, some can also offer you various audio modes so that you can select them based on the condition of the area surrounding the speakers.


6. Design

When it comes to design, there’s a wide choice available to you for a home theatre system. Some come with streamlined accent, eye-catching symmetry and even glossed surfaces. With such a large variety, you won’t have any problems finding something that fits into the decors of your home. Generally, the high-end home theatre systems come with universal designs that can fit into different kind of homes.


7. Build quality

Getting a stylish sound system at a reasonable price may seem like an excellent deal. However, do make sure to consider the rest of the build quality before making your purchase. Doing this is important because the build quality will have a direct impact on sound quality.

If you’re picking speaker cones, then getting ones made with glass fibre is an ideal choice. That’s because you also get a practical benefit with these- this kind of material enables broader frequency, leading to better overall sound quality and faster responses.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to save as much power as possible, you can go for speakers that have magnetic fluid. Additionally, they also offer excellent audio clarity and fluid suspension. There are also speakers that come with mica-reinforced cones, which can stretch the consistency of sound pressure. As a result, there’s an improvement in frequency extension.

Some systems are also designed to be compatible with floor stands, which enable you to raise the speakers to ear levels.


8. Wattage and Compatibility

Home theatre systems are based around two main components- the receiver or amplifier and the speakers. The receiver needs to send enough power to the speakers to make the whole system function properly. To make sure it can do that, you can refer to the RMS or Root Mean Square wattage levels.

The RMS wattage, also sometimes referred to as continuous wattage, indicates the amount of power a receiver can provide to a speaker over a period amount of time.

Although, you should also keep in mind that RMS and Dynamic wattages are not the same thing. You have to make sure both are in the same range as the amplifier range that’s indicated on the speaker. For instance, if the amplifier range of a set of speakers is 20-150 watts per channel, then you have to get a receiver with an RMS and Dynamic power in the same range.

It would be best if you make sure these are in range. Otherwise, The speaker will get damaged when you run high-quality audio tracks for a long time. To keep everything functioning at highest potential, you should use a receiver with less RMS power than the speaker’s maximum range.

One more thing you should check is the power that’s supplied to the device at a certain resistance level. It should be somewhere on the box with the Ω(Ohm) symbol. You have to make sure the value of the symbol is the more than the speaker’s requirement. For example, if a speaker requirement says it needs 60W of RMS amplifier power at 10Ω, then you should see if your receiver can produce more than 10Ω.


9. Additional Features

Once you’ve made sure that the base audio fits your taste, there are certain features you can keep an eye out for, which can improve your home theatre experience. Such features include remote controls, backlit/LED display, Bluetooth support and Music/Video streaming capabilities.


10. Brand

When it comes to sound equipment, brands really play an essential role. There are some brands like Sony, who have perfected the art of audio production and have been making audio devices for a long time. If you want the best home theatre systems in India, then you should look towards these brands. They can also offer you good build quality, reliable warranty and excellent customer service.


11. Warranty

Warranties vary by the product and brand. Generally, you get at least a year of warranty if you buy the system from an authorised dealer. It’s best to get a product from a popular brand in this scenario, as later on, you can get repairs done to the system within the warranty period. A popular brand is ideal because they fix up devices much faster than the brands that aren’t as well-established.


12. Price

Budget is going to really decide what your final purchase will be. If you’re going for cheaper systems, you might have fewer speakers, compatibility and average sound quality. If you want to save some money, then you should go for a 5.1 Home theatre System, or a 7.1 one if it fits your room and is within your budget.

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Best Home Theatre Brands in India

Best Home Theatre Brands in India

As we said earlier, the brand can impact the overall quality of the home theatre. You can look into these brands. In fact, these are the best home theatre brands in India, offering high-quality audio in a reliable and long-lasting package.

1. Sony

Some of Sony’s products have been iconic during the last few years, and if one talked about high-level audio, then Sony would come to mind first most of the time. Their walkman series was loved by people across the entire globe for excellent sound quality. They still produce other similar premium audio equipment today, including home theatre systems. If you want unparalleled sound quality, then you can undoubtedly go for a Sony home theatre system.

2. Philips

You’ve probably heard of Philips as well. They’re known for creating several home accessories. They also work in producing home theatre systems. In fact, some of these systems have been an instant hit in the market, while others have a respectable number of satisfied customers. If affordability and build quality is your primary focus, you can go for their home theatre systems.


3. Yamaha

Yamaha is a well-established respected by all kinds of Indian customers. You’ve likely heard about how good their motorbikes are. As they have a fairly strong foundation due to these bikes, you can expect their other products to be just as reliable. Their home theatre systems are top-notch and are always reliable purchases.


4. JBL

JBL is one of the less known brands that are doing well in the home theatre market. They already have a solid base of satisfied customers due to their innovative home theatre systems. They can offer sound systems with a lot of features, good quality and their customer service is admirable as well.


Best home theatre systems in India – Frequently asked questions

1. Is a 5.1 system better than a 7.1 one?

That really depends. Speaking purely channel-wise, a 7.1 system is obviously superior as you get a total of 8 channels, with 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer.

However, if you’re comparing two specific products that are 7.1 and 5.1, then you should also check the output power of the speakers. If the 5.1 speakers have more output power, then they’ll be better than a 7.1 system.


2. Why can’t I get a soundbar for surround audio?

The way a home theatre system emulates surround audio is by literally surrounding the listener with numerous synchronised speakers. A soundbar only stays in a certain direction of the listener, causing the sound to come from that direction rather than all around. Hence, it cannot produce any kind of surround audio on its own.


3. Can a home theatre system be upgraded?

Yes, it can. However, there are some things to consider both when purchasing the system and the upgrade afterwards. For instance, you have to make sure the system you buy has extra ports so you can add in other things later when you need to upgrade. And there are things you need to think of while buying upgrades as well.

Suppose you want to buy a high-power subwoofer. In that case, you might have to upgrade more than the subwoofer. Something like a low sensitivity speaker set will not allow your new subwoofer to run at full power. Either way, you can still upgrade your subwoofer, receiver and speakers.

We’ve also considered upgradability when compiling our list of the best home theatre systems in India, so you can rest assured if you go for any of the products on the list.


3. What’s the best placement for a 5.1 home theatre system?

First off, you have to put the central speaker, which outputs dialogues, in front of you for a better sound spread. You can then set the right and left speakers at your two sides while placing the rear two behind you.


4. How long can home theatre systems last?

Well, if you use it sparingly, you might be able to keep the system for as long as 10 years- though it might be quite outdated by then. However, if you’re a heavy user who uses it often and always keeps it updated with new technology, then the lifespan might go down to 5 years instead.


5. Do I have to place my subwoofer in a specific position?

Subwoofers don’t affect the audio based on direction. You can put them anywhere, without having to worry about your audio changing. Their focus isn’t on producing audio, but instead on producing extensive frequencies and good bass. They’re also supposed to reduce and eliminate distortion.



You’re likely thinking that getting a good home theatre system is a lot of work. But, this time the work actually has some good results, and you’ll notice the difference from your old TV speakers right away. With the best home theatre system for your room, even boring dialogues can seem like music to your ears. You have a lot of options to choose from; you can go for the tested products on our list or even pick one yourself with our buying guide.

Plus, having more good sources of home entertainment is essential for every home right now- with all the quarantines and lockdowns.


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