10 Common lifestyle habits giving you dark circles: Stop them now!

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Beautiful bold eyes speak a thousand words. However, this also feels unattainable without makeup. What if I tell you that there are simple ways you can eventually get there? Unknowingly, we are all victims of common lifestyle habits giving dark circles. But how do you treat an issue when you are not aware of the cause?

Common lifestyle habits giving you dark circles

Dark circles are a bane for Indian women. We all try out a temporary solution by attacking our under-eye with concealers and colour correctors. But can you do this every day? No, right? You can very much use these makeup tricks on special occasions and hide your under-eye bags, but that’s not a solution for the long run.

You are not even aware of how your few sneaky habits give you those dark patches that never seem to leave. And then, even if you indulge yourself in the best under eye cream, you will not notice a pinch of difference. So, before you begin treating your dark circles, know the possible causes and get your act together.


What causes dark circles under your eyes?

The under-eye skin is way thinner than the rest of the face. So, naturally, that part is more sensitive than the rest. Lack of sleep is not always the reason behind those puffy eyes. Unknowingly, your pesky lifestyle habits are worsening your dark circles. Wondering what it is? Let’s get going.


1. Too much salt consumption

We are all aware of how excessive salt consumption causes high blood pressure, hypertension, water retention, diarrhoea, cardiovascular diseases and more. But what it also leaves us is with those disturbing dark circles. Especially when you indulge in fried chips and salted dry fruits. That one tiny pack is more dangerous than you think.

Overconsumption of salt from the day before can result in major water retention and shift fluid to stabilize and balance the high salt deposit. Unfortunately, this can be felt in the under-eye skin that is already so thin. So, you ought to notice those heavy bags under your eyes. Certain food items have high levels of sodium which aggravate your under-eye skin and make it look darker. So, put away those potato chips and salted food items right away.


2. Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and Smoking

Drinking and Smoking are harmful to the body in many ways, and that’s a no brainer. Occasional drinking can certainly pass off as socializing, but it is sure to be labelled as a ‘sin’ when you overindulge. Cigarettes contain oxidants that can break down collagen in elastin. This has a high possibility of tearing down the under-eye delicate tissues. It can also hamper blood circulation significantly. As a result, you are thrown with swollen under-eye bags.

Also, unrestricted consumption of alcohol causes immense loss of water. This dehydration is sure to get reflected under your eyes and is a major reason behind sudden dark circles under eyes.


3. Sleeping wrong

Is there something called sleeping wrong? Unfortunately, yes! Why do I have dark circles when I get enough sleep? Do you often wonder why?

Interestingly, lots of people prefer sleeping on their stomach. The bad news is that you need to make alterations now. Sleeping on your stomach will lead fluid to pool under your eyes. Let’s blame this on gravity. This can result in prominent dark circles and puffy looking eyes. It’s time you act a little smart. Get yourself an extra pillow and try sleeping on your back. This will elevate your head and prevent unrequired swelling and puffiness. You can also sleep in a side position which will help promote blood circulation.


4. Hot water wash

Hot water wash may feel like the best thing on a cold morning, but eventually, it will only worsen your under eyes. We are already aware of how sensitive the under-eye area is. Washing it with hot water can have a super negative impact on the under eyes, and it can cause pigmentation and stubborn dark circles.

High-temperature water can also worsen the puffiness and accentuate the already present under-eye bags. Therefore, I would highly recommend you wash the area with normal temperature or cold water. Ice cube application can help reduce the already existing eye bags.


5. Know your makeup product and procedure

Know your makeup product and procedure

Of course, we use concealer to hide the dark circles; and eyeliner and mascara to make our eyes look big and beautiful. But did you know that the products you are using could be unsuitable for your under eye? You may be allergic to the product as a whole or any of the ingredients in the product. Because of that, applying the makeup product can leave you with swelling or a dark patch.

Another thing is that out of sheer laziness, some may remove the eye makeup before going to bed. This can darken the under-eye skin significantly. Therefore, it is important to remove the eye makeup and remove it the right way. Rubbing your under-eye agitatedly can damage the skin and cause inflammation. So, use a product suitable to your skin and be gentle.

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6. Lack of iron and vitamins

Not just our body but even our skin requires a sufficient amount of iron and vitamins to stay healthy and hearty. Nutrition comes in various forms, and vitamins and iron play a major role in defining how healthy nutrition is. The deficiency of iron and vitamins can hamper the tissue’s haemoglobin and oxygenation, which positively leads to dark circles and pigmentation.

So yes, a dietary check is a must. Look into your nutrition and fix it if required. You must definitely include vitamins like A, B12, C, E and K in your diet. Also, stick to a diet rich in green leafy veggies, beans and lean meat. A nutritional and balanced diet will not just work for your under-eye but your overall health.


7. Sun exposure

You already know how sensitive your under eye is. And therefore, sun damage can be excessively brutal. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to skin discolouration, pigmentation development, premature ageing signs and loss of elasticity. Well, overexposure to the sun can also generate high melanin production around the eyes. This can lead to undesired dark patches and hyperpigmentation.

Now, the deal is that most people apply moisturizers and sunscreens throughout the face and leave the area beneath the eye. That’s a sin. The under-eye requires equal or more attention. So, dab your under-eye with the SPF moisturizer because it requires maximum sun protection.

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8. Hormonal changes

Being a woman, you are bound to undergo hormonal changes. Hormone deficiencies can cause adrenal fatigue and massive loss of elasticity. Pregnancy and menstruation can seed considerable hormonal changes and make you feel tired constantly. Because of that, you can also experience restlessness, a rise of stress and a lack of sleep.

A woman’s skin is largely affected due to all of these factors. The emergence of dark circles is one of the sprouts. You could do nothing to avoid these hormonal changes, but you can promptly act upon these dark circles. Get your pick from my blog right away! – Which are the Top 7 Best under eye creams for dark circles(2024)? Expert Guide.


9. Allergies

The symptoms of eye allergy may vary and affect everyone differently. One of the common responses to a seasonal allergy may be your eyes getting inflamed and your under-eye feeling itchy and swollen. Allergies enlarge the blood vessels around the under eye and cause the area to look rough and dark. It could feel super itchy and therefore lead you to constant rubbing. So, you are bound to have those under-eye bags, puffiness and prominent dark circles. To get into the nitty-gritty of the allergy and treat your irritation from the core, you must immediately consult a skin specialist.


10. Genetics

It may sound a bit disheartening, but if you are unlucky, you can blame it on your genes. Just like many other health issues, dark circles can also arise due to hereditary or bad genes. It is one of the most unfortunate circumstances, and sadly you inherit it. However, you can work around the under-eye area and try remedies that eventually make the dark circles light.

For instance, you must indulge in facial yoga. It can effectively reduce your dark circles and any puffiness around the area. Icing moderately also always helps. And pampering your under eyes with the best under eye cream is always a good idea.

And that was all about the common lifestyle habits giving you dark circles. Besides the mentioned ones, there are a few more factors that can leave you with these unpleasant under-eye bags – oversleeping, ageing, anaemia, tiredness, not drinking adequate water, long hours of computer usage, too much caffeine, etc. and of course lack of sleep!

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One Last Thought

Knowing the solution is as important as knowing what causes dark circles.

So, how to remove dark circles permanently?

First, skin lightening creams can do wonders. If you haven’t tried them yet, what are you waiting for? Grab one from – Which are the Top 7 Best under eye creams for dark circles(2024)? Expert Guide

Second, exercising and deep breathing can do wonders.

Third, homemade packs with ingredients like lemon juice, almond oil, coffee, cucumber, potato, tomatoes and more; actually work.

Fourth, don’t underestimate the power of adequate water, sleep and stress-free life. They are called the golden trio.

Well, you are all set to bid adieu to those troublesome dark circles.

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