Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove: Tug of War!

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Induction cooktop vs gas stove: Are you contemplating which one is a better option for your home? This debate is kind of tricky. After speaking to many of my readers, I have concluded that everyone comes with different expectations and requirements.

Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove

Both the appliances are primarily formulated with a sole purpose of cooking. However, what goes in the procedure varies substantially. And that is where the decision making takes place. I am going to differentiate both on various factors. You are going to leave my blog with a decision, I promise.

Oh, what inspires me to speak about this? My readers have been popping up this question- Is an induction better than a gas stove? I thought, why not let everyone know. Well, you do not have to thank me for this. All I need is five minutes of yours.

Before I begin comparing the two, I want to point out some factors you need to consider before choosing one.

Factors to consider before choosing a Cooktop:

Factors to consider before choosing a Cooktop

  • Temperature control
  • Ease of use
  • Installation process
  • Safety features
  • Cook time
  • Consumption of power
  • Place utilization
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Cleaning procedure
  • Cooking requirements
  • Price

Now let us get comparing the two based on each parameter.

1. Temperature control

Induction Cooktop Temperature control

With the best induction cooktop, you are in store for controlled cooking. The appliance offers spectacular temperature control. The minute you turn it off, the heat transfer will terminate immediately. Hence, there is no scope for the food to get overheated or burnt. But this is not the case with a gas stove. It takes longer for a gas stove to heat and cool the temperature. Also, it can be a bit inconsistent. Yes, you definitely can control it, but the reaction is not immediate.

Who is the winner? Induction Cooktop


2. Ease of Use

Gas Stove Easy Use

Ease of use could vary in several aspects. I will stick to the convenience factor. A gas stove and an induction cooktop both are equally easy to use. Nothing is complicated about the mechanism of either. However, there is a hitch with an induction cooktop. You cannot use any cookware. Stainless steel pots and pans work well. You only need to make sure they have a magnetic base. Avoid using copper and aluminium. In the case of a gas stove, you can pretty much use any cooking vessel.

Who is the winner? Gas Stove


3. Installation Process

Induction Cooktop Installation

Installing a gas stove is not rocket science. But yes, it involves a process. You could do it yourself or call an expert to do so. It is always safer to hire a professional for the installation. Speaking about induction, it demands no attachments or procedure. You can put it up anywhere, and you are all ready to cook. All you need is a switchboard.

Who is the winner? Induction Cooktop


4. Safety Factor

Induction Cooktop Safety

I know what thought has crossed your mind. We have been using a gas stove all our life, and nothing has gone wrong, so it is completely safe. Ever had a leakage in your gas connection? That could be life-risking. Or just forgotten to turn off the knob? With or without the flame, it can be dangerous either way. Safety is a major gas stove problem.

On the contrary, induction is completely safe. Leave it on, and it will turn off by itself. The appliance will beep, and if there is no response, it will conveniently switch off. No risk of fire. No threat to your life.

Who is the winner? Induction Cooktop


5. Cook Time

Gas Stove Cook Time

This factor can be slightly tricky. Most experts would vote for induction cooktop here. Undoubtedly, cooking on an induction cooktop is way quicker. The transfer of heat is faster than you can imagine. You can boil water in less than a minute. But what about multitasking? You can prepare only one thing at a time. However, on a gas stove, you can multitask and how. Dal, rice and vegetable. You can get the whole meal ready at the same time.

Who is the winner? Gas Stove


6. Energy Efficiency

induction cooktop energy efficiency

Cooking is not very high on energy consumption. But why not evaluate this factor as well? The common thought process is that induction could be less energy efficient since it runs on electricity. You are going to be surprised to know that is not the case.

In the working of a gas stove, there are high chances of heat being lost in the air. Due to this mechanism, it consumes more energy. An induction, however, directly heats only the cookware. There is no loss of heat, and hence it translates to energy savings.

The US department of energy conducted a test on boiling water to know the efficiency of both the appliances. The energy efficiency result was as follows:

  • Gas Stove: 40%
  • Induction Cooktop: 84%

In this war of induction cooktop vs gas stove, there was a significant difference.

Who is the winner? Induction Cooktop


7. Place utilization

Induction Cooktop Place utilization

This one is a no brainer. I am sure you can answer this as well. Of course, the consumption of space is an important criterion. Indian households are always a victim of space constraints. So, it would be best if you looked into this. A gas stove is bulky and occupies notable space. The place consumption depends on whether it is a 2, 3 or 4 burner.

However, an induction cooktop is pretty compact. You do not need too much space in your kitchen slab to place an induction. The best induction cooktops are super sleek and light in weight.

Who is the winner? Induction Cooktop


8. Aesthetic appeal

modern-looking gas stove

Gas stoves have come a long way. From traditional looking, you now have modern-looking options available. Earlier, the only choice was a freestanding stainless steel body. Now, gas stoves have a flat surface and a built-in design. They do not have obnoxious looking knobs. They are crafted with modern ones. So, it is pretty pleasing to the eye. Induction cooktops are, of course, aesthetically appealing. The appliance is designed futuristically.

Who’s the winner? It’s a tie.


9. Cleaning procedure

Induction cooktop cleaning

Grease build-up, caked-on food, oil stains and burnt marks- this is how any gas stove usually looks. It can be troublesome to maintain one. Cleaning it is surely time-consuming. Trust me; I have never seen a spick and span gas stove. In the case of an induction cooktop, this is not an issue. You can clean the smooth surface in a snap. It is effortless.

Who is the winner? Induction cooktop


10. Cooking requirements

Cooking requirements

You need to play a role here. You know your cooking requirements more than anyone. If you need an appliance for simple cooking, an induction cooktop should work well for you. If you are into complex cooking and use large and fancy ‘tawa and kadai’, a gas stove would be a better option for you.

Who is the winner? Choose as per your requirement.


11. Price

An induction cooktop is unarguable more expensive compared to a gas stove. It is because of the design, features and functioning. At the same time, a gas stove is available in a huge range. You will find economical and expensive options. No matter how financially sound you are, you will be comfortable investing in one.

Who is the winner? Gas Stove


Induction Cooktop vs Gas Stove: Comparision Table

Is induction better than a gas stove? Let us run through all the parameters again to know it all.

Temperature ControlInduction Cooktop
Ease of UseGas Stove
Installation Process Induction Cooktop
SafetyInduction Cooktop
Cook TimeGas Stove
Energy Efficiency Induction Cooktop
Place Utilization Induction Cooktop
Aesthetic appeal Tie Breaker
Cook TimeGas Stove
Cleaning procedure Induction Cooktop
Cooking requirements Tie Breaker
PriceGas Stove


One Last Thing:

Is induction better than a gas stove? There is no clear answer to this. But let me tell you how you can decide on one. What is your priority? Are you looking for controlled heat, safety, energy efficiency, easy to clean and install? Then induction cooktop should be your pick. But if your concern is price, multitasking and major cooking, you should consider using a gas stove.

And that is a wrap to the induction cooktop v/s gas stove debate! Got any more questions? Could you post it in the comment section below?

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