Different Types Of Water: Everything You Need To Know

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You’ve probably heard of Sparkling Water or Alkaline Water- similar to these; there are different types of water out there. You must know the composition and health impacts of each kind so that you can keep yourself as healthy as possible. Some water types may seem safe but, in reality, need more purification to be truly safe. In this post, I’ll discuss the different types of water and whether they’re good for the health or not.

Different Types Of Water

Different Types Of Water

Tap water

Tap water

As the name suggests, tap water is the water you get from your faucet. This water usually comes from a river, and it’s supplied to your faucet through a connection of pipelines. It’s generally suitable for household tasks like washing dishes, laundry, cooking etc.

Tap water isn’t fit for drinking at all, though. That’s because it contains chlorine and fluoride, which can harm your health in the long run. Examples of these are cancer and tooth decay. Plus, there’s also the fact that pipes can get old over time, adding rust particles to the water. To healthily consume tap water, having a water purifier is certainly a must.

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Spring Water

When it comes to drinking water, Spring Water is one of the best. It’s fresh and clean, coming from a natural spring that’s found in the ground. It’s also rich in minerals essential for your body. This water doesn’t have any chemicals or contaminants inside, especially since it isn’t exposed to human tampering or wastes, so it’s safe for consumption.

However, this type of water isn’t very practical since you can’t get access to a spring anytime you want (unless you’re willing to hike through some rough terrain).


Mineral Water

Mineral Water 01


This kind of water is primarily collected from underground sources, which is why it’s so rich in minerals. It’s hard to tamper with this kind of water, but it’s still treated with processes like carbonation or iron removal before it’s distributed to individuals in bottled form. Bottled mineral water may also contain toxins and microorganisms. To supply yourself with clean water loaded with minerals, it’s still a better idea to keep an advanced water purifier at home.

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Well Water

When it rains, water seeps into the ground and becomes an underground supply. This underground water can be collected by digging deep wells, hence the name “Well Water”. This type of water is usually more prominent in rural areas than urban ones. However, this kind of water can still become quite contaminated since it’s usually exposed to agricultural wastes and other pollutants. So, you need to purify this kind of water as well if you want to drink it without any negative impact on your health.


Distilled Water

Distilled Water is created through reverse osmosis and distillation, which eliminate chemicals and contaminants. The result is the purest form of water. However, there’s a downside to that; such high purification means that the water loses a lot of its essential minerals. So I’d recommend avoiding drinking such water.

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Sparkling Water

Besides mineral water, you can find another kind of water called Sparkling Water in some restaurants and grocery shops. The former is incredibly common, while the latter is rarer, so not as many people know about it. Sparkling Water is made through carbonation, which produces a fizzy soda-like effect. It’s essentially a safer alternative to such drinks. Most of the time, it’s as healthy as normal water, but sometimes it may also come with added sugar. So, I’d recommend consuming this type of water carefully.


Hard Water

Most Indian Homes have to use hard water as their main source. Hard water is a lot different from normal water; it contains high levels of calcium and magnesium. In some places, hard water can even contain iron and aluminium, especially if exposed to the environment for some time.

Hard water is not ideal for drinking or even general use. Consumption of it can cause diseases, and it can also harm your skin and hair if used for bathing. So I’d advise you to avoid using such water, and if you’re in an area saturated with hard water, you should definitely get a good water purifier and a water softener as well.


Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water has been gaining popularity due to the number of positive effects on an individual’s health. To create Alkaline Water, some manufacturers add high levels of pH-balancing minerals like potassium and magnesium to regular water.

Alkaline water has been known to have many benefits on human health, such as getting rid of excess acid within the body and even preventing cancer in some cases.

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There you go; I’ve given a detailed explanation of all the different types of Water you can find in India. Now you have a good idea of what type of water is good for drinking. Regardless of what you choose as your main water source, you should invest in the best water purifier to ensure that you’re not drinking any harmful contaminants. All these water types can get polluted easily in rural and urban areas.

That’s all for now; drink healthy and stay safe. I’ll see you in the next post.

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