6 Reasons Why You Should Buy The Super Light OPPO ENCO M32 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

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If you’re looking for a great pair of earphones that will provide amazing sound quality, then OPPO ENCO M32 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone is a perfect choice. These earphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and Magnetic Controls, allowing you to enjoy your music more conveniently. That’s not all they bring to the table, though. Read on to see what else they offer.

OPPO ENCO M32 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Dimensions14.5 x 2.9 x 12.7 cm
Weight22 g
Connection TypeBluetooth
Driver Size10 mm
Form FactorIn-Ear
Charge Time20-35 mins
Battery Life12 hr
Bluetooth Range9 m
Active Noise CancellationNo

What We Like

  • They work with both Android and iOS devices.
  • The earphones’ lightweight construction makes them more pleasant to wear.
  • IP55 water resistance for improved durability.
  • Smart Magnetic controls offer a unique and convenient way to control music playback.
  • Charges fairly quick and offers long battery life.


  • Clean and practical design.
  • Fits nicely in most ears.
  • Adds life to audio with bass quality.
  • Multi-device connection.
  • Waterproof design.
  • Charges quickly.


  • Build quality needs improvement.
  • No noise cancellation.
  • The Bass could have been tuned better.


6 Reasons To Buy OPPO ENCO M32 Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

OPPO Enco M32 Bluetooth Headset 1

Magnetic Control Offer Easy Use: The earphones’ magnetic control allows you to manage your music easily. Simply separate the earphones to enter Bluetooth pairing mode, or attach them together to turn off the power.

Improved Comfort Thanks To Ergonomic Design: One of the biggest things that make these earphones so great is their ergonomic design. The ear tips are designed to fit snugly and comfortably in the user’s ear, regardless of size. Additionally, the earphones come with two different sizes of ear tips aside from pre-fitted ones, so you can find the perfect fit for you.

IP55 Water Resistance: First off, do note that these earphones aren’t completely waterproof. The IP55 rating means they’re dust resistant but can only handle light water splashes. So, if you often work out with earphones, these are a great choice as they can withstand sweat and light rain. Don’t pick them if you intend to swim with them, though.

Bluetooth 5.0 Ensures Minimum Latency: These earphones feature Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures minimum latency and a stable connection. So aside from being good for playing music, these earphones also work incredibly well with games and movies. There won’t be any audio de-sync with the content on screen.

Long Battery Life: You can go for more than an entire day using these earphones. They can offer as long as 28 hours of playback on a full charge; there are only a few earphones on the market that can top such battery life. In fact, the quality of the battery is one of the main reasons we thought these earphones deserved to be considered one of the best in India.

HD AAC Codec Support: The ENCO M32 earphones support the CD-quality AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) codec, which is known for its high-quality audio. This means you can enjoy your music in all its glory without missing out on any good details.

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OPPO Enco M32 Bluetooth Headset 2

Some Issues

Overall Build Quality Could Be Better: The biggest issue with these earphones is their build quality. While they don’t feel cheap, the overall build quality could be better. Additionally, the wire connecting the two earphones is also of questionable quality and seems flimsier than most of the other high-end earphones we’ve reviewed.

Bass Needs Improvement: Don’t get us wrong; the audio quality of these earphones is still top-notch. However, compared to its predecessor, the ENCO M31, the bass quality has taken a hit. The M31 had much better bass tuning- we also tested that model and noticed that the Bass sounded more varied and didn’t mix in with other audio as it does on these ENCO M32 earphones. You might be able to fix some of these issues by using an equaliser, though.

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OPPO Enco M32 Bluetooth Headset 3


Do I have to deal with any sound delay whilst playing mobile games?

No, we didn’t find any sound delay during our tests when we ran games like PUBG with it.

Can I use it with a laptop?

Yes, you can.

What codecs are supported?

The OPPO ENCO M32 earphones support SBC and AAC codecs.

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OPPO Enco M32 Bluetooth Headset 4

Our Thoughts

Everyone knows how well OPPO smartphones perform. They have excellent audio. The same stands true for these earphones from the same brand. The drawbacks may appear significant, but you won’t notice them much unless you’re an audiophile or extremely observant. We strongly recommend you try these OPPO ENCO M32 earphones because few options offer such good features for less than Rs 2000.

OPPO Enco M32 Bluetooth Headset 5

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