All You Need To Know About JBL Endurance RunBT Earphones

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JBL is a brand known for its premium audio accessories. The JBL Endurance RunBT is one of their most innovative and high-end products; it’s one of the best in-ear headphones available in India. It costs less than Rs 2000 and provides excellent value for money given its feature set, especially if you make frequent calls. Continue reading to find out why.

JBL Endurance RunBT Earphones

Dimensions3.6 x 9.5 x 16.1 cm
Weight19.7 g
Connection TypeBluetooth
Driver Size9 mm
Form FactorIn-Ear
Charge Time2 hrs
Battery Life6 hrs
Bluetooth Range10m
Active Noise CancellationNo

What We Like

  • Features an HD mic that improves call quality by filtering out background noise.
  • Audio that is well-balanced and immersive, with strong bass.
  • iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows PC are all supported.
  • Volume control, call control and voice assistant support for maximum convenience.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Comfortable fit.
  • Outstanding call performance.
  • Great overall sound quality.
  • Reasonable price.


  • No fast charging feature.
  • Overall build quality needs to be better.


Why Are The JBL Endurance RunBT Earphones A Good Purchase?

JBL Endurance RunBT IPX5 Sports Bluetooth Headset 1

Fit For All Ears: The earpieces are angled slightly, so they fit snugly in your ear canals without causing any discomfort. They also use a soft material that doesn’t cause any irritation, even if you wear them for long periods. There are also two pairs of spare ear tips in different sizes for more convenience.

Powerful Battery: Despite their rather long charging time, the battery life is still great. The best thing is that it can consistently last you 6 hours as long as it’s not under heavy use. It was able to last that long during all our tests.

Good Audio: The sound is beyond average, with streaming music sounding clear and crisp. You may find a lack of clarity in this device in some genres of music, though.

Perfect For Calls: Call quality is fantastic in these earphones, and the person on the call hears your voice quite clearly. Even if you’re in a busy place, people on the other end will be able to hear you easily over the car horns and the other random noises in the background, thanks to the HD mic.

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JBL Endurance RunBT IPX5 Sports Bluetooth Headset 2

Some Issues

Build Quality Could Be Better: While we didn’t run into any issues during our extensive endurance tests, field surveys show that some customers end up getting models that break after a few months of use. There’s still a warranty though; we’re sure that you can make your unit last a long time with proper care. The base quality is still decent and far better than the average pair of earphones.

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JBL Endurance RunBT IPX5 Sports Bluetooth Headset 3


I cannot connect it to my Windows system. What do I do?

The product needs Bluetooth to work. If you’re trying to use it on a Desktop, you need to have a working Bluetooth adaptor. If you have one and the earbuds are still not working despite working on a phone, then your adaptor is likely defective. You can also try reinstalling the Bluetooth drivers- this solution applies to both Desktop and Laptops.

Is there iOS support?

Yes, there is.

Is it good for gaming?

You can use this product for games like PUBG. The sound quality for games is good, with no delay. Although, there might be some if your phone isn’t very strong.

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JBL Endurance RunBT IPX5 Sports Bluetooth Headset 4

Our Thoughts

The JBL Endurance RunBT Earphones with Mic offer many features for a very reasonable price. They’re perfect for those who want something to use for calls and other activities where having background noise cancelled out is a necessity (like gaming). The sound quality is also great, with clear and crisp audio, right up there with all the other premium earphones under Rs 2000. Although the build quality could be better, they’re still decent overall and should last you a long time.

JBL Endurance RunBT IPX5 Sports Bluetooth Headset 5

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