How to curl hair with a straightener: Expert Tips

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Ever imagined getting your hair curled with a flat iron? Yes, you read that right. You can do that and how beautifully. And mind you, if you imagine it to look like ringlets, you are mistaken. I am talking about beautiful beachy waves. Flabbergasted? And that’s why I am going to tell you how to curl hair with straightener.

how to curl hair with straightener

Well, traditionally, everyone uses a hair straightener to straighten their hair. Ever considered it to be a versatile tool? Besides silky and straight hair, you could have those perfectly voluminous curls. It’s a secret trick used by professionals. The reason being it’s super easy to do so, and the curls are sure to last you long. Of course, let’s not forget the amazing results.

What’s my reason behind doing this blog? I don’t want you to splurge your hard-earned money on any fancy new curling rods. Get yourself the best hair straightener and dress to impress! Well, in this case, I mean your hair.


Advantages of using a hair straightener for curling

Why should you use a flat iron to get those well-defined curls? I have several reasons, and once you know them, there’s no way you are trying your hands on any other tool.

  • The flat iron plates heat evenly. This mechanism ensures that your curl lasts long.
  • Saves all your ripping off bills from the salon visits.
  • Curling rods can take longer to get the job done. A flat iron is quick.
  • Using a hair straightener is safe. It will not result in thinning and breaking of your hair, unlike other curling tools.
  • A hair straightener is a 2-in-1 tool. This makes it highly convenient.
  • You can achieve everything from a hair straightener – tight curls, waves, boho curls or beach waves. Anything under the sun!
  • Using a flat iron with do no bad to your roots. You will, of course, keep it away from the scalp.
  • Hair straighteners have all the temperature settings for every hair type.
  • A hair straightener promises frizz-free results.
  • With a flat iron, you do not need too much help. You can get those perfect curls all by yourself.
  • It also works efficiently on small locks of hair.

Haven’t I given you enough reasons to use a hair straightener to get those runway curls?


How to curl hair with straightener? Step-by-step guide

How about grabbing your hair straightener and following every step as I proceed? Our expert tutorial is super easy to follow. Once you run through it, I promise you won’t have to look for one on youtube.

1. Clean and Dry Hair

You begin the same way how you do while straightening your hair. First, make sure your hair is completely clean. Not sweaty, not sticky. Have you washed your hair 24 hours back? Well, that won’t work. The Indian weather is extremely humid, and that will definitely make your hair sticky and your scalp frizzy. Therefore, even the previous day washed hair will do no good to you. You must wash it the very same day. I don’t need to guide you on what shampoo and conditioner to use. However, I would recommend using what’s appropriate for your hair type. In case of any scepticism, it is best to get in touch with a professional.

If you think your hair straightener will work on damp hair, you are highly mistaken. You can either let it dry out naturally or blow dry it. In any case, I would like you to use a mousse. It will gracefully add some volume to your hair and ensure your hair does not look flat.


2. Heat protector

Once your hair has dried up completely, do not jump onto the hair straightener. Bring out the heat protector. It could either be a spray or serum, or lotion. A heat protector plays a crucial role in preventing your hair from getting damaged. It will make sure that your hair does not frizzle up and make it look shiny.

While you apply it, be mindful about doing so throughout your hair. Even the inner sections. Please spare a few minutes and do it carefully. Once you are done with it, pull out your wide-toothed comb and detangle all the knots.


3. Section your hair

If you don’t section your hair, it will only baffle you and make the whole process very messy. So, just like how you do it while getting your hair straight, you got to do the same here. Make sections. There are two ways of doing it. One is to make sections of your hair by using roll-on clips. The thicker your hair, the more divisions you will have to make. Work on one section at a time.

The second way is to tie up your majority of hair into a bun and leave a small section loose. Begin with working on the loose hair. Once that’s done, release another layer from the tied up. Continue this until you are done with the entire hair.


4. Don’t pause

Now that you have started, you must know that the trick is to keep moving. You cannot pause while you are curling. You got to keep twirling, or else you will end up burning your hair.


5. End it with a serum

Once you are done with curling up your hair, make use of a really good serum. It will add some weight to weak strands and lock your natural curl pattern. A serum helps tremendously in controlling frizz. It will also make all the curls look glossy and controllable. Lastly, the hair serum will protect your curls from dirt and humidity. Therefore, using a serum is a must.


Types of Curls & how to get them

We have already discovered how to curl hair with straightener. Now let’s get a little specific. Let me guide you on the trending hairstyles which are sure to look good on everyone.

How to get beachy waves with a straightener?

  • Take the section you are planning to begin with. Hold it horizontally from your head. Glide the hair straightener down your hair. Turn your wrist back and forth once you reach the desired part (a few inches above the ends).
  • Braid your hair for well-defined curls. Make sections and braid each one of them.
  • Apply a heat protectant over the braid and run your hair straightener over it. Open the braids after a few minutes.
  • So, that’s how you get beach waves with a straightener. Spraying some dry shampoo will be a great idea.


How to get tight curls with a straightener?

  • Before you begin, you need to be certain of having a thin flat iron. A wide iron will not do. It should not be more than 2 inches broad.
  • Spray a heat protectant over the hair from a distance. Make sure your hair gets slightly misted but should not get damp.
  • Tie up the top layer of your hair. Leave the bottom layer loose and begin with taking small sections.
  • Leave about 2 inches from the scalp, and then rotate the iron while moving it down.
  • For tight curls, you need to move the flat iron slowly downwards.
  • Once you are done moving it throughout your hair, use your finger to twirl the hair in the same direction. It will help in defining your curls.
  • Use a hairspray in the end to set your hair.


DOs and DONTs of curling hair with a straightener

  • DO apply a heat protectant always.
  • DONT leave your hair straightener still in one place. It will result in your hair burning.
  • DO section your hair properly. The more the sections, the better the results.
  • DONT redo your curls immediately. Give it some time.
  • DO twirl your fingers in your hair. You will be amazed by the difference it can make.
  • DONT compromise on the hairspray.
  • DO adjust the speed accordingly.
  • DONT keep a very high temperature.
  • DO take some time and be patient with your movements.
  • DONT curl the same section twice when it’s not cool.


Tips for curling hair with a straightener

  • Consider the direction depending upon the curls or waves you are looking for.
  • Combining tight curls with beachy waves will look super interesting and out of the box.
  • Once the curls have cooled, please give them a good bounce.
  • Your must freshly wash your hair to achieve the desired results.
  • Waves require large sections and tight curls require small sections.
  • Have control over your speed.
  • Taking help for the back section of your hair will be a good idea.
  • Ensure your hair has no knots.


One Last Thought

Haven’t you mastered the art of how to curl with straightener? Be it your next dinner party or official meet or a funfilled evening; you are sure to grab attention with your twisty and tangly curls.

Let’s be honest, wasn’t that easy? So, let’s say goodbye to salon visits and grab yourself a promising hair straightener. You are sure to find some heartening options on our blog- Top 11 Best Hair Straighteners in India: Recommendation by the Experts.

Hey, I would love you to share your experience with me. See you soon!

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