How to use Hair Straightener in the right way for good results?

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Hair straightener has now become a woman’s best friend. Not just at home, but I have noticed most carrying it along with them on trips as well. Before a party, before a work meeting, before any social gathering, this hair styler is used pretty much before everything. And that’s my expertise will guide you on how to use hair straightener the right way.

How to use Hair Straightener

‘Using a hair straightener can deplete the hair quality.’ Often heard of this? Well, you read it the wrong way. ‘Using a hair straightener the wrong way can deplete the hair quality.’ Yes, this is true. In fact, I would like to mention that you can use this hair styling tool almost every day. I am aware that for many, it’s a need of the hour. Hence, I am here to share some insights on how to use hair straightener without damaging hair.


How to use Hair Straightener? Step-by-step Guide

1. Clean Hair

Your hair must be washed well and be absolutely clean. If you have washed your hair the prior day, you won’t get the same results from the hair straightener compared to the hair washed on the same day. Freshly washed hair has beautiful results. Also, make sure to use a mild conditioner. Using the right shampoo and conditioner is important. It depends on the type of hair – frizzy, silky, thick, wavy, curly. Knowing your hair and then choosing the shampoo and conditioner is the right approach.


2. Dry your hair

You have two options here. One, you can let your hair dry out naturally. Second, towel dry your hair and then use a blow dryer to dry the hair from the roots. Using a good quality hairdryer is important. We have plenty of them listed on The 11 Best Hair Dryers in India 2023: Expert Reviews if you are looking for some options.

Now, here’s a thing which I am not sure of how many are following. Detangling your hair before using the hair straightener is a must. It’s natural to have a plentiful of knots in your hair after a hair wash. Please don’t panic about it. Take a wide flat comb and begin to detangle all the knots.


3. Heat protection spray/serum/lotion

If you ever wondered about what to apply on hair before straightening, here’s your catch. You can make use of a heat protection spray, serum or lotion. The market is flooding with these options. Make use of a generous one. Choosing the right heat protector is crucial because it will protect your hair from high temperatures and prevent breakage. Please do not take it close to your hair roots, whether you apply a serum or spray or lotion. Doing that will make your hair greasy.


4. Division of hair

You are now ready, to begin with straightening your hair. In case you are wondering where and how to begin, let me guide you. You cannot just start. It would help if you made small sections of your hair. If you don’t do so, you will not have uniformly straightened hair. So, let me tell you how to do so. Tie up major of your hair and leave a small section open. Make 2-3 sections of that portion depending upon your hair volume. Begin with straightening your hair. Once done, release more hair. Repeat the process until the entire hair straightening is done.


5. Set the hair straightener temperature

‘The hotter the hair straightener the better it is.’ Do you believe in that? Well, that’s a myth. Setting the right temperature is so important. Keeping it very hot is only going to damage your hair. Your hair straightener manual is sure to have all the guidelines. Manufacturers recommend setting it as per the hair length and type. It is best to keep the temperature below 200 degrees.


6. Straighten it right

While you are straightening your hair, make sure to leave an inch from the root. Would you please keep it away from the scalp? Also, do I need to mention being careful about your fingers?


7. What after hair straightening?

If you want your straight hair to look sleek and shiny, there’s something you need to do more than using the best hair straightener. End the process with a blast of cool air. Pick up your hairdryer. Turn on the cool shot button. Style your hair the way you like.

Where’s the serum you applied before straightening your hair? It’s time to put that to use again. Be mindful about the quantity, though. Add a very small portion of it evenly to your hair. This will make sure your hair does not look fluffy or frizzy.


Hair Straightening Tips: From the Expert

Here are some points you must make a note of. Surely, you may be aware of some. However, it is important to give it the right significance, straight from the experts.

  • Choose the hair straightener depending upon your hair type.
  • Although I support the idea of using a hair straightener, I wouldn’t recommend you use it every day.
  • Let your hair dry well before you run the appliance on it.
  • Do not neglect the wonders of using a serum or spray.
  • Setting the right temperature should be given enough importance.
  • Keep your hair moisturized.
  • Leave the tips of your hair unattended.
  • You won’t get the desired results without washing your hair.
  • Do not take the hair straightener higher than 180 degrees.
  • Do not keep the straightener on one section for a long time.
  • Do not make large sections of your hair to get done faster. It won’t work.
  • Purchase a hair straightener with a temperature reader on.


What is Hair Straightening?

Not like you need a proper introduction to this hair styling technique. It is used to, of course, straighten your hair, but besides that, it also gives a sleek and streamlined look to your hair. Not necessary for straightening, but the appliance is also used to give a uniform look to the hair.
Every hair type requires a different size of a straightener. Let me run you through that.

  • Pixie cuts and bangs: 0.5-inch mini flat iron.
  • Short and fine hair: 1-inch flat iron.
  • Medium-thick hair, shoulder-length: 1 ¼ inch flat iron.
  • Thick curly hair, longer than shoulder: 1 ½ inch flat iron.
  • Thick and long hair: 2-inch flat iron.

To get well versed with some best hair straighteners in India, check our blog – Top 11 Best Hair Straighteners in India: Recommendation by the Experts.


One Last Thought

You know what they say; everything is good in control. The same goes with a hair straightener. Using it in limitation will not harm you. Take breaks. Follow my 7-rule guideline. Trust me; nothing is going wrong then. Okay, before we bid adieu, there is something I would like to mention. I also had queries from people asking how to make beard hair straight. This one’s for you guys. Follow the same procedure. Exactly the same. You could differentiate the two by applying beard balm towards the end.

Easy peasy?

So, how to use hair straightener without damaging hair? Go ahead and upskill your friends and family.

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