Are You A Sporty Person? Then The Sony MDR-AS210 Earphones Might Be Exactly What You Need

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Do you want to listen to music while working out? You’ll need sweat-resistant earphones. That’s precisely what Sony MDR-AS210 earphones are; they’re splash-proof and still produce excellent sound, easily settling themselves among the best earphones under 1000 in India for both of those alone. Of course, there’s a lot more to why we call them that; keep reading to find out.

Sony MDR-AS210 Earphones

Dimensions54 x 38.6 x 20.8 cm
Weight18 g
Connection TypeWired
Form FactorOpen-ear
Wire Length1.2 mm
Driver Unit Size13.5 mm
Microphone SupportedNo


  • The splash-proof construction protects them from sweat and drizzles.
  • Balanced yet dynamic sound production for an immersive experience.
  • The unique outer body design allows them to fit exactly to the ears even when the wearer is continually moving.
  • Excellent bass is provided by a powerful 13.5 mm driver.


  • Sweat and splash-proof construction.
  • Adjustable loops for extra comfort.
  • Flexible, tangle-free wires.
  • Offers crisp and natural acoustics.


  • No mic.
  • Not ideal for casual users.


Why You Should Buy The Sony MDR-AS210 Earphones

Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphones 1

Ideal For Workouts: The Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports from Sony are designed for anyone who loves to hear music while working out. Just push them on while you perform heavy push-ups, and they won’t fall off. These earphones are even better for sports by being splash-proof and sweat-proof.

Enthralling Sound: They come with a 13 mm dynamic driver unit, which is highly sensitive, producing a clear and detailed sound. The powerful music flow from these earphones helps keep you active throughout your workout session. These earbuds also come with 104dB/mW sensitivity and a 17Hz-22,000 Hz frequency range for more detailed audio.

Easy to Fit and Carry: The adjustable earloops in these earphones help you customise the fit of the exterior according to your comfort. There’s also a clip that enables you to guard the earphone against falling while doing any activity. Lastly, thanks to the serrated cord, you won’t have to deal with any tangles occurring from too much movement either.

Practical Design: With a 1.2 m cable, you can enjoy a lot of mobility with these earphones while performing any activity. The unique open pattern also creates all-natural acoustics as the music pops from behind the ear cups while adding to looks simultaneously. Lastly, these stylish earphones are designed in two colours- black and blue.

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Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphones 2

Notes About The Issues

Not Good For Casual Users: These earphones are designed for a specific demographic. These earphones will provide far less value if you’re a casual user who doesn’t lead an exceptionally active lifestyle. Not only would the lack of a microphone be a disadvantage, but you won’t be able to sleep peacefully on your side with them on. If you want to lay in bed at night viewing movies or playing games on your phone, we recommend checking into other high-end earphones.

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Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphones 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Can they be used for a Samsung phone?

Yes, they work with Samsung and any other Android phones.

Is there a play/pause button?

No, there’s no button for controlling playback or volume.

Will I be able to change tips?

No, you won’t.

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Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphones 4


Despite their shortcomings, these Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports earphones are a fantastic choice for their intended users. If you’re athletic, calling during a run might not be possible without a microphone, but you can still get much better audio than what most other earphones provide. That’s especially true with the passive audio improvement and premium drivers– features not typically found in common earphones.

All things considered, we believe these sony earphones are definitely worthy of being ranked among the best options around.

Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports Headphones 5

To check if these Sony MDR-AS210 Open-Ear Active Sports earphones are in stock, you can check our list of the 9 best earphones under 1000 in India. We’ve listed all the products we’ve reviewed and included the prices, along with sites you can visit to buy them.

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