Which are the Top 9 Best AC Under 40000 in India (2024)? Expert Speaks

Last Updated on 17 February, 2024 by Sourav Roy

If you are looking for the best ac under 40000, Bravo! You are in for hi-end features, top-notch models and big brands.

Best AC under 40000

Today, no household is without an air conditioner. The weather in India and the comfort of the appliance has totally spoilt us. It’s not even a luxury anymore. It is purely a necessity.

The best part is that your budget is fine enough to get you the best inverter air conditioner with all extravagant features. However, deciding on one of the 9 listed air conditioners can be intimidating. We are not here to tell you who’s better than who.

The process goes as follows. Every brand has something exciting to offer. You must know what you are looking for and what entices you. Once you are through with that, the buying guide will further lead you. Well, we understand the budget is opulent. Therefore, every air conditioner has been picked by the experts to ensure no unpleasant surprises.


1. LG 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

We’ll start off our discussion by looking at one of the best products from the LG brand. This AC delivers optimal performance, better cooling and plenty of savings. It has a 1.5-ton capacity and is an excellent option for a medium to large-sized room. The package comes with an outdoor unit, indoor unit, connecting pipe, and remote control.

LG 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 99.8 x 33 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 4.2
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 920.82 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 31dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • Features a dual inverter compressor that increases power efficiency.
  • Can make air comfortable even during high humidity.
  • It has a copper coil condenser which guarantees quality and reliability.
  • Provides 5 in 1 cooling for increased versatility.
  • HD filter keeps the air pure and free from viruses and impurities.
  • It has a climate-friendly refrigerant.

Why The LG 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC Is Good

Offers A Lot Of Power Savings: This model features a dual inverter compressor with variable speed. Therefore it offers better cooling by automatically adjusting the power demands based on the temperature. The overall benefit is that it’ll cut down energy consumption by half, which translates to saving more money. You’ll also get more precise controls over the energy consumption with the 5-in-1 Convertible Cooling, which is so good it deserves a section of its own.

5-in-1 Convertible Cooling: Convertible cooling is one of the best features of this AC. It’ll allow you to regulate the capacity of your AC, depending on the cooling needs. The 5 capacities you can switch between are: 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% and 110%. With all of that, you can get just the right amount of cooling you need and save bills by not wasting excess power at the same time. We recommend using the 80% setting, which was perfect for most situations during our tests.

Reliable Build Quality: It’s an LG AC, so it’s made up of high-quality materials. For instance, the copper tubes of both the indoor and outdoor units are covered with Ocean Black Protection, which enhances protection against environmental issues like rust. Even in high humidity, the coils can work efficiently without being bothered by any sort of corrosion. They’ll last longer and provide even better service for the duration of their lifetime. The brand itself also offers the assurance of the AC lasting a long time by offering a whole 10-year warranty on the compressor.

Great Cooling Capacity: The cooling speed is fairly fast, and there are no hot spots left anywhere in the room. The overall cooling power is ideal for most homes, and it’s more than enough for offices as well.

Comes With A Dehumidifier: Speaking of high humidity, your air quality won’t be affected by such a thing either, as the dehumidifier works flawlessly. We tested it in the appropriate weather condition and found that the air remained comfortable regardless of how humid it was outside.

Low Maintenance: LG has also added in an Auto-Clean mechanism, which keeps the heat exchanger fresh and untouched by mould and bacteria. Hence, you’re going to get better cooling more often, with less manual maintenance. The air will come out healthier too, which is also a big plus. The low gas detection function also helps, as you’ll have an easier time keeping it in top shape. You’ll never be reminded of the low gas by the AC not working properly and making you uncomfortable. Lastly, you have access to Smart Diagnosis, which will help you fix up your AC quickly if any issues pop up.

Ideal For Healthy Air: Alongside the health benefits of the Auto Clean mechanism, you have a special filter as well. The HD Filter is a versatile feature that removes dust, bacteria and allergens. It also has anti-virus protection for air purification. Therefore, this eliminates harmful pathogens and provides the surrounding with cool air.

  • Superb cooling.
  • Has low power consumption.
  • Provides clean air.
  • Has a compact design.
  • Easy-to-read LED screen.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Runs silently.
  • Installation is not easy and requires the services of a professional.

Common Questions About This Product

How long is the copper wire that comes with the AC?

It’s about 3 metres long.

Can I operate this AC with my phone?

No. There’s no support for Wi-Fi, and the Smart Diagnosis app doesn’t have any extra functions.

Does it have a heating mode?

No, it doesn’t.

What We Think Of It

This AC deserves to be the one beginning our list of the best ACs under 40000. The power savings are reason enough. While this AC offers advanced power-saving features and a 4-star BEE rating, most other ACs in the same price range only offer 3-star ratings. Even then, you’ll feel like you’re using a 5 star AC when you see your bills after you start using it. Plus, it’s also an excellent option if you live in an urban or coastal area, where air pollution and humidity levels can be high.


2. Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

If you’re looking for a superior model with excellent cooling qualities, you can consider the Voltas 1.5 ton Inverter Split AC. Though it’s similar to other models in our review list, it has tons of unique features which make it one of the best air conditioners under 40000.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 53.7 x 182.5 x 87 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 4.51
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 892.32 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 44dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • Has variable inverter compressor, which offers increased power efficiency.
  • 1.5 ton capacity for medium-sized rooms of up to 150sq ft.
  • Offers comfortable cooling even while humidity is high.
  • It has an anti-bacterial and dust filter for clean air.
  • Has an R32 refrigerant gas which is safer for the environment.

Why The Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC Is Good

High Cooling Power: This AC is powerful enough to provide good cooling, even at temperatures as high as 52°C. The cooling speed is great too. In fact, because of its unique louvre design, it can cool down a room very fast and not leave any hot spots at all.

Better Controls: Beyond the standard controls, you’ll also have more power over how the fan works. You can make use of four different speed settings. As such, you can adjust it to the perfect speed based on how hot it is and be more comfortable.

Great For Use In Coastal Regions: You don’t have to feel the discomfort of having your body hot and sweaty if you’re using this AC. It comes with a dehumidifier feature present, which is just as important as cooling capacity these days with how weather has been lately. It’ll help monsoon seasons feel better, too. Just turn on Super Dry mode, and the AC will work at a higher capacity with a lower indoor fan blower speed to suck up all the excess moisture in the room faster.

Adjustable Capacity: Like the LG AC earlier, this one comes with a mechanism that lets you adjust its power too. You can make it run with the perfect amount of power needed for both a bigger and a smaller room. To be exact, the AC can switch between two different capacities – 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton. As such, you’ll have a good amount of control over its power and energy consumption.

Provides Clean Air: This one comes with an air filter, too, so you won’t have any health issues when using it either. That makes this AC just as good for urban locations. The filter works well with eliminating organic elements and toxic gases from the air. Plus, the multi-stage filtration process also helps get rid of allergens, dust, odours, bacteria, and more.

Designed To Last: Though the build quality isn’t akin to any brand as premium as LG, it’s still solid. The condenser coil is 100% copper, and it’s designed so that you rarely have to maintain it. More often than not, it’ll work smoothly without issues and continue to give excellent cooling. The AC doesn’t use anti-corrosive coating on vulnerable parts, but you’ll still be able to make it last far longer than a standard AC.

  • Quiet operation.
  • Uses an eco-friendly refrigerant.
  • Remains stable even during power fluctuations.
  • Powerful filtration system.
  • Dehumidifies rooms quickly.
  • Has adjustable capacity.
  • Expensive to install.

Common Questions About This Product

Does it come with a stand?

No. There’s no stand included.

Does it have an auto switch-off feature?

Yes. If you set the timer to a specific time, the AC will turn off on its own once it reaches the end of the timer.

What's the minimum temperature?

This AC can be set to 16°C at the lowest.

What We Think Of It

We think this one is a fairly cost-efficient and powerful AC. It’s great for power savings, too- with both the adjustable inverter mechanism and the 5 star rating being present. In fact, you might get more power savings than our last LG AC. However, you’ll be trading reduced electricity bills for LG’s high build quality. You’ll have to be more careful with this AC. The LG AC is more well-rounded. However, this one still offers more benefits than the extra power savings. It’s also a little less expensive than our earlier pick. We’d recommend this one as an alternative if you liked the features of the last AC and wanted to pay less for them. This one has a lot of similar features.


3. Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

Though this model is a year old, it has aged well and provides good enough performance to match newer ACs. If you’re looking for optimum cooling during summer, this Daikin AC is a good bet.

Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 88.5 x 22.9 x 29.8 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 4 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 4.17
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 928 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 35dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • Comes with an advanced compressor that ensures low noise production.
  • Features a special Econo mode that offers increased power savings.
  • A 10-year warranty on the inverter compressor ensures easy maintenance for a long time.
  • Uses copper condenser coil for superior service.
  • Has R32 refrigerant, which has a low impact on the environment.

Why The Daikin 1.5 Ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC Is Good

Advanced Compressor With Extra Benefits: The Neo Swing Compressor ensures that the AC goes through a smaller amount of friction whilst operating. That means less vibration as well. So, you’ll be able to enjoy the cooling of this AC without being annoyed by the noises it makes. Plus, the inverter is also designed to stop refrigerant gas from leaking. That’s a great thing because refrigerant leaks make ACs stop working properly and start spewing warm air instead of cool air. So, your AC will provide you with good service for a much longer time.

Specially Optimised Power Savings Mode: With Econo Mode, you can turn the AC to provide you with decent cooling with the least power consumption possible. Although you can’t adjust the capacity like in our earlier ACs, you can still save up a fair amount on electricity bills through this mode.

Top-tier Cooling: This AC is exceptionally good at cooling in general. It can cool effortlessly even when the temperatures are unusually high. The best thing about the cooling, though, is the Coanda Airflow feature. You won’t need to stay away from certain places in your room because it’s way too warm due to the AC’s cool air not reaching it. With Coanda Airflow on, the AC will evenly cool every part of the room so that the temperature is consistently cool and comfortable wherever you move to.

Self Diagnosis: Maintaining this AC is an easy task as well, with the super handy Self Diagnosis feature present. You don’t even have to download an app for it. It’s built into the remote itself. Whenever you have issues with your AC, just press the right button on the remote, and the AC will diagnose itself for problems. Afterwards, it’ll give you an error code, and you can show the code to the brand’s service centre to fix the problem. Easy, right?

No Odour Buildup: Even if the indoor unit isn’t cleaned for a while, there won’t be any weird smells thrown about whenever you turn on the AC. A lot of standard ACs have such a problem. Moulds can grow inside them, leading to strange scents being wafted out whenever the ACs are running.

Good Build Quality: This AC, too, comes with reliable materials. The coils are 100% copper, so they’ll work efficiently. There’s also added protections on the outdoor power supplies. Compared to an average AC, this one is even protected from fire hazards. Hence, not only will this AC last longer, but it will keep you safer than most other options in the market too. Lastly, the build quality even extends to something as small as the paint job. The High Impact Polystyrene on the Indoor Unit will ensure that said unit stays looking new and fresh even after many years, without any colour falling off.

  • Compact frame and solid build quality.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Enhanced safety against fire accidents.
  • Smell and noise-free operation.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Longer lasting Insulation Kit.
  • Climate-friendly coolant agent.
  • Installation process is a hassle.

Common Questions About This Product

Does it have air filters?

Yes, it’s equipped with a dust filter and a PM 2.5 filter.

Can it be used for heating?

No. Only cooling is supported.

How high and low can the temperature go?

The temperature range for this AC is 18°C-32°C.

What We Think Of It

We’ve picked this AC mostly for its features. Though many of the best features don’t directly enhance the cooling power, they’ll ensure that it stays consistent for a long time. If you’re looking for a reliable AC that offers comfortable and uniform cooling with low maintenance, we’d recommend checking out this option. If you get it, you can also have it complement your decor nicely due to the quality of the IDU material. Essentially, you’re getting a lot of practical benefits and even some superficial ones.


4. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

This Panasonic Split AC is a highly advanced appliance that features Wi-Fi settings for reliable cooling. It offers decent capacity, ensures low power bills and also comes with some of the newest and most powerful features on the market.

Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 107 x 23.5 x 29 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 4.7
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 840.75 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 43dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • Uses Wi-Fi with seamless integration to Google assistant and Alexa for voice control.
  • It has a 1.5-ton capacity which can support a medium-sized room of up to 180 square feet.
  • It’s very energy efficient despite the smart features.
  • Perfectly suited for coastal and urban areas.
  • Compact design for both indoor and outdoor units saves a lot of space.

Why The Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC Is Good

Smart Controls: You’re probably most excited about the wireless connectivity feature, so we’ll start with that. You can seamlessly connect your smartphone to the AC through the Al-enabled Miraie App and use it as a remote. You don’t have to go over and pick up a separate remote just to take the temperature down a bit- everything you need is there on the phone. Beyond control, you can also check all the present settings on the AC. We tested the phone connection to the AC at different ranges, and it works flawlessly regardless of how far the user is.

Convenient To Use In The Dark: One more indirect benefit you might get from this smartphone control is easier nighttime use. You won’t have trouble trying to look at a dark display or fumble around for buttons, not knowing which one is marked what. You can have the convenience of lighting straight from your smartphone display.

Voice Recognition Support: Don’t want to look into your phone screen or don’t want to open your eyes while you’re sleeping just to change something? Well, you can make good use of the voice control in that case. Through either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, you can easily change the settings of the AC with your eyes closed and without moving. It seems to work well even with any sort of accent, so you’ll enjoy the convenience.

Make Sleep Better With Sleep Profiles: With this AC, you’ll only be making adjustments before sleep. You won’t need to wake up in the middle of the night because the air feels too cold for comfort, even when it was nice before. You can schedule the temperature in a customised profile so that it changes on its own as the night goes on. That makes this AC perfect for a restful sleep.

Offers Quick Cooling: Scorching hot day? Just try turning on the Powerful Mode. We think AC’s maximum cooling speed is far more than other similar ACs in the price range. You’ll certainly get that cool air you need. There are also some other modes that make the air even more comfortable.

Easily Takes Care Of Humidity and Pollution: No unhealthy air coming off from nearby pollutants will be able to make you sick, as the AC’s equipped with a high-quality PM 2.5 filter that makes sure only clean and fresh air gets into the room. Even the moisture of the monsoon seasons can’t bother you. There’s a dehumidifier too, which is always great to have in an AC.

Outstanding Build Quality: The build quality of the AC, in general, is pretty good, but that’s to be expected as Panasonic is an established and well-known brand. The exteriors of both units will stay nice and clean for a long while. The insides have good build quality too. Not only are the coils 100% copper, but they also have an anti-corrosive blue coating. So there’s no way the AC will stop working well because of rust.

  • Offers good value for money.
  • Long-lasting.
  • High-tech digital features.
  • Voice control.
  • Great air filtration.
  • Silent operation.
  • Fast cooling.
  • Silent mode can only be activated from the Panasonic app.
  • IDU display is a little small.

Common Questions About This Product

How long is the pipe connecting the indoor and outdoor unit?

It’s about 3 metres long.

Can I use it with the remote only?

Yes, the AC can run with just the provided remote. You’ll need a smartphone if you want to access the silent mode, though.

Will I be able to adjust the temperature in dry mode?

Yes, you can do that.

What We Think Of It

If you’re setting yourself a digital home, then this AC is an obvious choice. It’s an excellent pick for regular homes, too, as it offers almost unmatched convenience. It’s one of our favourite picks simply because of the Wi-Fi functionality. That easily makes it one of the best ACs under 40000. Also note, this AC is the only AC on our list with wireless connectivity. It’s hands-down the best smart AC at this price. All in all, it’s an affordable AC that has powerful cooling and up-to-date features along with reasonably low power consumption.


5. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC

Sanyo is yet another amazing AC that we recommend in our selection list. It’s one of the best ACs under 40000, offering powerful Inverter technology, a 1.5 ton capacity and a 5-star energy rating.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 100 x 23 x 29.5 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 4.7
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 840.75 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 43dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • Provides great air during monsoon seasons because of the dehumidifier.
  • Dual inverter compressor for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Copper wire condenser for durability and efficient operation.
  • Provides healthy air through multiple air filters.
  • Glacier mode for instant cooling.

Why The Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split AC Is Good

Advanced Inverter: Regular inverters themselves are fairly powerful, and this dual one is even more so. With the two independent rotors, the AC will work even more efficiently. We noticed that it cools faster than an average AC while using up less energy. You won’t notice a lot of noise either- this AC has a very silent operation.

Convenient Power Modes: You can get powerful cooling during super hot days, and you can get that in an instant. Just turn on Glacier Mode, and the fan will run 35% faster than it runs in medium mode, allowing the AC to put out cold air at an incredibly fast speed. You can also go down on the power whenever you want, to reduce power consumption. Just turn on Eco Mode, and the AC will optimise its performance so that it uses as little electricity as possible.

Great For Nighttime Use: Normally, you’d have to turn on the light if you want to change your AC settings whilst trying to sleep. You don’t have to bother your sleepy eyes with this AC, as the temperature buttons glow in the dark. The Sleep Function also works well. The AC seems to be able to adjust temperature seamlessly, even without any input from the user. And to top it off, if you want to prevent midnight chills, you can just set the AC to turn off on its own with the Timer.

Practical Design: The AC looks great in general- the hidden temperature display makes the front of the IDU look cleaner. So, you can try this AC out if you’re looking for something good that can also spice up the appearance of your room. The design is also meant to make the AC last. The pure copper condenser will last longer since the Hydrophilic Fins reduce the chances of corrosion and rust buildup.

Easy Maintenance: You won’t notice a lot of issues because of the great build quality. However, if any issues do pop up, you can rely on the self diagnosis function. The error codes are easy to read and from our own experience with the customer service, you can have the issues handled quickly and without any hassles.

Produces Healthy Air: Like all the other top-tier ACs, this one is also equipped with handy air filters. So, you won’t have any health issues when using it, not even in urban areas. The PM 2.5 filter and the anti-dust filter will ensure that all air bought in is free from dust, allergens and other impurities. There’s no anti-bacterial filter, though, which is a downer. But, good ACs with anti-bacterial filters built into them are harder to find. Our first two ACs have such filters, but if you didn’t like these ACs, we have some more options you can try. Read on further to find out about them.

  • Stabiliser free operation.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Can cool the room even at high temperatures.
  • It consists of copper coil condensers for durability and efficiency.
  • Large area coverage.
  • Low noise production.
  • It makes a lot of noise when using glacier mode.

Common Questions About This Product

What's the minimum temperature?

The temperature can go down as low as 16°C.

Can it deal with humidity?

Yes, just turn on Dry mode, and it’ll do that.

Is it cooling only?

Yes. Cooling only, no hot air mode.

What We Think Of It

This AC is good all around. The cooling capacity is outstanding at 5100W. It can cool even when the temperatures are as high as 52°C. It’s a good choice even if you live in a place with voltage fluctuation issues, as there’s stabiliser free operation. It also comes with a lot of the best features of our earlier ACs, like reliable filters and convenient nighttime features. It’s also an excellent option on a tight budget, as it brings you all of these high-end features at a comparatively low price.


6. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

This LG 1.5 ton has mind-blowing features that boost efficiency and help in saving money. Though it’s a 3-star split AC, it isn’t short of features and offers great performance.

LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 18.9 x 83.7 x 30.2 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 3.68
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 1050.84 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 23dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • Offers superior cooling, quiet operation, and savings.
  • A self-regulatory mechanism that adjusts power consumption depending on the temperature mode.
  • Copper tubing ensures maximum durability and energy efficiency.
  • Ideal for use in coastal areas.

Why The LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Is Good

Durable Components: The condenser is made from high-quality copper, so it’s great for cooling and ultra-durable as well. With 100% copper tubing, the compressor will offer exceptional durability in all regions of India, regardless of the level of pollution and weather effects.

Offers Plenty Of Power Saving Features: There are many facilities that will help you reduce your power bills, despite the 3-star BEE rating. The dual inverter is even more effective than a standard inverter at providing savings. Even better, we’ve noticed that the cooling is far better than what a standard inverter can offer too. There are also some extra features built in, which allow you to run the AC at varying power levels. The Active Energy Control limits consumption- you’ll be able to save up more than 50% on power. You’ll find the best use of the mode during summer when the AC runs with its highest power.

Cools Instantaneously: One more feature that sets it as a solid pick for the best AC under 40000 is the Himalaya Cool Technology, which provides instant cooling by just touching a dial. It takes little to no time to cool up the room and leaves no hot spots behind.

Refrigerant Level Detection: There are some extra safety measures, as well. Low levels of refrigerant can cause the appliance not to function. However, this model can detect declining levels of the coolant and enable you to replace them before things get out of hand, preventing any unnecessary discomfort.

Provides Clean And Pure Air: The AC uses an HD Filter, which is one of the best AC filters. These filters are equipped to not only deal with pollen and dust but bacteria as well. Hence, you’ll always be breathing clean and healthy air. We tried running the AC in our test labs near industrial areas, and it was able to spew out perfectly breathable and unpolluted air.

Works Well During Monsoon and in Coastal Areas: Once the hot summer is done with, you can also make good use of this AC during monsoon seasons, as it can reduce the moisture in the air, making everything feel less sticky. You can also keep it turned on and enjoy the air, as the AC detects ambient temperatures during these wet days and always ensures that it’s set at a comfortable level. The best thing about that is that there’s barely any power consumption.

  • Ensures even distribution of cool air in the room.
  • Has a special HD filter.
  • Condenser coils are made of copper for durability.
  • Provides a silent operation.
  • Sleek design that looks good in the room.
  • The installation process is slow and takes time to execute.

Common Questions About This Product

Does the AC come with copper pipes?

Yes. You’ll get a 3 metre copper pipe.

What's the operational voltage range of this AC?

It’s about 230 to 240V.

What's the cooling capacity?

It’s about 5000W.

What We Think Of It

It worked very well when we checked it out. If you’re on a low budget and your only option is to go for 3 star ACs, this is one of the best you can get. Out of all the 3 star ACs we tested, this one offered some of the best power saving features. If you want to save up on electricity bills, we’d still recommend higher star ratings. However, this AC is still good at what it does and is a very viable option. It even comes with an advanced filter, which is usually absent even in some of the more expensive air conditioners.


7. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

If you’re looking for a high-quality AC that runs efficiently and saves power, no need to look further. This Voltas 1.5 ton inverter split AC offers great cooling and comes equipped with amazing features to ensure you get the best customer satisfaction.

Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 53.7 x 182.5 x 87 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 3.8
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 1072.27 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 44dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • Cools room incredibly fast with Turbo Cooling.
  • Comes with an adjustable mode for more energy efficiency.
  • Provides clean air, even in urban areas.
  • Offers sleep-friendly performance with zero noise production.

Why The Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC Is Good

Offers Energy-Efficient Cooling: Despite being a fairly inexpensive AC, we’re impressed to say that this one comes with an adjustable mode of its own. You won’t have as much versatility- it’ll only switch between two capacities. However, that’s more than enough with the price. It’s always good to have as many power-saving features as possible, especially with a low 3-star rating.

Cools Quickly and Evenly: Like our earlier Voltas AC, this one also has a specialised louvre design. So you’re going to have your room cool in no time. And the best thing is that there won’t be any leftover spots where the cool air can’t reach.

Reliable Air Filter: Regardless of how polluted the area around your home is, you’ll only receive fresh air with this AC. No dust or other similarly sized particles will enter your room through the AC.

Good Build Quality and Appearance: Though the components of the AC don’t have any special treatment like our earlier ACs, they still passed our quality tests. That means that you’ll be able to enjoy its service for a long time, without any performance degradation. For a basic AC, it’s surprising how much durability it offers. It’s also more compact, and the designs of the edges seem to add to the decor of any room.

Keeps Moisture At A Comfortable Level: As more evidence about being one of the best ACs around, it also comes equipped with a dehumidification feature. The Superdry mode will take down humidity levels in little to no time.

  • Saves on power usage.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Minimal noise.
  • The dehumidifier works well in coastal areas.
  • It’s climate-friendly.
  • The filter feature purifies the air.
  • Installation charges are high.

Common Questions About This Product

Is the condenser copper or alloy?

It’s a 100% copper condenser.

What's the lowest temperature this AC can be at?

It can go down to as low as 16°C.

What's the outdoor unit's cabinet made of?

It’s made of plastic.

What We Think Of It

If you liked our earlier Voltas AC and thought it was too expensive, you might be satisfied with this one instead. It comes with similar features, and there are no compromises in terms of performance. You’ll spend quite a bit of money in the long term, as it has a low star rating. But there’s still a variant of the Adjustable Cooling feature that’ll make up for the power consumption by providing you with more control.


8. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

Our next product is the 1.5 ton Sanyo AC. It comes with outstanding features that many buyers find tempting. The product is a worthy investment that will deliver the best value.

Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 100 x 23 x 29.5 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 3 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 3.8
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 1050.21 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 43dB
  • Stabiliser Free: Yes

Highlight Features

  • It has a dual inverter compressor.
  • Has a 100% copper coil for superior cooling.
  • It’s equipped with special features such as the glacier mode for quick cooling.
  • The cooling capacity of 5150W ensures good cooling even at 52°C.
  • Has hydrophilic fins that protect against corrosion.

Why The Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC Is Good

High-end Inverter: To begin with, the main highlight of this Sanyo model is the dual inverter compressor. It’s a technologically advanced feature that regulates energy use depending on the temperature load or cooling needs. It can perform extremely well in diverse temperature conditions.

Robust Build Quality: The copper tubes are durable and ensure quick heat transfer, thereby cooling your room quickly. Even better, the model has hydrophilic fins, which offer protection against corrosion. They also enhance the quality of the copper coils for longer-lasting performance. If the AC still malfunctions somehow, you still have the self-diagnosis function to fall back on.

Great Cooling Power: The air conditioner works well at various temperature loads and regulates the speed to protect the vital components. It can deliver optimal cooling at 52˚C. The Glacier mode feature is a unique function of this model since it ensures faster cooling even at medium mode. Thus, you’ll enjoy high speed by simply touching the dial.

Equipped To Offer Quality Sleep: You won’t have to strain your eyes trying to control this AC, as it’s equipped with backlit buttons. There’s also a dedicated Sleep Function that will help you make sure that the temperature always stays comfortable while you sleep, even when midnight chills come by.

Works Well Through Power Issues: For one, the AC isn’t going to have any issues during voltage fluctuations- it supports stabiliser free operation. We tried running the AC while simulating a situation like that, and it pulled through like a champ. And, for extra convenience, the AC will also turn on on its own with the last applied settings when the electricity goes out and comes back.

Provides Basic Air Filtration: Two filters are included with the AC- a PM 2.5 filter and a dust filter. The air will be more than healthy enough with these filters present. Although, do keep in mind that this AC isn’t as good at dealing with bacteria.

  • Ensures there’s minimal power usage.
  • Operates noiselessly.
  • Delivers pure and clean air.
  • Works even in very high-temperature levels.
  • The installation process is complex and might require some hassles.

Common Questions About This Product

Where was it made in?

The brand itself is Japanese, but the AC is made in India.

Is the minimum temperature 16°C or 18°C?

It’s 16°C.

Is it 4 way swing?

No. It only swings 2 ways.

What We Think Of It

This AC is certainly a solid pick. It offers some nice features at its price, and since the brand is Japanese, all of these advanced features work flawlessly. Durability is great, too- it was a bit of a surprise to find out that a lower end AC like this one barely has any flaws in build quality. The Hydrophilic Fins are an especially nice touch. A lot of regular ACs lack them. Even the performance is consistent.


9. Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

The final product in our selection list is the Godrej 1.5 ton star split AC. It’s an ideal choice for many people since it offers satisfactory performance. On top of that, it has many features that boost its performance.

Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC


  • Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 98.2 x 31.9 cm
  • Capacity: 1.5 Ton
  • Type: ‎Split AC
  • Energy Efficiency: 5 Star
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: 4.6
  • Yearly Power Consumption: 865.83 Kw/H
  • Noise Level: 42dB
  • Stabiliser Free: No

Highlight Features

  • It has an inverter compressor to offer excellent power efficiency.
  • Golden fin condenser ensures additional durability.
  • Special filters keep you healthier.
  • Problems are easy to fix with a self-diagnosis feature present.

Why The Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC Is Good

Efficient Performance: This Godrej model offers speed jet cooling at low energy levels. It operates optimally even when temperatures are too high. In the end, you’ll save energy, spend less on power, and enjoy less noise. The inverter also adds to the overall performance, as it optimises the AC based on room temperatures to provide the most power-efficient cooling possible.

Powerful Filters: The tri-filter is certainly an innovative feature. This model purifies the air in your room by getting rid of bacteria, allergens, dust, and harmful pathogens. Most standard AC filters can’t even take care of half of these impurities. That should say how beneficial this AC is to its user’s health. It’s certainly a good enough choice for people living in busy industrial areas.

Rust-Free Condenser: With the gold fin technology, you don’t have to worry about corrosion or rust in the condenser copper coils. The fins provide resistance to these elements for long-lasting use. We tried using the AC in a coastal area for an extended period- not only did it help deal with the humidity, but it didn’t lose any of its efficiency because of the corrosion either.

Great For Sleep: As with the rest of the best AC under 40000, this AC is also super silent and therefore, this ensures you’re comfortable and get a peaceful night’s rest. There’s no sleep mode, though, which is a bit of a downer. But there’s still a timer function that can come in handy. You can use it to turn the AC off at a specific time without any input from yourself.

Offers Good Power At A Low Price: The AC has similar features to many of our earlier picks. However, you can get all these features in a cheaper package since Godrej is a local brand. If you want to save some money on the purchase, this air conditioner is a great choice.

  • Offers a super silent operation.
  • The refrigerant is climate-friendly.
  • The condenser coils are corrosion resistant.
  • Has a self-diagnosis feature.
  • Comes with great filters.
  • Fast cooling.
  • Comparatively inexpensive.
  • The remote control is uncomfortably small for average-sized hands.
  • Only has a vertical swing and doesn’t have a horizontal swing.

Common Questions About This Product

Does it work with Wi-Fi?

No, there’s no wireless support.

Does it use a dual rotary compressor?

No, it doesn’t.

What's the temperature range?

It’s 16°C-30°C.

What We Think Of It

We wanted to end the list on a good note, so we picked another 5 star AC. This one is cheaper than our other options with the same star rating. If you want a low price and high reliability, go for it. However, if the 5-star rating is what holds your attention about this air conditioner, then we’d recommend picking the options higher up on our list instead.

This AC will offer power savings of a 5 star rated AC but not much control over the consumption. There’s no adjustable cooling, and it always runs in one capacity. In regards to other aspects, you’ll be more than satisfied. The performance is definitely top-notch.


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Best AC under 40000 in India (2024) – Buying Guide and Tips

Our list of the best AC under 40000 depends on several factors. Here, we look at the star rating, energy consumption, noise levels, quality, user rating, and more.

Keep reading as we share the buying guide and the tips to help you pick your favourite option. Also, we’ll highlight the key features of different brands and provide an in-depth analysis based on user experience.

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How Do ACs Work?

An AC works by removing hot air from the inside and discharging it back into the room outside. Therefore, the room has a cool and comfortable temperature. In order to understand how an AC works, it’s important to look deeper at the internal composition.

An air conditioner uses three main principles to function: compression, evaporation, and condensation. Another important aspect is the refrigerant, which is a coolant or cooling liquid.

For the AC to work, the coolant goes through a compression process that converts it into a hot liquid. After that, the hot liquid passes via condenser coils and releases the heat.

The high-pressure hot liquid cools, and the expansion valves convert it into low-pressure liquid. The liquid then passes via evaporator coils while absorbing the heat from your room. Afterwards, the liquid goes through a conversion process to become a gas.

As the heat evaporates, the room cools. For this reason, it’s important to close the windows to allow the AC to suck in the heat. The process repeats itself until you shut down the AC.


Different Types of AC Under 40000

The majority of homes, offices, and businesses have central air conditioners that consume lots of electricity for cooling a few rooms.

Also, other people on a budget rely on a portable AC to deliver cooling. However, these are not reliable and hence the need for a highly-dependable cooling unit.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money because some room ACs cost less and are energy efficient. In our discussion below, we explore the different types of Air Conditioners below 40000.


1. Split AC

As the name suggests, a split AC consists of two major parts. There is an indoor unit that you can mount inside a room. The other part is the outdoor unit, which you connect to an electric outlet.

Split ACs are popular due to their outstanding cooling ability. The total costs of these ACs differ, but you can expect to spend less than 40000 for a 1.5-ton capacity.

Most homeowners report a lower wattage in cooling their rooms. They have an energy efficiency rating of 4 stars and money savers.

Advantages of split AC

Rotary air conditioners come with noteworthy advantages.

  • Low energy consumption. It has a high EER ratio, and this means it can provide more cooling with less energy use.
  • Split ACs are worth your spending when compared to other cooling systems. They are durable and can last many years.
  • Less noisy since the condenser and the compressor features are out of the room.
  • You don’t need to install a split AC in every room as you can zone off your rooms. Thus, you have the freedom to choose which rooms require more heat or cool air.
  • Split ACs are less bulky and feature a profile design that doesn’t occupy a lot of space on the wall.

Disadvantages of split AC

  • The installation cost is high. Also, you’ll need a professional to install the appliance both on the inside and outside.
  • Split ACs are not suitable for multi-story buildings as they come in two parts, as it’s hard to install an AC on different floors of a building.
  • Although Split ACs are quiet on the inside, they can be a nuisance to your neighbours. Not ideal for crowded neighbourhoods.

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2. Window AC

A window AC comprises a single unit that houses the blower, compressor, and condenser. True to its name, your service provider installs the window AC on your window frame. Then, the blower faces the room and the other part overhangs on the outside. Window ACs are cheaper to install, unlike the Split ACs, and thus suitable if you’re on a budget.

Advantages of window AC

Rotary air conditioners come with noteworthy advantages.

  • Windows ACs are cheaper. Their energy consumption is low and is easier to control.
  • Windows ACs are less likely to disrupt your neighbours due to noise since, unlike the split ACs, they don’t have an external unit.
  • Windows ACs are easy to install with just simple tools. You can do it yourself or call in a professional.

Disadvantages of window AC

  • Windows ACs are bulky and require reinforcement when setting up to prevent accidental falls.
  • Unlike the split ACs, which are relatively quiet, window ACs are noisy indoors and hence disruptive.

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3. Portable AC

Portable ACs are cooling units that don’t require any installation before use. The appliance cools a room at a time, stores the heat, and then expels it outside using a duct that’s attached to a window.

They are lightweight, and you can move with them from room to room. They’re not as effective as split ACs and window ACs; however, they are a good option for people on a budget. They are affordable and cool your room during the summer.

Advantages of Portable AC

Rotary air conditioners come with noteworthy advantages.

  • They are movable, and you can use them in different rooms depending on your cooling needs.
  • If you don’t wish to invest in a split AC, a portable AC is a good option.
  • They don’t require prior set-up.
  • The energy consumption is low, and so you’ll get to save some money.

Disadvantages of Portable AC

  • It’s crucial to take note that this appliance is only suitable for small rooms and the performance is not satisfactory.
  • Comes with different types of Compressors, and most of them are not durable.

Window ACs are good options, but you’d have to pay much more than 40k to get a good one. Split ACs are the best AC under 40000. They’re expensive but also cost-efficient. You can get much better cooling from a Split AC of this price than a Window one.

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Different Types of Compressors

The main purpose of air conditioners is to maintain a cool temperature inside a room. It uses a system where hot air passes through a coolant liquid and subsequently turns into a gas.

Essentially, an AC has three components, and the compressor is the driving force or the heart of an air conditioner. It sucks hot air under low pressure. Then it converts it to hot air under high pressure. The gas passes through a condensation foil before being conveyed to an evaporator via the expansion valve. A thermostat controls the ambient temperature to favourable levels.

There are different compressors, and they work uniquely depending on the AC type. Here, we have an in-depth analysis of compressors to help you understand how an AC works.


1. Reciprocating compressor

A reciprocating compressor is the most common and versatile. It features a piston that is located inside a cylindrical component. A motor powers the piston, enabling it to move and compress the coolant liquid. This kind of compressor is efficient, and usually, large ACs can accommodate up to eight cylinders.

Advantages of reciprocating compressor

  • The compressor is energy efficient, and this helps in lowering power bills.
  • It can work in spacious rooms where there’s a high demand for power and pressure.
  • It’s durable and a good value for money.
  • It’s versatile in that you’ll find that majority of affordable air conditioners use these compressors.

Disadvantages of reciprocating compressor

  • It’s complex with many components, which can increase maintenance and subsequent costs.
  • Low AC speed can lead to more power use and subsequently a high cost of electricity consumption.
  • The piston is prone to wear and tear.
  • It’s loud and thus can disturb your peace and that of your neighbours.


2. Rotary Compressor

A rotary compressor features a low profile design and is among the smallest. With this model, some blades hang in the cylindrical shaft. The blades move when the cylinder rotates. Subsequently, the coolant liquid is compressed inside a tiny space.

Advantages of Rotary Compressor

  • Unlike the reciprocating model, a rotary compressor is quiet and thus suitable for use in a home setup.
  • It’s affordable than most options on the market.
  • It doesn’t cost much to install this model.

Disadvantages of Rotary Compressor

  • The pressure released in every stage is low than that of a reciprocating compressor. Therefore, it may not work well in large rooms.


Inverter AC Vs. Non-Inverter AC – Which is the best?

The main difference is that an inverter AC regulates the compressor’s speed. It focuses more on regulating the temperature rather than cooling the room. On the other hand, a non-inverter AC motor runs non-stop and will only turn off when there’s a drop in temperature.

An inverter AC comprises advanced parts which require a higher level of maintenance. However, even though it comes at a higher price tag, it’s more energy efficient and leads to lower electricity bills.

If you have budget constraints, a non-inverter AC is cheaper and suitable for small rooms. However, you can consider an Inverter AC for long-term savings since it uses power depending on the temperature load, which leads to energy savings. Also, it cools fast and sustains cool air longer even when there are power fluctuations. An inverter AC is more quiet and suitable for use at home.

In a nutshell, an Inverter AC is the best. It’s even the best AC under 40000 since it has many incredible features and benefits.

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Copper Coil vs Aluminium Coil

A coil is an essential component of an AC and is found at the condenser and evaporator chamber. At the evaporator, it absorbs heat from the air inside the room. The refrigerant then cools down the air.

Both are metal and useful in heat transfer. However, there are a few differences between the two in terms of durability, corrosion resistance, and capability.


1. Copper coil

Copper is a number one choice for many manufactures since it’s durable and will deliver a long-lasting performance. Although copper can corrode due to external weather elements, most compressor models have bluefin or gold fin coatings.

Advantages of copper coil

  • Copper is a good conductor of heat and more efficient than aluminium.
  • Copper coils are easier to repair and have lower maintenance costs than aluminium.
  • They are more durable and good value for money.

Disadvantages of copper coil

  • Copper is more expensive than aluminium, and therefore, ACs with copper coils are more expensive.
  • It’s not easy to bend, and one would require a lot of copper coils to make different shapes.


2. Aluminium coil

Aluminium coils are an alternative for condenser coating. These are readily available and don’t cost much.

Advantages of aluminium coil

  • Aluminium is cheaper than copper, making aluminium coil ACs an excellent choice for many buyers on a budget.
  • Aluminium is more pliable than copper. It’s easy to bend to a variety of shapes.

Disadvantages of aluminium

  • Aluminium coils are less durable, and their maintenance cost is higher than copper.
  • Harder to clean.


Refrigerants Used in ACs (Coolants)

A refrigerant or a coolant is a chemical agent inside the AC for absorbing heat and providing cool air after running via a compressor and evaporator. There are several types of refrigerants, and it’s important to use a suitable one to avoid issues.


1. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC)

Chlorofluorocarbons are a common refrigerant used in ACs. They were popular in the past but had negative effects on the environment. Indeed, environmentalists are against their use since the compound is not eco-friendly since it contributes to the greenhouse gas effect. The effect of this is the depletion of the Ozone layer.


2. Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC)

Hydrochlorofluorocarbons refrigerant comprises hydrogen compounds that are easily broken down and released into the atmosphere. This option is safer for the environment than the CFCs coolants and promotes sustainability.


3. Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC)

HFCs are a fluorinated coolant used in ACs and refrigerators. These products are man-made greenhouse gases and are a substitute for CFCs. They are eco-friendly, and their use is not likely to harm the Ozone layer.


4. Hydrocarbons (HC)

HCs are natural and non-toxic refrigerants. They are climate-friendly, with no agents that deplete the ozone layer. They are efficient and environmentally friendly, and highly recommended.


Terms Related To Power Consumption

ACs consume a lot of energy in homes, and it’s important to understand the terms related to power consumption.


1. Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER is the coefficient of your AC’s cooling efficiency. This ratio presents the electricity consumption of your appliance. When shopping, this should be the first thing on your mind.


2. Co-efficient of Performance: (CoP)

The coefficient of performance or CoP is the ratio of temperature provided by your Air conditioner to its total power consumption. It measures the efficiency of the heat pump in heat transmission against its power consumption.


3. Star Ratings

Star ratings are a good idea to know the general power consumption and energy consumption of an AC. The higher the stars, the more efficient it is. 5 stars ratings are the best for an AC, as they provide the highest energy savings. However, the best AC under 40000 are usually 4-stars or at least 3-stars.


4. Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER)

Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) is the yearly amount of heat an appliance or AC can eliminate from a room against the yearly energy consumption. A good ISEER rating for AC differs depending on the appliance.


What is Tonnage, And How Much Does a 40k AC have?

Tonnage is the cooling capacity of your AC and is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. It helps you in identifying the type and size of the AC depending on your cooling needs.

In terms of tonnage, a 40K AC has a 1.5 BTU that is ideal for cooling your house during summer. Additionally, a 1.5 tonnage is also ideal for cooling medium-sized rooms.


Usual Power Consumption of an AC and Ways To Reduce It

An AC consumes over twenty times more power than a fan and ten times more than a regular cooler.

Using an AC regularly can increase your energy consumption and costs. But, worry less, there are some measures you can take to reduce power consumption by 25-35% and boost your AC’s efficiency.

Firstly, ensure your AC is super clean by clearing the air filters of dust and lint. You can clean your AC fortnightly for efficiency. In addition, this will decrease the pressure on the compressor, thus reducing energy consumption by 15 %.

Besides, you can set the thermostat at between 22 to 24 degrees to reduce energy consumption. Further, have a regular check on the venting system. You can get an expert at least once a year to check for leakages and blockages.

Lastly, you can still save some energy by switching off other appliances which are not in use.

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Things to Consider Before Buying the Best AC under 40000

When shopping for an AC, you’ll discover that the market is overflowing with many of these. It’s hard to decide on the best option. There are some things you must know during the selection process. Keep reading as we explore the factors. You can get yourself the best AC under 40000 if you rely on the information we’ve provided below.


1. Size and capacity

Air conditioners come in different sizes and capacities. Therefore, you can choose one that will suit your cooling demands. In our review, 1.5 tonnage capacity AC can cool medium to large-sized rooms. On the same note, a compact AC is best suited for use at home as it enhances your room décor.


2. Power Consumption

Before you purchase an AC, check the EER rating, which offers an insight into the power consumption. The best ACs in our review have an EER of 4 stars. Energy efficiency means less maintenance cost and lower power bills.3. Inverter technology.


3. Inverter technology

Inverter technology is an important aspect of modern ACs. This mechanism allows the AC to self-regulate so that it consumes electricity depending on the room’s temperature by adjusting as needed. It helps in cutting on power spending and ensures a noiseless operation.

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4. Air filters

It’s important to check whether the AC you’re about to buy has air filters for purifying the air in the room. An air filter eliminates dust, bacteria, particles, and other harmful pathogens.

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5. Cooling Speed

The cooling speed of an AC is yet another consideration to keep in mind in your search mission. Upon switching on your unit, it should deliver cool air quickly. By fast cooling, your AC uses less power, and this leads to energy efficiency.


6. Dehumidification

An AC should be a versatile appliance that cools and dehumidifies the air. At the coast area, the surrounding air is warmer because of high humidity.
Check whether the AC you’re about to buy has a dehumidifying function so that it cools the air beyond the humidity point.


7. Noise Level

Even though modern AC makes less noise than traditional models, some still make some relative amount of noise. Therefore, before you buy an AC, check the decibels the compressor will emit.


8. Control options

Every AC should have control functions that are clearly defined. Luckily, modern ACs come with digital screens for better control. Others have android and iOS integration through an Al-enabled app so that you can control seamlessly from any location.


9. Timer

Most modern ACs come fitted with a timer which enables you to set the time that it will automatically switch off. It’s an important function since you don’t have to wake up at night to switch it off.


10. Brand

Some people buy ACs depending on the brand. Some brands have a long history of providing durable and highly efficient products. You can check on the reviews and see what other buyers are saying.


11. Price

Of course, the price of any appliance influences your purchasing decision. AC prices vary depending on model, season, and demand. Typically, during cold months, an AC price is likely to be low, and thus it’s the best time to buy.


12. Warranty

A warranty is a guarantee that your product of choice is the best quality, and should it fail to deliver during a specified period, you can return it to the manufacturer. Most ACs come with a warranty of over ten years.


Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in India

Getting a product from a good brand will go a long way towards getting you the best AC under 40000. We’ll speak briefly about all the best air conditioner brands on the market.


1. LG

LG sets itself apart by providing highly efficient ACs on the market. It has a global presence, and the products are of top-notch quality. The company also has a long history of customer satisfaction. As we have seen in our discussion, the LG air conditioners in India are some of the most treasured by consumers.


2. Daikin

Daikin India is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries in Japan. It’s a popular brand that manufactures air conditioners in India and has a reputation for providing the market with efficient cooling appliances. Also, it has a reputation for installing the appliance through after-sales service.
It has a high customer satisfaction index than most brands in India, at least going by the positive reviews.


3. Carrier

The name Carrier originated from Willis Carrier, who invented air conditioners. As a pioneer and global leader, you’d expect the company to have a large presence all over the world. In India, Carrier is a famous brand for offering great air conditioning units. It has a large factory in Bawal, and its products are famous all over India.


4. Voltas

Voltas is an Indian company in the home appliances segment. It specializes in the manufacture of air conditioners and cooling systems. Voltas is an excellent selection, and some of the best brands in India for quality and performance.


5. Hitachi

Hitachi is a reputable company that provides a wide spectrum of ACs in India. The mother company is in Japan and produces superior appliances with advanced technology and features.


6. Panasonic

Panasonic brand is a Japanese company that produces different electronics. In India, it’s one of the largest supplies of ACs and cooling appliances. It offers stylish and innovative solutions to your cooling needs.


7. Blue Star

Blue Star Company manufactures the next-generation ACs in India. These appliances deliver optimal cooling with particular accuracy levels such as 0.1 or 0.5 degrees centigrade. Their ACs are energy efficient with reduced noise levels.


8. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is an American company with a reputation for delivering high-quality ACS. The air conditioners are versatile and highly innovative. In India, the brand has a wide presence and many loyal consumers in the domestic appliances segment.

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Best Air Conditioners (AC) in India– Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it alright to purchase an AC online?

Yes, the online market is quite vibrant, with many brands selling air conditioners. However, it’s important to buy from renowned brands and check for reviews and ratings.


2. Do I need a voltage stabilizer?

Depends on the AC you get. Certain ACs don’t need any extra stabilizers because they can handle power fluctuations by themselves. You can get an idea of how good they are at handling these by searching for stabilizer free operation in the description. In our review, most products don’t require a voltage stabilizer, which saves you some money.


3. What is a Dual Inverter AC?

A dual Inverter AC has a condenser with two rotating motors that adjust energy consumption based on the heat load.


4. Which brand should I go for?

There are several brands in our review list, which you can choose when buying an AC. Some of the most popular brands include Blue star, LG, Sanyo, Voltas, and Panasonic.


5. Does an AC with an Aluminum Condenser perform well?

Yes, it performs well in heat transmission, but it’s not as durable as a copper condenser.


6. What are Blue Fins and Gold Fins in some ACs?

When shopping for an Air conditioner, you’ll notice that some either have blue or gold fins. These functions are vital in dealing with corrosion and guarding the condenser tubes against rust.

Also, they help in lowering the cost of maintenance and repair. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, as we shall see below here.

With Bluefin technology, the coils are coated with anti-rust epoxy material to ensure the AC resists natural agents such as moisture or humidity. Therefore, your AC will perform efficiently, even in poor weather. Gold fins have a golden-hydrophilic coating to protect the AC against harsh elements.

If you’re on a tight budget, you can consider an AC with blue fins as their cost is lower than the gold fins ACs. Although gold fins ACs are more expensive, they have a higher corrosion resistance than blue fins.

Besides, the hydrophilic condensers boost the efficiency of the AC by accelerating the cooling process. They can run in coastal areas where there is a high rate of humidity as well.

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7. What is an AC dehumidifier?

It’s a component of an AC that delivers air over the coolant and then passes it on the heated coils to dry before eventually releasing it into the room. Thus, it removes humid air from the room and subsequently delivering a cooling effect.


8. What type of condenser works well in coastal areas?

Air from the coast air is humid and salty. Therefore, you need an AC with a dehumidifying function to eliminate humidity and cool the air. Likewise, ensure the condenser coils have a corrosion-resistant coating such as gold or bluefin for durability and efficiency.


9. Can the AC clean the room air?

Yes, the AC can clean the air in the room if it has a filter function. This feature eliminates impurities such as dust, bacteria, and other pathogens from the air. You can find it present in most of the best air conditioners under 40000.


10. What’s Mosquito Away technology?

Mosquito Away is a common term in AC technology. It minimizes the natural ability of the mosquito to detect carbon dioxide present in a room. Some modern ACs come equipped with this feature to repel mosquitos from the room.


11. How to keep an AC running well for a long time?

You can keep your AC running well for a long time by observing some basic procedures. For instance, you can replace the air filters regularly, clear the venting system, clean the air ducts and remove dirt and debris.

Failure to have a regular maintenance schedule can lead to problems such as blocked air ducts because of dirt or corrosion of the coils in the condenser. When this happens, your AC will struggle and consume more electricity.

It can also be handy to know about the common problems you might face with the AC, so that you can keep an eye out for them and fix them immediately if needed.

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12. How good are 40k ACs?

40K ACs are an ideal choice for many Indian homeowners because of their exceptional ability to cool faster and last longer. Besides, most have a 1.5 tonnage capacity, making them suitable for cooling medium to large-sized rooms. Also, they have a star rating of 4 for energy efficiency and thus save the cost of electricity.



In choosing the best AC under 40000, it’s important to buy an item with an upper hand in terms of both durability and efficiency. We suggest a dual inverter split AC, which allows for cost savings and a quiet operation. From our discussion, we’ve highlighted several brands for easy selection. Hopefully, you can now shop for your favourite appliance hassle-free.

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