What Are Smart ACs? All The Benefits And Features You Need To Know

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Split ACs with inverter technology are some of the best air conditioning systems you can get; they can make your life incredibly comfortable. However, there’s one more thing that you can add to the combo to make things even more convenient. You can choose to get a Smart AC. What are Smart ACs, you ask?

What Are Smart ACs

Well, I’ll be answering that question in detail in this post. I’ll also tell you some of the unique and advanced features you can find in these ACs.


What Are Smart ACs?

What Are Smart AC


For the last few years, home appliances have gone through many significant innovations- the most notable being the integration of smartphone and wireless features. ACs have been caught in the wave, too. Smart ACs are high-end ACs, outfitted with an advanced wireless operating system. The wireless mechanism allows the user to control the appliance with their smartphone.

That’s not all, though. These ACs also come with an intelligent cooling mechanism that allows the model to provide extra efficient cooling based on a lot of environmental information from sensors.


Benefits Of Smart ACs

Advanced Control

AC Advanced Control

The most obvious benefit a Smart AC offers is the convenient smartphone control. You can adjust the temperature, set timers, and even put the AC on a schedule without getting up from your comfortable spot. There’s no need to even bother with getting a remote.


Better Sleep

Smart AC Google Assistant

Most good Smart ACs also offer voice control. When the night air starts getting uncomfortably cold or hot, you can just unlock your phone and give your Google Assistant or Alexa a command to adjust the settings without going through multiple screens. That means less screentime, so your sleep won’t get disrupted as much.


Excellent Power Savings

AC Excellent Power Savings with Scheduling Function

Air Conditioners generally use up a lot of electricity; the high power consumption adds to your electricity bills and causes significant damage to the environment due to carbon dioxide emissions.

That’s where Smart ACs come in. They use intelligent inverters that cool efficiently based on sensor input. These sensors can monitor the ambient temperature and other factors like the number of people in the room to ensure that the inverter operates with only the needed amount of energy.

Most Smart ACs also come with a scheduling function. With a little tinkering and thought, you can use the function to get a lot of extra conveniences. For example, you can use it to get fast cooling after returning home from being out. You can set the AC to start on its own at a low temperature and slowly cool down the room while you’re on the way. You’ll be saving more power this way over using a standard Turbo Mode, as that makes an AC run at maximum capacity.

Another incredibly useful thing you can do with the scheduling function is setting the AC to automatically turn off while you sleep. You can even set it to start again later with a low temperature to keep the coolness in the room. That way, you get to sleep comfortably and save up on some energy as well.


Self-Diagnosis Mechanism

AC Self-Diagnosis Mechanism

You’ve probably heard of a self-diagnosis feature before; nearly all high-end appliances like refrigerators and washing machines use them. It can save you more than a few trips to the customer service shop. A Smart Self-Diagnosis feature can detect errors in the AC and report them to you through the phone app. In some cases, the error can be solved by any average person without a technician’s help. Self-Diagnosis Technology is still new and not yet perfect, but it can still be an incredibly reliable maintenance tool.


Lower Carbon Footprint

AC Lower Carbon Footprint

I’ve mentioned carbon emission before; the issue is so significant that it deserves its own point. As of now, a little more than 13% of Indian households use ACs. However, with the country’s further development, that amount is expected to rise as much as 69% in the next two decades. That means carbon emissions will increase a lot more, which will, in turn, cause the climate to change for the worse. The US alone is already emitting 117 million metric tons of CO2 gas into the air every year, so we should avoid adding to that even further.

Smart ACs also contribute to the emissions, but they have a far smaller impact than the standard AC. So, you can survive the scorching hot days that are sure to come while protecting the environment. You’ll be increasing the chances for the climate to improve as well.

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Other Features To Look For In A Smart AC

The features I’ve mentioned earlier are a must-have in a proper smart AC. You can also look for a few more optional features that can make things even more convenient for you. Let me tell you more about these features.


Proximity Or Geolocation Feature

This nifty feature uses your phone’s GPS to detect when you’re close to home. As soon as it does, the AC will start up and cool the room down for you. You can always hope to come into the cool embrace of your home without having to sit and wait half an hour for the air to get cold.

The feature works in reverse, too; if you leave the AC turned on by accident, it’ll shut down automatically once you’re out of range.

That’s not even all. As the cherry on top, some advanced ACs will even be able to automatically switch temperature and cool down the room slowly based on the distance of your phone from home.


Extra Modes

AC Comfy Mode

While all ACs come with various modes like cool, dry, fan and eco, etc. Smart ACs can also offer some extra modes for even more efficient cooling. The most notable one I’ve come across is the “Comfy Mode” – through this mode, you can set your AC to switch between several preferred temperatures and other settings based on the climate condition like the ambient temperature and humidity levels.

The mode is usually completely customisable, and once set, the AC can adjust everything on its own without further input. Handy, right? You can perfectly optimise and automate your AC for all sorts of weather conditions.


Usage Monitoring

Smart ACs usually come with in-built sensors that monitor your usage pattern. This data is then sent to the phone app, where you can see how much energy you’re consuming and how long each session lasted. You can even see the modes you normally use.

What’s more, this information is also converted into graphs and charts for better understanding. Armed with this knowledge, you can have finer control over your power bills and use the AC more efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here I’ll try to answer some common questions about Smart ACs.

Are all ACs Smart ACs?

No, they’re not. Standard ACs don’t have any advanced wireless features at all. Most manufacturers usually add the term “Smart AC” to the name if the model is one, though some use the term “Wi-Fi AC” as well.

Does a Smart AC need to come with a Smart Inverter?

A Smart Inverter is just a fancy name given to standard Inverters by some manufacturers, but yes, most Smart ACs do come with highly intelligent Inverters.

What's a good Smart AC?

The Panasonic 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC is a good Smart AC; we have a review on it. Check it out here.

Can Window ACs be Smart ACs?

Yes, Window ACs can have smart features as well. LG is one of the few brands that make such products – we’ve reviewed one of them as well.

Can a Standard AC be a Smart AC?

No. Smart ACs are much more advanced and complicated. If you already own a conventional AC and don’t want to get it replaced, you can try looking at Smart AC Controllers. These don’t make a regular AC as efficient as a truly Smart one, but they do add some handy wireless features.

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Final Word

So, what is a Smart AC? As you can see, it’s clearly more than a simple appliance you can control with your phone. There’s literally no practical reason to choose a regular AC over a Smart one. You’ll get so many significant benefits. These Smart ACs are designed to last, too; maintain your AC properly, and they can keep you comfortably cool for many years.

I hope I helped you out; you’re not going to regret investing in one of these ACs. That’s all for this post; see you in the next one!


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