Which are the Best Washing Machines in India 2022? Expert Guide

Last Updated on 21 June, 2022 by Sourav Roy

Gone are the days when washing machines were a luxury. Today, everyone’s striving to find themselves the best washing machine in India. And why not? You totally deserve all the comfort.

Best Washing Machines in India

Washing machines have certainly raised the bar of convenience to the next level with all their extensive features. Inbuilt heater, auto restart, laundry add, steam wash, smart diagnosis and more. This appliance has been trending with varied features.

I have curated a list of all the top washing machines in India– Top & Front Loading, Semi & Fully Automatic. My blog has everything you are looking for. Product reviews, detailed features, intricate buying guide and comprehensive comparison – every little and important detail under one platform. So, whether you are looking to make your first purchase or upgrade your old one, this guide will help you at every level.


1. LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

LG’s products are always top-notch, and that is evident as this list of the best washing machines in India starts with one of their products.

LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 8Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1200RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 74dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 65Kg
  • Dimensions – 60 x 55 x 85 cm

Key Features

  • 6-Motion Direct Drive motor provides excellent washing performance.
  • Comes with a built-in heater for better tough stain removal.
  • Has a durable body and drum for long-lasting performance.
  • Comes with a fast spin speed for quicker drying.
  • Has intelligent features that provide troubleshooting.

Reasons to Buy The LG 8.0 Kg 5 Star Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Direct Drive: Let’s get this one out of the way first, as it’s pivotal to the washing machine’s excellent performance. Most people that know things about washers know how this feature works, but we’ll summarise just in case. It has three main functions. First, the washing machine rotates its drum in different directions using it. The varied rotation removes stubborn dirt from the clothes. The best thing is that the process doesn’t damage any of the clothes. There’s one more benefit that comes with Direct Drive technology in general- you no longer have to put up with the noise that comes from a belt and pulley washer, as there’s much less friction.

6 Motion Control: The Direct Drive technology works to prevent wear and tear, alongside reducing unnecessary noises. It also works in tandem with this 6 Motion Control technology. Through 6 Motion Control, the drum can be more dynamic, unlike a drum running in a standard washing machine. In other words, it can move in various directions, giving clothes proper care and further enhancing the wash quality of this machine. Don’t worry about the safety of your clothes- the extra movement won’t cause any damage.

Inverter Technology: We always appreciate inverter technology whenever it’s used in a product. So, the fact that this one comes with such is enough for us to consider it a better than average washer, even without the performance enhancements. We measured its power consumption to a similar washing machine, and it blew through its competition. The inverter tech is one of the prime reasons this one has a 5-star energy rating. Although, the fact that it uses Direct Drive likely helps, too, as it doesn’t have to spend energy on dealing with the friction created by belts and pulleys.

Built-In Heater: Not even some of the other washing machines in this list come with a heater. It isn’t a must in order for a washing machine to clean well; there are other ways available to achieve the same results. However, it’s still very handy at loosening some of the toughest stains. This washer’s heater, in particular, is quite powerful. It can heat water up to 60°C very quickly. And, from what we’ve observed, it doesn’t seem to cause any extra increase in wash time.

Fast Drying Performance: Generally, most washing machines tend to cap out at 1000RPM. High-end washers can go higher, but they don’t come with the features this one does. This washing machine can wash perfectly and dry up clothes nicely with a spin speed of 1200RPM.

Auto-restart function: You’ll be more than happy with this washing machine if you live in an area that has constant power outages. If your power does go out, this washing machine can restart back to where it left off, so you don’t have to bother with setting everything up all over again.

SmartThinQ: The easier it is to maintain the washer, the less money you have to spend on it. That’s what this particular feature is for. You can pair the washer with your smartphone with the LG SmartThinq app. This app will help you diagnose as many as 86 common washing machine problems. Hence, you can maintain this washing machine much more easily.

  • Has Direct Drive technology.
  • Has low vibrations.
  • Comes with an in-built heater.
  • Doesn’t use a lot of water.
  • No steam wash.
  • Makes some noise when drying at high speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect this washer to a water tap in other ways rather than permanently attaching it to a water source?

You can. A flexible pipe works as long as it allows the washer to draw water uninterrupted during a working cycle.

Can I load clothes in the middle of a wash cycle?

No, this one doesn’t have the feature.

How long is the regular wash cycle?

It takes about an hour to wash. Although, if it’s fully loaded, then it’ll likely take two hours.

How good is it at washing cotton?

It can clean that fairly well. It can also clean them fairly fast- it needs about an hour to an hour and thirty minutes.


There’s not a lot of bad things to say about this washer, which is why it’s here in our list of the best washing machines in India. Once you try it out for yourself, you’ll appreciate all it has to offer. We certainly did. It’s an excellent balance between performance and convenience, and there aren’t any extra gimmicks that increase its price unnecessarily. The only thing we wish it had is the steam wash. If it did have that, it’d easily be above nearly all the washers on our list.


2. IFB 8 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB is a top-class washing machine brand, right up there with the best on the market. The brand offers high-quality washing machines at reasonable prices and is a favourite among the populace. Even more, the front-loaders from this brand are especially noteworthy. Though this washer may not look like much, it can offer you more than you’d think.

IFB 8 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 8Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1400RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 56dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 56dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 70dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 80Kg
  • Dimensions – 61 x 60 x 85 cm

Key Features

  • Has great wash enhancement features.
  • Saves more water and energy than standard front-loaders.
  • Comes with protection against electrical accidents.
  • Has a responsive and user-friendly LCD panel with settings protected by Child Lock.

Reasons to Get The IFB 8 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Aqua Energie: This is one of the features IFB is most known for. As hard water is something you’ll likely be having to deal with often, that can decrease the washer’s performance. Suppose you directly use hard water for your washes. In that case, you’ll have to deal with excessive leftover residues, as most detergents don’t dissolve well in such water. The supply pipe can end up choked, which can even cause the drum to get destroyed. This feature can remove bicarbonates from water, making it turn from hard water to soft water.

4D Wash System: In terms of performance, one of the best things you get is this. The washer sprays water 360° around the drum through nozzles. The spray force causes the water to penetrate deeply into the clothes, which loosens the dirt in them.

Crescent Moon Drum: Good drum design means safer clothes and more effective cleaning. The Crescent Moon Drum protects the clothes in the washer from rubbing its walls. Due to this, clothes have smaller chances of getting damaged.

Voltage Protection: The washing machine comes with protections against voltage fluctuations, which you only see in premium washing machines. So if you have power issues in your area, you no longer have to worry about spending money on fixing any malfunctions that occur to the washer.

Extra Convenience Features: It comes with a clean LCD panel equipped with a Child Lock function. The lock can be very useful for some people, especially those who have curious kids at home. The kids won’t be able to change the settings, whether the machine is off or in the middle of a wash. Hence, you don’t have to deal with many hassles.

Laundry Add: Another small but extremely useful feature is the Laundry Add function, which allows the user to add clothes in the middle of a wash cycle. It’s most useful if you have a lot of clothes. After all, you wouldn’t want to sit through one long wash cycle to put in the one cloth you forgot to load.

  • Extremely gentle on clothes.
  • Great wash quality.
  • Has a child lock.
  • Comes with an in-built heater.
  • Vibrates too much when drying clothes.
  • A little too heavy, hard to move.
  • The touchscreen can be choppy sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot can the inbuilt water heater be?

The maximum temperature of the heater is 95°C.

Does it tangle clothes?

Yes. It doesn’t have any features to prevent the tangles, so they happen occasionally.

Does it need extra attachments for hard water?

No, it doesn’t need any.

How often do I clean the drums?

Once every 6 months should be good.


The fact that it can so easily get rid of the hardest stains, all without damaging any clothes, easily elevates it in our book, above all the other washers available on the market. If you’ve got a medium-sized family, we advise trying this out. It comes equipped with everything needed to handle such a family, the Child Lock being one evidence of that. It is rather unusually heavy, though. If you move around a lot, then you’d probably be better off getting one of the lighter options in this list.


3. LG 8 kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Like the first LG washer on the list, this washing machine utilises the same technologies with a few extra enhancements. You can expect just as much of a good wash. The spin speed is high, and the washer still uses the 6-Motion Direct Drive.

LG 8 kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 8Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1400RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 74dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 60.5Kg
  • Dimensions – 60 x 55 x 85 cm

Key Features

  • Comes with a 1400 RPM spin speed for thorough cleaning.
  • Has LG’s powerful Direct Drive inverter motor for efficient removal of all stains.
  • A combination of steam and an in-built heater eliminates almost all germs in clothes.
  • 5-Star rated energy efficiency alongside smart features.

Reasons to Buy The LG 8 kg 5 Star Inverter Wi-Fi Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Fast Wash Cycles: The wash cycles aren’t as fast as a specifically designed Quick Wash function. However, cleaning clothes is still remarkably faster than that of a standard washer. The best thing about that is you’ll get fast washes while still ensuring your clothes get cleaned with proper care. That’s much unlike a specific Quick Wash feature which deals with clothes a little more harshly to get them as clean as possible in a very short time. You don’t need to worry about the short speed leading to any residues or smells, though. The washer leaves none of that, despite its high speed.

Steam Wash: The steam wash feature can create steam in the middle of the wash and push that onto the clothes. The hot water can go deeper into the clothes in its vapour form and even clean up unwanted germs. Combining with the in-built water, this washing machine can take advantage of hot water to a great extent.

TurboWash: Speaking of Quick Wash, it does come with its own variant of the feature. You can use it to clean clothes significantly faster if you’re in a hurry. You don’t need to worry about damaging the clothes either, which is an issue most Quick Wash functions in other washers are prone to do. It uses high-end technology since it’s an LG washer, so such a drastic oversight doesn’t exist. The JetSpray feature also sprays water onto the clothes to enhance the wash speed significantly.

Smart Diagnosis System: Like the other LG washers, this one comes with support for the SmartThinQ feature. So, it will be running at peak performance for a long time, without any malfunctions getting in the way.

  • Supports steam wash.
  • Dries clothes silently.
  • Has an in-built heater.
  • Has excellent wash quality in general.
  • Cycles can’t be customised.
  • Heavy enough to be hard to move.
  • Doesn’t work well with hard water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it handle low pressure water?

Yes, it can handle that sort of water well. If the water pressure is lower, then the machine takes time to take water. But it can work fine in the end.

Does it come with a compartment for putting in fabric softeners?

Yes, there’s a different compartment for it.

Can I turn the heater down during summer?

Yes, you can set the temperature of the heater to cold.

How much power does it consume?

In general, it consumes very little power. We can provide some specifics, though. Its average power consumption is 0.6KWH/Cycle.


From what we’ve noticed, this one seems to be primarily focused on convenience. It does clean clothes better than average, especially with the help of the Direct Drive feature, but there’s not much else in terms of raw wash power. However, if you want to have an easy time using a washing machine, this one will more than make you happy. For a start, it’s very low maintenance. It comes with a Diagnosis system, and it also comes with Steam Wash, which is a very handy but rare feature. So, if you don’t move a lot or live in an area with hard water, then we say go for it.


4. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB is famous in India for producing top-quality washing machines. This 6.5 Kg washing machine comes with a host of advanced features. That undoubtedly makes this product worthy of being included in this list of best washing machines in India. This washing machine is one of the smaller ones on our list, but it’s no less powerful. It can clean well and clean safely.

IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6.5Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1000RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 68dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 66Kg
  • Dimensions – 659.8 x 50.6 x 85.8 cm

Key Features

  • Decent capacity for the price, enough to support a small family of 4-5 members.
  • Has excellent versatility with its 14 different wash programs.
  • Can convert hard water to clean clothes efficiently.
  • Voltage fluctuations protection offers high usage safety.

Reasons to Buy The IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Air Bubble Wash: The machine utilises air bubble wash to wipe out the stains in your clothes. It’s also effective at removing unwanted allergens. Something our experts like in particular about this feature is that it allows the washer to clean well and deep, without needing to be too harsh.

Fast Dry Speed: The after-wash performance isn’t bad either; it has a 1000 RPM spin speed to dry clothes quickly. It’s able to dry regular fabrics upto about 85%, though it’s about 70% or so for the heavier clothes.

Multiple Wash Programs: While this washing machine is quite powerful, it’s also very versatile. It has 14 wash programs for different kind of loads. For the most part, you can find the right program for just about any kind of clothes. For instance, it has an Express Wash mode that’s customised to efficiently clean small and slightly dirty clothes. The delicate fabric wash program in this washer is also better than what you’d find in most other washers.

Aqua Energie: The versatility of this washer doesn’t end there, though. You can also use hard water to wash your clothes when using this washing machine. It automatically converts the water into soft water through the Aqua Energie technology.

Handy Quality of Life Features: That’s not all the washing machine has to offer. It comes equipped with all the important features for common and unique situations- it can monitor voltage fluctuations and keep itself from getting damaged. It’s even child-proof, with its Child Lock feature that keeps all the settings in place so children can’t mess with them. Additionally, it also comes with the Laundry Add option so that you can add clothes amid washes.

  • Impressive wash quality.
  • Can convert hard water into soft water.
  • Has a high-quality drum.
  • Comes with an in-built heater.
  • Makes a significant amount of sound.
  • RPM fluctuates even when set to a specific speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well can it clean white clothes?

It can clean clothes of any colour proficiently.

Does it come with a lint filter?

Yes, it does.

Can it clean heavy blankets?

It can. We tried cleaning double bed sized blankets, and it was able to clean them with zero issues.

How much does a stand for this washing machine cost?

Around Rs 1600.


This washing machine was a solid pick for our list the moment we ran it through some tests to see how well it works. It was able to handle both light and heavy fabrics, despite not coming with a feature to specifically help with the latter. Aside from the cons we mentioned, the only other issue it appears to have is slightly higher energy consumption. It’s just a little higher than most other washers on our list, but not enough to stack up on your electricity bills, which is why we didn’t mention it. Overall, this is a great purchase, especially for a family of 3-4 members.


5. IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

If you want something good from IFB at the lower price range, this is one of the options you can look at. It has great performance and attractive features.

IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1000RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 57dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 57dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 73dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 240V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 71Kg
  • Dimensions – 33.5 x 23.6 x 22.1 cm

Key Features

  • Versatile washing performance with several wash programs.
  • It can clean with any sort of water and has great raw cleaning power.
  • Extremely efficient because of features like mid-wash loading and detergent saver.
  • Cleans in a very hygienic way.

Reasons to Buy The IFB 6 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Versatile Wash Programs: Let’s start with the number of programs the washer has first. It comes with 15 wash programs for all kinds of situations, including light washes, delicate washes, etc. You can find a suitable program for just about any sort of fabric. The versatility doesn’t end there- the machine is very advanced.

Aqua Energie: It can even clean well when you only have hard water to use. The washer can convert hard water into soft water by its Aqua Energie mechanism, saving you the effort of gathering soft water.

3D wash system: This washer has plenty of raw wash power. One of the most important things that makes it so powerful is the 3D wash system. The washer inside has nozzles that forcefully spray detergent water straight into the clothes from all directions. This allows the detergent to enter the clothes much more efficiently. The movement of the drum also works towards making sure the detergent mixes well with the clothes. Even better, its washes also extend beyond dirt and stains. The washer can get rid of allergens in clothes, making them more hygienic and healthier.

Ball Valve Technology: If saving money is a concern, then you might find this washer to be just what you need. While it consumes very little energy in general, this technology also helps significantly. It saves up used detergent while throwing away dirty water. The washer can use the detergent later on. We also found out that the detergent drawer appears to have 3 compartments, the three of them being Presoak, Detergent and Fabric Conditioner. So, you get to have more versatility during washes.

  • Clean and simple controls.
  • Doesn’t make much noise.
  • Good cleaning quality.
  • Doesn’t make a lot of vibrations.
  • No controls for spin speed.
  • No controls for the temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it need a stabiliser?

It doesn’t. It has one built-in, along with sensors to prevent damage whenever there is high voltage.

Can I turn off the spinning?

No, it always spins regardless of mode.

Can I add clothes during the wash process?

Yes, it comes with a Laundry Add feature.


The feature list isn’t particularly long, but this washer is still one of the best we could find on the market. The wash quality is on par with premium washing machines, and it won’t disappoint you in other ways either. The lack of controls for some of the more important features will be a big issue for some, but if you can’t afford any of the better options, this one is one of the best washing machines in India you can get.


6. Samsung 6.5 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

There’s always something from Samsung in most people’s homes. That’s because Samsung’s products are always reliable and powerful. This washer is no different, and it comes with a lot of innovative features. It’s one of the best washing machines in India in regards to performance, though its other features are still a major reason for its presence in this list. It has decent general washing power.

Samsung 6.5 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6.5Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1000RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 61dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 220V
  • Build Material – Plastic
  • Overall Weight – 54Kg
  • Dimensions – 45 x 60 x 85 cm

Key Features

  • Has a lot of innovative wash mechanisms for great cleaning performance.
  • Comes equipped to wash clothes into being as hygienic as possible.
  • Has some versatile wash programs for efficient washes.
  • Sturdy build and elegant design fit right into anyone’s home.

Reasons to Buy The Samsung 6.5 Kg Inverter 5 Star Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Steam Wash: The machine can create steam that seeps deep into the clothes and clean them more efficiently. When we were testing the feature, it cleaned up stains that would generally need multiple washes to be taken off. On a side note, it also helps that the washer comes with a Digital Inverter motor. The motor uses magnets designed to work more quietly and powerfully.

Diamond Drum: Another good thing is that you don’t need to worry about your clothes getting damaged when washing with it. This Samsung washing machine comes with their patented Diamond Drum, which utilises a “soft curl” design to clean efficiently without damaging clothes.

High-quality Heater: The high-temperature ceramic heater works in tandem with the steam wash mechanism. It can provide you with fresh and hygienic clothes. The heat kills off germs and gets rid of allergens.

Versatile Wash Programs: This washing machine is also easy to use- the wash programs are simplified but designed to help you clean all kinds of clothes. There’s a program for Cotton fabrics and another for Wool fabrics. There’s an individual Delicate wash program in case the clothes you put in are even more fragile. The Quick Wash program is also quite handy, as it can significantly cut down on the wash time without compromising too much of the performance.

  • Comes with an in-built heater.
  • Operates with little noise.
  • Can clean clothes well.
  • Saves a lot of energy.
  • Included drain and water inlet hose are too short.
  • Heavyweight, difficult to move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to wash blankets?

Yes, from what we’ve noticed, it’s one of the best washing machines you can get for washing blankets.

Does it resume after a power cut?

Yes, this washer has a memory backup function.

How much water pressure does it support?

It can run reliably if the water pressure is between 50 kPa and 800 kPa. Anything less, and the water valve will have trouble closing. It might still work in the end, but the drum will take longer to fill up, and there’s a possibility of the machine turning off if it takes too long to fill.

Does it support Eco Bubble?

No, it doesn’t.


All the features of this washer actually stand up to the mark, but then again, we expect nothing less of a big brand like Samsung. The cons won’t be able to impact anything about the performance. Overall, this is a great all-around washer, and the fact that it’s so clean and well-designed is just the cherry on the top. If you want a washer that works well, looks good and isn’t too loud, then this is undoubtedly a great option to consider. None of our experts were disappointed by the quality, and you won’t be either.


7. LG 9.0 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

While LG’s washers are incredibly advanced and high-end, they also offer quality options at a lower budget. This washing machine comes with not only great performance, but it also has some of the best energy efficiency mechanisms amongst its price.

LG 9.0 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 9Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 780RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 48dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 48dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 74dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Steel
  • Overall Weight – 31Kg
  • Dimensions – 54 x 54 x 87 cm

Key Features

  • Has reliable washing performance that consumes little power.
  • Comes with multiple advanced features for washes.
  • Has a durable design that keeps the washer clean.
  • Has remote control and an auto-restart function for maximum ease of use.

Reasons to Buy The LG 9.0 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Smart Inverter Motor: You’re bound to get a lot of power savings because of the well-optimised Smart Inverter Motor. The motor can easily adjust the power to exactly the right amount to give you maximum cleaning power without wasting too much energy.

Punch+3: When it comes to actual wash quality, the washer integrates everything from the drum to additional advanced features to clean all kinds of stains. Among the features, the most notable one is the Punch+3 feature. The washer utilises this feature to shoot out powerful water streams to make the clothes move up and down. The friction between the clothes and the water going into them with force can clean off the toughest of dirt easily.

Turbo Drum: This one enhances the power of the earlier mentioned feature, as it can rotate and allow streams of water in from different directions, with the Pulsator running in the opposite direction.

Easy Maintenance: Aside from having good performance, the washing machine also has some of the best build quality at its price. The body isn’t made out of plastic or regular steel. It’s stainless steel, which means there isn’t going to be any rust building on it, which is a common issue for washers as they use a lot of water. Plus, the inner and outer tubs also remain clean because of Tub Clean, which sterilises the tubs to keep them clean and free of unpleasant smells. On top of all that, the wireless troubleshooting feature of the LG SmartThinQ app can help extend its life much further.

Additional Features for Convenience: Lastly, the washer comes with other small but useful features as well. You have a remote control, Turbo wash and delicate cloth wash modes. There’s even a continuation feature that lets the washer start back in the middle of a wash cycle if it stops during power outages.

  • High-quality and practical drum.
  • Reliable wash performance.
  • Has a powerful inverter motor.
  • Can get rid of nearly every kind of stain.
  • No in-built heater.
  • Makes a lot of noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does it dry clothes?

It has a rather low spin speed compared to the other options, but it can still dry most fabrics upto 70% at the very least.

Is there an option for selecting water levels automatically?

Yes, it has that option.

It makes a lot of noise when spinning. What does that mean?

The drum has high RPM when spinning, which is why it makes so much noise.


The lack of a built-in heater can put a washer at a much-reduced wash capacity. That’s what we noticed in normal washing machines anyway. This one is able to compensate through some rather advanced and powerful mechanisms that can push out just about any kind of stain. Plus, during our tests, we also noticed it has very little power consumption, which is quite a tempting deal in and of itself.


8. IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

With how many of IFB’s washers have qualified in this list of the best washing machines in India, they’re definitely one of the brands that can make some incredible washing machines. This washing machine is in a league of its own, with its huge amount of features. Nearly the entirety of this washing machine’s features are designed to provide the user with as much washing performance as possible.

IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 7Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 720RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 54dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 74dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 35Kg
  • Dimensions – 59 x 57 x 95 cm

Key Features

  • Comes with all the equipment for a near-perfect wash.
  • Has a special pulsator wash system that ensures every bit of the cloth gets cleaned.
  • Has a high-quality body along with a drum designed to enhance wash performance.
  • Comes with multiple wash programs for all kind of fabrics.

Reasons to Buy The IFB 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Aqua Energie: To begin with, this washer comes with IFB’s Aqua Energie technology. So it can clean well with both hard and soft water. If you put in hard water, it can just convert the water into an ideal state. The machine can also soak clothes effectively before it starts washing, through the 3D wash mechanism.

Triadic Pulsator: The wash cycle itself is quite powerful due to this Pulsator. As the name suggests, it works through three things; Scrub Pads, Swirl Jets and a Center Water Punch mechanism. It operates like this; the soft Scrub Pads work to remove stubborn dirt while treating clothes gently. The Swirl Jets then dislodge the dirt, making sure there aren’t any stuck in less accessible spots. The mechanical Center Punch then throws out a spray from the centre, cleaning the clothes out completely.

Specially Designed Drum: The drum itself uses a Crescent Moon design, where grooves shaped like crescent moons on the drum’s surface keep clothes from getting damaged. This design can be great for delicate clothes.

Flexible Wash Programs: Combining that with the versatile 6 programs that come with the washer, you can safely clean any fabric to get the best wash without dealing with them receiving any damage.

  • Good build quality.
  • Washes clothes well.
  • It can clean its own drum.
  • Doesn’t vibrate a lot.
  • Safe for all sorts of fabric.
  • Makes a little bit of noise.
  • After-sales service needs improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is it at washing heavy fabrics?

Very well. It can even wash large blankets.

Are controls waterproof?

Not entirely. It can survive droplets of water, but not a full spill.

Does it come with an alarm function?

Yes, it does.


With all that in mind, it is very obvious that the washer is very well-rounded. When it comes to build quality, it’s good enough to last you more than a few years without losing any of its efficiency. Everything is designed to offer you the best looks and practicality. Our model didn’t have any problems and was able to run perfectly from the start. It has plenty of good reviews from customers as well. But, we advise you to remain cautious- from our observations, it appears that some of these models can be faulty- which can lead to a lot of hassle. IFB’s support for this product, in particular, isn’t that strong. If something happens, you’ll still be able to get it fixed, but it might take a while.


9. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This Samsung washing machine is a premium appliance with neat looks and a unique mix of features that provide the user with a great washing experience. Coupled with Samsung’s normal brand quality, you can expect this washer to satisfy you completely. This washing machine is good for all kinds of clothes, even without a fabric-specific mode turned on.

Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6.5Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 680RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 51dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 51dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 65dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 230V
  • Build Material – Stainless Steel
  • Overall Weight – 29.5Kg
  • Dimensions – 56.8 x 54 x 90.6 cm

Key Features

  • Centre Jet for powerful yet fabric-friendly washes.
  • Ideal for all seasons, including monsoon.
  • Energy-efficient with dedicated energy-saving mode.
  • 6 Convenient wash programs for increased flexibility.
  • Additional features for easier usage.

Reasons to Buy The Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Central Jet: The mechanism that keeps the clothes safe is one of the highlights of this washer, as it can also greatly increase wash quality. The feature itself is the Central Jet integrated into the Pulsator. In many washers, clothes can drop into the Pulsator’s bottom during a wash and clump up in there. The Center Jet prevents that from happening by lifting every cloth that falls with strong jets of water. These jets allow the wash to be more effective and prevent unwanted damage to the clothes.

Diamond Drum: There’s more going for the clothes’ safety as well; this washing machine has Samsung’s impressive Diamond Drum. The soft curls of the drum work further towards enhancing the safety of your clothes. Our tests show the way the Center Jet works can be more effective than other similar mechanisms available at the same price.

Effective Drying: Another notable thing that makes this washer stand out to us is its impressive adaptability. Most washers at this price come with low RPM speeds, which can dry clothes well enough, but these washers struggle during Monsoons. This washing machine doesn’t have problems during such a season, though. Its Monsoon dry mode can use two vents to create a powerful whirlwind, increasing the drying process’s effectiveness.

Low Energy Consumption: Besides all these, the washing machine is also well-rounded in other ways. It doesn’t consume a lot of power. Suppose your wash load isn’t particularly heavy. In that case, you can even turn on the energy-saving mode to cut down on the power consumption further. Plus, being a Samsung product, it’s already designed to be as power-efficient as possible without the use of additional features.

  • Comparatively smaller.
  • Easy to use.
  • More gentle on clothes due to lacking an agitator.
  • Consistent and quick drying time.
  • The magic filter needs constant cleaning.
  • Uses a lot of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a water heater?

No, there isn’t a built-in heater.

How well does it dry clothes?

It has a rather slow RPM speed, but it comes with an “Air Turbo” feature that can boost the process. It doesn’t fully dry clothes, though. You need to do that manually.

Can it drain water into an outlet higher than the floor?

Yes, it can. You can put the other end of the drain hose to a basin or any other outlet that’s about 3ft higher than the floor.


The washing machine comes equipped with good adaptability, which is something our experts particularly like. You can wash any fabrics perfectly with its diverse wash programs. If you need your clothes cleaned as soon as possible, you can also take advantage of the Quick Wash mode. Overall, this is a washer you can easily rely on. It even comes with smaller but useful features like Lint Filters, hardened glass lids and so on. It could have had better RPM speed, though. The Air Turbo feature does make things up for the most part, but it can’t beat the effectiveness of a high spin speed.


10. LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Of course, not every one of the best washing machines this year is fully automatic. Suppose you’d like to scrub your clothes manually and remove stubborn stains by hands while still enjoying the major benefits of a washing machine. In that case, this product from LG is the way to go.

LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 8Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 1350RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 65dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 65dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 75dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 220V
  • Build Material – Plastic
  • Overall Weight – 32Kg
  • Dimensions – 54 x 54 x 91 cm

Key Features

  • 8 kg capacity makes it ideal for a large family.
  • Three convenient washing programs for more versatility.
  • 1350 rpm speed ensures superior drying performance.
  • Advanced after-wash features that enhance the output of the wash cycle.
  • Comes with wheels that allow better mobility.

Reasons to Get The LG 8 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Roller Jet Pulsator: This semi-automatic washing machine cleans clothes so well by using its Roller Jet Pulsator. It rotates clothes effectively to cause extra friction. This friction doesn’t damage your clothes, though. Instead, it makes the machine wash out stubborn stains even better. And, in case you were wondering- you don’t need to worry about noise. The extra friction doesn’t cause any more of that. We’ve checked to make sure.

Good Wash Programs: A small downside is that it doesn’t come with a lot of wash programs, but that’s not much of a con. They’re more than enough. If you want the machine to wash differently, you can take advantage of these 3 washing programs; Gentle, Normal, and Wash. All three of these programs work exactly as the name suggests, and each of them is designed to accommodate different types of fabrics.

High RPM speed: This is one of the things about the washer that caught our attention the most. It offers even faster spin speeds than more powerful fully automatic washers. So, you can have your clothes dry up much faster. The presence of multiple vents also increases the dry speed, and you can have dry clothes 30%-40% faster than you can get from line drying.

Spin Shower: Residual soap on clothes can cause bad odours sometimes. This mechanism can take away the residual soap from clothes after washes, keeping them more fresh. It even works on heavier fabrics that tend to absorb liquids like dissolved soap. We can say that for sure- we tried to clean some blankets with this washer, and it was able to do the job incredibly well.

Portability: This semi-auto washer is also one of the most portable ones you can find. It has wheels that have 360° rotation, so you can also use it as a makeshift bucket or reposition it easily whenever you want.

Additional Convenience Features: Alongside all these features, the washer also offers a few other small but useful conveniences. For a start, this washing machine is specially designed to be rat-proof, with a 3mm rat cover with rat repellent chemicals. It also comes with a lint collector and a dedicated collar scrubber to help you clean collars out faster.

  • Has a good dry speed.
  • Lightweight.
  • Can clean well.
  • Very portable.
  • Build quality could’ve been better.
  • Collar scrubber isn’t very good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a filter for this model?

No, you don’t need to.

What sort of plug do I need to run it with?

There’s nothing specific. It works with normal plugs.

How much water do I need per wash?

You can adjust how much water the washer uses per wash.

What is the tub made of?

It’s made of plastic.


You might think that this washer seems rather expensive as a semi-automatic washing machine. However, that’s mostly because of the high capacity and the advanced features. Everything stands up to the price. Except for the build quality, that is. Most of the washers of the same type are made out of plastic. However, while testing it out, we noticed its build material didn’t feel as solid as the material used on the other washing machines. Nevertheless, it more than makes up for it in all the other ways, which is why we consider it more than good enough to be here on our list.


11. Samsung 6.0 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This washer from Samsung is incredibly cheap, but you’d be surprised at how well this washing machine performs. This washer is ideal if you’re looking for something at the lower end that comes with excellent cleaning ability.

Samsung 6.0 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity – 6Kg
  • Max Rotation Speed – 700RPM
  • Noise Levels While Drying – 49dB
  • Noise Levels While Washing – 49 dB
  • Noise Levels While Spinning – 61dB
  • Installation – Free Standing
  • Voltage – 220V
  • Build Material – Plastic
  • Overall Weight – 19Kg
  • Dimensions – 45 x 75 x 93 cm

Key Features

  • Uses Center Jet Technology for more effective washes.
  • Comes with a decent RPM speed along with a specialised design for faster drying.
  • A durable plastic body that’ll make the washer last and look good for a long time.
  • Has handy quality-of-life features for more comfortable use.

Reasons to Buy The Samsung 6.0 Kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Center Jet: The feature that elevates this washing machine’s cleaning performance from average to excellent is its Center Jet mechanism. This technology is often used in premium washing machines. Using it, the pulsator can shoot out jets of water from the middle, keeping clothes from reaching the bottom and preventing tangles. As a result, clothes have a better time moving around freely, and they end up being cleaner.

Air Turbo: Besides, its drying performance is also quite amendable. While it has a basic RPM speed of 700, that’s more than you can expect from many other washers at the same price. We could’ve preferred a little higher, though, seeing as there are other similar washers on the list with a much higher RPM. For instance, the LG washer above has 1350 RPM. However, the Air Turbo System makes the drying process faster. The system works by rapidly rotating the drum and bringing in more air through a pair of air intakes.

Enhanced Durability: The body’s build quality is also good, despite the lower price. It’s still made of plastic, but the plastic is of high quality. This plastic is anti-corrosive and rust-proof, so this washer can even perform well in a very humid environment.

More Mobility: This washing machine comes with hidden castor wheels, which increases your mobility while keeping the design clean by remaining hidden behind the washer. It’s far lighter than other top-loading semi-auto washers, too, so you can move it around easily even when you load it with clothes.

Quality of Life Features: Additionally, it also comes with its own set of small features in both design and functionality. There’s a buzzer that lets you know when the wash cycle is complete so you can remove clothes as soon as they’re done washing. Due to this buzzer, you no longer have to constantly monitor if the machine has finished washing. This feature may seem common, but it’s not present in a lot of washing machines at this price.

  • Very inexpensive.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has a handy wash complete alert.
  • No rat protection.
  • No wash programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it need to be installed by a technician?

No, you can install it yourself and get to using it right away.

How big is the lint filter?

It’s approximately 4x4in.

How much noise does it make?

Not a lot. At most, it’ll make the regular amount of noise you’d get from a normal washing machine.

What is the tub made of?

It’s plastic.


It’s a decent washer, much better than the average ones. It offers all the necessities- good durability, performance and even good portability. However, the lack of wash programs can be rather off-putting. Good washing machines, be they fully automatic or semi-automatic, should always come with basic wash programs at least. However, if you don’t mind putting in a little bit of extra effort, you’re going to love this washing machine.


 Best Washing Machines In India – Buying guide

Best Washing Machines In India – Buying guide

Types Of Washing Machines

Now, let’s talk about the washing machine type before getting to the little factors impacting the washer’s abilities.


Semi-automatic And Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Washing machines are classified through how users interact with them. Each one has a different design compared to the other. You can find two types of washing machines; Fully-Automatic and Semi-Automatic.

Fully-Automatic ones can do all the washing for you. In contrast, Semi-Automatic ones need much more user interaction.

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

If you don’t mind doing extra work, semi-auto washers are a good choice. They need more manual handling, but they’re also reliable and inexpensive. In fact, that’s why this type of washer is popular among Indians, especially among those transitioning from hand washing clothes.

Semi-auto washing machines also have a small form factor. Alongside that, they use two tubs- one for washing and one for drying. After washing clothes in one, you need to move them to the drying tub manually.

Advantages of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

  • They’re the most water-efficient.
  • They don’t need a constant water supply.
  • Wash cycles take less time to complete.
  • Very inexpensive compared to automatic washing machines.
  • They have the most portability.

Disadvantages of Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

  • Washing requires a significant amount of manual effort.
  • Washing performance isn’t as good as that of an automatic washing machine.
  • Bigger possibility of receiving an electric shock.

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Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines are essentially the opposite of semi-automatic ones. You have to put in a lot of manual work to operate a semi-automatic washing machine. In contrast, a fully automatic washer will do everything for you. You’ll still have some control over the washing process, though. You can use the machine’s different modes and washing programs to clean your clothes however you like.

Advantages of Fully-Automatic Washing Machines

  • All the washing is done automatically.
  • Most models come with newer technology.
  • Less space occupation.

Disadvantages of Fully Automatic Washing Machines

  • More expensive than semi-automatic counterparts.
  • Consumes more power and water.


Semi-automatic vs Fully automatic washing machine

Here’s a table that compares the main differences between both washers.

Semi-automatic washing machinesFully-automatic washing machines
Very portable.Too heavy, not very portable.
Semi-automatic washers are comparatively less spacy.Fully-auto washers offer a lot more space.
Save more water.Consume more power and water.
Only top-loading models are available.Can be found both as top and front loaders.


Front-Loaders And Top-Loaders

Now, fully automatic washing machines are also two types based on their mechanism; Front-Load Washing Machines and Top-Load Washing Machines.


Front-Load Washing Machines

Front-loaders are better at cleaning efficiently than top-loaders. These washers are expensive, but they compensate for the initial cost by reducing water and energy usage. The best front load washing machines can give even your delicate laundry a great clean without causing any harm to them.

Advantages of Front-Load Washing Machines

  • Lack of tumbling motions or central agitators ensures gentler cleaning.
  • Less water consumption.
  • Great for delicate clothes.
  • There’s more space for clothes inside due to the lack of agitators.

Disadvantages of Front-Load Washing Machines

  • They cost more money, both in maintenance and in the initial purchase.
  • Wash cycles are longer.
  • Mould can gather more often inside the machine.
  • They’re bigger, so they take up more space.
  • You can’t access clothes without squatting or bending, which can be trouble for those with back pain.


Top-Load Washing Machines

Top-load washing machines can clean clothes almost as well as front-load ones. The difference is that they’re operated slightly differently and have their own set of advantages. Not to mention, the best top load washing machines come with advanced features along with excellent mobility.

Advantages of Top Load Washing Machines

  • The user doesn’t need to strain their posture to put clothes in.
  • They don’t need much maintenance.
  • Most washers have wheels and are more portable.
  • They can last more than a decade with good care.
  • Users can add in clothes even during wash cycles.

Disadvantages of Top Load Washing Machines

  • In most models, water consumption can go up as high as 40 gallons per load.
  • The central agitator inside can damage delicate clothes with friction.


Front-load or Top-load Washing Machines?

Front-loaders vs top-loaders; both washers have their own advantages and disadvantages. The right fit for you is ultimately based on your personal preference alongside your budget.

Low water consumption due to tumbling mechanism.60% more consumption than front-loaders.
User needs to bend down to insert clothes.Clothes can be loaded while standing.
Treat delicate clothes gently.Not as good for such fabrics because they use agitators.
They wash slower.Faster wash speed due to agitators.


Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Washing Machines in India

Once you settle for the type of washer you’re going to get, you can head on to consider the other aspects of the machine.

1. Capacity

The capacity will be the most vital aspect of the model you’re buying; it’ll determine how much you can use the washing machine and how efficiently it works. If the washer you get has low capacity, you’ll run out of space. Having way too much capacity will be detrimental, too, as you’ll use an unnecessary amount of water and energy.

To get the maximum capacity without wasting your washing machine’s potential, we suggest buying a Front-loading washing machine. Front-loaders don’t use agitators, which allows them to provide the user with 20%-30% free space. That’s why some of the models are easily the best washing machines in India.

You can pick an appropriate capacity by considering your family size. Here’s a rough guideline.

CapacityFamily Type
6 KgBachelors and Couples
7 KgSmall family (With 2-4 members)
8 KgMedium-sized family (With 4-6 members)
10 Kg+Large family (More than 6 members)


2. Inverter Technology

An Inverter washing machine can adjust the motor’s speed so that it’s just appropriate with the number of clothes inside. That way, there’s a lot less power wasted.

Average washing machines without Inverter technology are significantly less efficient. They have no power management- they’ll still use the same motor speed even if they’re almost empty.

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3. Direct Drive Technology

Direct Drive technology can also contribute significantly to a washer’s efficiency. Standard washers operate their drums through a pulley and belt system. Meanwhile, ones that have Direct Drive technology don’t need the pulleys and belts. Their drums are directly connected to their motors, which allows smooth movement. Plus, the motor can also last longer without the added friction, and there will be less power consumption.

Lastly, in a washer using this technology, the motor and drum work flawlessly as a single unit, so noise and vibration levels are lower.


4. Specialised Drum Technology

Washing performance differs across drums of most washing machines. High-end washers won’t do you much good if they don’t have good drums, as your clothes have a high chance of getting damaged. A good drum should always have an unobtrusive design so that it can wash clothes without damage.

The best models of every brand come with their special drums, designed to keep clothes safe from wear and tear. For instance, LG’s washing machines use the Turbo Drum technology, which is part of why they’re some of the best washing machines in India.


5. Energy Efficiency

The first thing to save energy is to get a washing machine with Inverter technology, as it can save a lot of energy through intelligent power management.

You can also look at the washing machine’s star rating to get an idea of its power savings. Generally, 5-stars or anything close to that is the best.
Lastly, if you want to maximise your power savings, you can purchase a Front-Loading washing machine or a Semi-Automatic one.


6. Water Efficiency

Water efficiency is essential to saving you money, just like energy efficiency is. An inefficient washing machine can waste as much as 40 gallons of water every load. If you’ve got to refill your water reserves every few hours, then a low water efficiency washing machine can be a large detriment.

The best washing machines in India can save both power and water. We advise going for Front-Loading washing machines, as they can detect the amount of water-based on load better than other types of washing machines. They usually use only half the water Top-Loaders use for a single wash. Bosch’s range of washing machines is especially good for saving water.


7. Wash Programs

Wash programs are preset settings meant to clean clothes in a certain way. Pre-Soak, Quick Wash, and Daily Wash are the three most common programs. Here’s a brief description of them.

  • Pre-Soak: This program is handy when you have tough stains on your clothes. The machine soaks and agitates the clothes thoroughly before washing, making the stains come off easier.
  • Quick Wash: If you’re short on time, you can use this mode to clean your laundry in less than 30 minutes. The amount of clothes you can put in is limited, though. We advise not using this mode with your more delicate clothes.
  • Daily Wash: This is essentially the normal mode for regular laundry washes; it has the least water consumption.


8. Ability To Clean With Hard Water

Hard Water has a significant impact on household appliances like purifiers and washing machines. You can’t clean clothes well using water that’s saturated with minerals like magnesium and calcium. That’s because detergents can’t mix well with such water. You need to get a washer that can handle hard water, to both be able to clean clothes properly and prevent any sort of damage to the machine itself.

Most brands will provide features that can ensure proper washes with hard water. For instance, IFB has Aqua Energie, which uses a special process to turn hard water into soft water.


9. Automatic Detergent Dispenser

The best washing machines in India come with auto dispensers. Because of these dispensers, users don’t have to worry about putting in too much or too little detergent. For instance, Bosch’s washers have a sophisticated detergent dispenser. It does everything from sensing the fabric type to calculating the load volume to drum volume ratio to give your clothes just the right amount of detergents. You can save both water and detergents that way, reserving some for several extra washes.


10. In-Built Heater

In general, hot water is an excellent counter to hard and tough stains. People can use hot water when washing by hand. Still, there’s a significant difference with a washer as the user can raise the temperature much higher since they don’t need to actually touch the water.

Most washing machines in Western countries use in-built water heaters to heat water mid-wash. India has recently started to utilise the same tools in its washing machines as well, specifically the more Global brands.


11. Noise And Vibration Levels

It’s a good indication that a washing machine is decent if it doesn’t make much noise and vibration. That means that the washer is very well-designed and can’t hamper focus during certain situations. If you’d like to get a quiet washing machine, you can get a front-loading model. There are a couple of features and technologies you can look out for, Direct Drive being one of the prime examples.


12. Smart Features

By smart features, we mean support for control through wireless technology. Every modern home has several devices controlled by a smartphone, which acts as a singular remote for all the devices. The best washing machines in India come with such technology. Some even come with features that can troubleshoot your washing machine and help you get it fixed faster. Wireless technology allows you to monitor your washer and control it, too.

Some of the best smart washers come from LG and Samsung. LG washing machines even support NFC so that they can be connected to smartphones.


13. Soaking Mechanism

Soaking clothes is vital for proper cleaning. Some washers come with an automatic soaking function, where they soak clothes before actually washing them. That makes getting rid of dirt, detergent residues and bacteria much easier. The soaking also allows you to use detergents more effectively as a result.


14. Spin Speed

Spin Speed, while not entirely necessary, can still enhance wash quality. A washing machine that has a higher spin speed can dry your clothes faster. As such, faster rotation increases the washer’s energy efficiency. Spin Speed is generally denoted by RPM, and you can find good washers with Spin speeds ranging from 500 RPM to 1800 RPM.


15. Filtering Quality

Washer filters sometimes go overlooked. Many washers come with filters that can trap loose hairs, lint and other unnecessary things, cleaning your clothes better. Check the reviews of the product you buy to ensure that the filter works correctly.


16. Mobility

Mobility isn’t as important as the actual wash quality, but it can mean a significant difference for some people. While you can get lightweight washers to have some level of mobility, you can also move certain washing machines anywhere you want with little effort. Semi-automatic washing machines are the best in terms of mobility. Many models come with wheels and can also be used as buckets.


17. Brand

Like every other home appliance, the brand plays a big part in the quality of the washing machine. Less-reputed brands will only offer you gimmicks that only work half the time. However, brands like Whirlpool, LG or Samsung can offer you advanced technology that works and greatly increases wash quality. Branded washing machines will also have more durability and energy savings.

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18. Warranty

Most washer problems can be avoided with proper maintenance, and many common issues can be solved using the self-diagnosis feature. Bigger issues, though, might need a technician’s touch. You should get a washing machine with a long and reliable warranty- that usually does come with trusted and established brands. We also advise looking at the customer service quality when considering the warranty.

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Best washing machines in India – Frequently asked questions

Can a washing machine clean clothes as well as regular hand washing?

Generally, washing machines are great for cleaning off most dirt and stains on clothes. However, a regular hand wash might work better on stickier stains. Plus, you also get a few extra benefits. Hand washing requires a lot of time and hard work. Washing machines can clean clothes off with little to no effort. Hence, washing machines are the best for cleaning clothes all around.

Are top load washing machines more gentle on fabrics than front loaders?

Many people think so. But there is no valid reason for such a belief. Whether top-loading or front-loading, the advanced technology of all modern washing machines today takes good care of your clothes. They are gentle on the clothes while removing stubborn dirt so that there is no damage done. However, some traditional washers use rod-like agitators. In such cases, there is a possibility of tearing the clothes. So you should keep this in mind before buying a washing machine.

Should I buy a top-loading machine with an agitator or without one?

You’ll find that most top-loading machines are without agitators. We advise buying machines without any agitators. Though they increase cycle speed, at the same time, they also twist all the clothes, reducing fabric quality.

Why are front load washing machines pricier than top loaders?

A top load washing machine uses an agitator or pulsator system. Meanwhile, the front load washing machine uses a tumbler washing system. These tumbler washing systems are more expensive to manufacture than pulsator ones. As such, they come with a higher price tag. Front-loaders also offer more washing programs and features to make up for it, though.

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There’s really no single washer that can be considered the absolute best for you; it all changes based on your needs and preferences. Our reviews of the best washing machines in India should help you pick one without delving too deep into the market. If you’re somehow unable to find the model you need, our buying guide should be more than enough to help you find the right fit. We wish you luck with your purchase!


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