19 Must-Have Laptop Accessories You Should Try

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Do you want to make your laptop usage experience smoother with some nice and practical accessories? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve written this article about some of the Must-Have Laptop Accessories I’ve come upon as a tech enthusiast. All of these will help you out in one way or another without putting a dent in your wallet.

Must-Have Laptop Accessories

Have a laptop with only two USB ports? Well, the first accessory in this list is going to be the perfect solution for you. Eager to find out what it is? Well, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Let’s get started.


Must-Have Laptop Accessories Of 2023

1. USB Hub


Most laptops usually come with only two ports, which can be a problem for many people if they prefer using a keyboard and mouse. There’s no way to use other useful accessories like soundcards, controllers and so on. The only kind of laptops that don’t have such an issue are high-end ones that usually cost around 60k. If your budget is lower, then a USB Hub can be a perfect accessory for such a scenario. A decent USB hub will not only offer you extra regular USB ports but also Type-C ones and MicroSD slots.


2. Foldable Mouses

Foldable Mouse

Foldable Mouses can offer you almost the same level of value a Gaming Mouse can. These aren’t made for gaming. However, if you own a laptop and tend to go out a lot, then a Foldable Mouse is the perfect thing to pair with your device. It’ll eliminate the need to use a cramped touchpad, and it also has a much smaller risk of being damaged inside a bag. You can keep the mouse flat whenever you store it and fold it when you bring it out to use it.

The device itself isn’t a gimmick, as even respected companies like Microsoft have a model. That’s the Microsoft Arc Mouse, which is actually one of the best options out there.

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3. External Webcam

External Webcam

Of course, it would be silly of me to not add in this section. An external webcam is pretty much a must-have laptop accessory. That doesn’t only apply to content creators; you’ll find these devices incredibly useful even as an average user. If you’re the latter, you can have better video calls. A clearer camera means that you can be more presentable to your loved ones and acquaintances in class or work.


4. Laptop Backpack

Laptop Backpack

You can get by with the backpack you have at home, but you can’t use it to carry your laptop peripherals alongside the laptop itself. If you put everything in a plain backpack, there’s a chance that something might break. You need to make sure that you choose a backpack with a lot of extra pockets and compartments. That way, you can keep other things like your mouse and headset in different places.

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5. Roll-up Keyboard

Roll-up Keyboard

A Roll-up Keyboard is excellent for any user that needs to write on their laptop often. A laptop’s general keyboard can feel cramped for a lot of people. If you’re one of them, you can get this kind of keyboard instead of a regular desktop keyboard. The latter is large and hard to store in a bag, so you won’t be comfortable moving it around. You want to be able to do that since portability is the whole point of a laptop.

That’s where the Roll-up Keyboard comes in. It can offer you the same button spacing a standard keyboard can, but it can easily fit into a bag. You can just roll up the device and store it without any worry of damage.


6. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth Speakers

Whilst creating this post, I’ve made sure to think of every kind of user. Most people like to take their headsets with them when they go out. Some aren’t a fan of such devices, however. For them, wearing headphones for a while can result in some discomfort. Bluetooth Speakers are perfect in such a case. They can provide quality that’s similar to a full-sized speaker while being compact at the same time. They aren’t very expensive either. In fact, they’re far cheaper than a standard speaker.

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7. USB Lamp

USB Lamp

It’s normal for a lot of laptops to come without any sort of backlit keyboard. Even if the hardware specifications of such laptops are good, I know how irritating they still are whenever being used at night. The only way to type on such a laptop in the dark is to keep the screen at full brightness or to have the room lights on, but that can be very harsh on the eyes. USB Lamps take care of such an issue completely. Even better, they’re normally just bright enough to show the keyboard but not enough to bother the user’s eyes.


8. Anti-Glare Filter

Anti-Glare Filters are a godsend for any outdoor user, like someone who goes to a University and tends to work on their laptop while sitting outside on the campus. You can go out and use your laptop right under the sun’s harsh light, without having to squint your eyes to read the screen. Some laptops already come with Anti-Glare screens, though. They’re actually better than separate filters. You can check if the model you have has one by checking the specs. If it doesn’t, you can benefit a lot from getting a Filter.


9. Cooling Pads

Cooling Pads

If you prefer to do a lot of heavy work or gaming on your laptop, then you must get yourself a cooling pad. You can prevent a lot of damage by making sure your laptop stays as cool as possible. Don’t worry about noise- most cooling pads are pretty silent and compact as well, so you’ll get to enjoy their benefits without issues.

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10. Privacy Cover For Webcam

Your files aren’t going to be the only things that’ll be at risk when using a laptop. A good cyber-criminal can access your webcam and use it to acquire pictures of your face and other sensitive things. That’s why I’d highly recommend getting a privacy cover, to keep such unsavoury people away. Plus, you can keep yourself from accidentally using your camera in video calls too.


11. Portable Screen

Having a multi-monitor setup is always super handy. But you obviously can’t carry your entire monitor in your bag, but you can get a smaller screen that’ll still help you with productivity. Portable Screens are easy to carry around and are great companions for people who do multitasking-based work on the go, like any sort of editing. Do note, though, that these are some of the most expensive types of accessories.


12. Wrist Pads

Do you use your laptop for long hours? Well, then I’d say it’s a good idea to get yourself a wrist pad to prevent any discomfort as you sit and click away at your machine all day. These pads are good for health, preventing minor wrist injuries.


13. Retractable Cable

Retractable Cables are like tapes. You can pull them back and forth to shorten them as you want without dealing with tangles and clutter. The best types of such cables you can find are the ones that have multiple types of USB ports in one end.


14. Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Earbuds

Headphones are pretty good on their own, but earbuds are an even better option. You can find plenty of good quality options that are made by top-tier audio brands. Though these options probably won’t be comparable to high-quality headsets, they still come close.


15. Sound Card

You can combine a Sound Card with a pair of Earbuds or any other wired Audio Device to get even better sound quality. The best thing about them is that they’re pretty cheap too. Just make sure you have an extra port if you use a mouse and keyboard. These devices need USB ports to work.


16. Mini USB Fan

These aren’t great to use on scorching hot days, but good quality ones can still provide you with a little bit of extra coolness on lukewarm days. They don’t take up too much space and can be adjusted.


17. Laptop Cushion

Did you know that there are boards that can be used as desks for laptops? They come with slots for both the laptop and a mouse so that you can use your laptop on your lap with maximum convenience. Most of these boards fit into a bag, too, so you can have a mini-desk for your laptop no matter where you go.


18. Portable Desk

Portable Desk

Unlike laptop boards, these are actually full-on desks with stands and such. They’re great if you want to use your laptop on your bed at eye level, without bending uncomfortably or laying on your stomach. These desks also come with handy slots, like phone storage slots.

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19. Clippable Phone Stands

You can find stands that can be bent and clipped onto any surface, including laptop screens. These stands are incredibly handy, considering the things you can do with phones. You can combine both to turn your phone into a convenient webcam or even a secondary monitor, using programs like SpaceDesk.


Wrapping Up

All these are the best accessories for laptops you can find. There are other options on the market, but they don’t offer direct benefits like the options on my list. The more of these devices you have, the more enjoyable your user experience will be, that I promise you. You might have to spend quite a bit of cash to acquire them, but they’re worth it.

That’s all for this article. Have fun collecting some of these superb accessories for your laptop. I’ll see you in the next post.

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