Which are the 11 Best laptops under 60000 in 2024? Know it from the Experts

Last Updated on 17 February, 2024 by Sourav Roy

Choosing the best laptop under 60,000 is slightly tricky. The budget falls under the lower end of the high tier laptops. You are spending a good amount, but you are unsure of how power-packed featured the device will be.

Best laptops under 60000

Let me tell you something. The hard part is to decide on the budget. Once that’s done, you have already taken the toughest call. So, guys, sit back and leave the rest to me.

I have curated the finest list of top 11 laptops trending in 2024 only for you. Every year there is a new emergence, and everyone’s looking for the most advanced technology, isn’t it? State-of-the-art, efficient, progressive- that’s what my list is about. Because I am making sure you are taking nothing but the best from here.

Hey, there’s something you must know. All the mentioned laptops are tried and tested by experts.


1. HP 15 AMD Ryzen 7 15.6-inch FHD Laptop

We’ll start the list off with one of the best laptop brands in the market. HP is not only known for producing excellent high-quality laptops but other top-grade computer equipment as well. This laptop model is one of their best products up to date, especially in the 60k budget category. The laptop comes with all the powerful specifications you’d need to have a smooth experience from the start.

HP 15 AMD Ryzen 7 15.6-inch FHD Laptop


  • Excellent slim and lightweight design offers high portability.
  • The powerful processor combines with a large SSD and high RAM to keep performance snappy and consistent.
  • Integrated GPU is one of the best available in the price.
  • Extra upgrade options provide exceptional long-term value.

If you’re looking to invest in a powerful future-proof laptop, then this is the laptop you’ll need. Let’s start with the build quality of the laptop first. HP is known for producing laptops that are the slimmest for their respective price ranges. This model of the laptop is one of the slimmest ones available at 60k.

Not only is that, but the laptop also has an elegant design in general and doesn’t weigh a lot, being only 1.77 kg. All these factors make this laptop an excellent option for travelling around with.

Moving on, when it comes to actual performance, this laptop doesn’t disappoint either. It comes with a powerful Ryzen 7 processor which is known for its exceptional multitasking capabilities and reliable GPU performance.

The processor has 4 cores and runs at a base clock speed of 2.3 GHz. It will offer you consistent performance without any sudden drops, and it also has efficient battery management. That’s not all there is to the laptop’s performance, though. It comes with other specifications that combine together to ensure the laptop is always at top performance.

The laptop has 8 GBs of RAM, which will keep it from running out of memory no matter how many apps you run with it. Besides, these apps will also run faster than you’d expect with the storage drive being an SSD.

Of course, all that ensures the overall power of the laptop- but there is a lot of graphical power as well. If you do a lot of video editing or gaming, then the laptop has enough power to start you off well before you’d need the power of an extra graphics card.

AMD’s Radeon RX Vega 10 works quite well with any video editing applications. As long as you don’t put the laptop under too much stress, it should be able to handle such tasks. For gaming, the GPU isn’t particularly bad as well and can run a lot of popular modern games. Watching HD videos without any glitches and lag won’t be an issue either.

Speaking of graphics, the laptop also offers some additional GPU upgrade options, along with options for other parts. If you need more performance, you can go on ahead and add more to the power of the laptop. As mentioned earlier, it offers GPU upgrades in the form of an extra slot for a dedicated graphics card. Over that, there is also support for 16 GB of RAM expansion, and a dedicated M2 slot for SSD.

Overall, we can say that this laptop undoubtedly deserves to start off our list of the best laptops under 60000. It has little flaws, but you can overlook them easily and enjoy excellent performance.

  • Clean design.
  • Fast bootups.
  • Supports RAM expansion.
  • Powerful integrated GPU.
  • Crisp display.
  • Good sound quality.
  • No ethernet port.
  • No DVD drive.
  • Viewing angles are off.


2. Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i Intel Core i5 15.6 FHD Laptop

The Ideapad Slim 3i is one of the best laptops under 60000, as it’s equipped for the highest productivity at the lowest price. It comes with a fair amount of power to be a brilliant well-rounded laptop. It’s also rather slim and easy to carry.

Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i Intel Core i5 15.6 FHD Laptop


  • Uses one of Intel’s highest quality mid-range processors and offers smooth performance.
  • Comes with hybrid storage to balance both high performance and large storage.
  • Battery life is long and reliable, making it ideal for portability.
  • Extra upgrade options for long-term use.

Let’s get the performance out of the way first. The Ideapad Slim 3i has a 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, which is one of the best processors you can find in the budget. Core i7 ones are more expensive, but the laptop’s i5 processor is the second most powerful processor available. You’ll undoubtedly get value worth the price. It can get you through your day with no issues, as it can handle several kinds of heavy tasks. The processor is one of Intel’s best, so you need not worry about it heating up.

The biggest performance advantage of this laptop shows in its multitasking capabilities. With 8 GBs of initial RAM, the processor can work unhindered to provide the best multitasking performance for the price. You won’t run out of memory anytime even if you run many apps at the same time and keep switching from one to another.

Besides, hybrid storage also works in favour of performance. While the laptop uses a large 1 TB HDD to provide the user with a lot of space, it also makes sure that the performance stays fast with a 256 GB SSD. With the OS on the SSD, the laptop will run at the fastest speed possible. The copy-paste speeds and boot-up speeds are fast as well.

Let’s take a look at the battery life now, which is also one of the laptop’s biggest advantages. On paper, it says the charge 7.3 Hours– we’ve managed to run the battery for 7 hours with some smart management. Our tests show that the laptop at least lasts 6 hours when it doesn’t go through a lot of heavy use. Even if that doesn’t seem attractive enough to you, then there’s more to the battery that may benefit you.

The laptop has a powerful rapid charging feature. Even if you do run out of charge, you don’t have to wait long at all to charge up the battery. The battery can go all the way up to 80% on charge in less than an hour. So the battery quality is more than enough to complement the portability of the laptop.

Overall, this is an excellent laptop to go for if you want something fairly powerful for home use. Plus, the laptop also supports RAM upgrades up to 12 GB and has an additional SSD slot.

  • Smooth performance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Reliable battery life with fast charging.
  • Sound quality is great.
  • Hybrid storage.
  • Webcam isn’t good enough.
  • Not that good for heavy use.


3. Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 Intel Core i7 Laptop

Of course, no best laptop, computer or phone list is complete without a Xiaomi product. This laptop offers the best performance at the price, mixed with excellent design and solid build quality. The laptop isn’t perfect, but all these qualities cover for the little flaws and secure its position among the best laptops under 60000.

Mi Notebook Horizon Edition 14 Intel Core i7 Laptop


  • Exceptionally lightweight makes it comfortable to use.
  • Uses the powerful Intel Core i7 alongside with one of the best laptop GPUs to offer a lot of power.
  • Heating stays at a minimum despite the powerful hardware.

The laptop is quite slim and has the most modern design. You can see that the moment you look at the laptop- the screen is clean and sharp, especially with the narrow bezels. They’re so narrow, in fact, that the laptop doesn’t even have a webcam. Although, it still does come with a camera- only it’s an external one. You can use it by plugging it into the laptop.

While setting it up may seem like extra work, the immersion of the unobstructed screen compensates for it more than enough. Not to mention, the display is an FHD one. Though you don’t get an integrated webcam, you still get the highest quality visuals in the budget.

You can enjoy the display outside as well, as the laptop only weighs 1.35 kg and has an anti-glare display. Regardless of where you use it, you’ll use it just as comfortably as you did at home.

When it comes on actual performance, the laptop runs on one of Intel’s most powerful CPUs, so you can expect excellent performance. It runs on a 10th Gen Core i7, which handles heavy applications with ease. Multitasking isn’t going to be a problem at all, and it will complement the laptop’s GPU the best.

The GPU itself is the NVidia GeForce MX350. It’s at the lower end of the high-end GPU range, so don’t expect the highest performance. You’ll only get powerful graphics with GPUs from the GTX or RTX series, which are way beyond 60k. But this MX series GPU is still better than any integrated GPUs that Intel and AMD processors come with. It can handle most heavy graphics tasks easier, be it when it comes to video editing or gaming. The large and fast 512 GB SSD that acts as storage is only the cherry on the top.

You can go for this laptop, especially if you’re a video editor as it has a decent GPU and a great processor. It doesn’t heat up much either, as it has a design meant to aid in cooling, like the broader air intake area and the large diameter fan.

  • Great screen brightness.
  • Build quality feels solid.
  • Keys feel great to type on.
  • Snappy performance.
  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt webcam.
  • Touchpad could’ve been better.


4. Lenovo Ideapad S340 Intel Core i5 14 inch FHD Laptop

Lenovo has already made an appearance on our list. This laptop’s specifications are just as impressive as the other one, especially in this price range. You’ll find that it offers more performance than you’d expect and certainly deserves to be considered one of the best laptops under 60000.

Lenovo Ideapad S340 Intel Core i5 14 inch FHD Laptop


  • Offers one of Intel’s most reliable mid-range processor at a low price with high RAM.
  • Uses hybrid storage for maximum efficiency.
  • The quality display offers exceptional entertainment value.
  • Ideal for portable use, with a thin and lightweight design.

The laptop has a solid 10th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. We’ve tested its 50k variant before (the IdeaPad S340 Core i3), which offered impressive performance despite its lower specifications. The performance was good enough to make it to our best laptops under 50000 list. This model offers even better performance. It can multitask smoothly and offer snappy performance. Although, you can’t expect much out of it in terms of graphics.

Its processor and 8 GBs of RAM always ensures reliable overall performance. You can’t expect much with graphic power because the laptop only uses an integrated GPU. This is where the biggest flaw of the laptop is; its integrated GPU takes away RAM from the laptop, and you can’t expand the RAM beyond 8 GB. But for everyday use, it’ll speed through tasks with little to no effort.

Plus, you still have the hybrid storage to increase the performance, as the 256 GB SSD that runs beside the 1 TB HDD offers a significant boost. The combination makes sure you get the highest storage and the fastest speed when it comes to storage drives.

Now, let’s talk about the display- it’s one of the laptop’s best features. The display is clear and produces rich colours, and ensures immersion with a high 1080p resolution. The narrow bezels make it even better to look at. The laptop also has an anti-glare coating, so you can even enjoy the display at its full glory outside.

When it comes to going outside, this laptop is also very easy to carry. It’s one of the thinnest and lightest you can find on the market. So, if you want to go out with the laptop, you’ll be able to use it comfortably and be productive as well, since the sunlight won’t block the screen.

  • Performs seamlessly.
  • Good sound clarity.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Superior display quality.
  • Fast bootups.
  • Build quality doesn’t feel good enough.
  • Low base clock speed.
  • Can’t manage graphics-heavy tasks well.
  • Brightness could’ve been higher.


5. HP 14s core i5 10th Gen 14 inch FHD Laptop

This 60k HP laptop comes with a lot of power in a slim and thin package. It has everything you’d need from a reliable laptop, and the design itself is eye-catching as well.

HP 14s core i5 10th Gen 14 inch FHD Laptop


  • Comes with an Intel i5 processor and support for RAM expansion.
  • Navigation works seamlessly due to the SSD in the hybrid storage.
  • Build quality is excellent with an elegant and practical design.
  • The display is clear and vivid, even under direct sunlight.

Performance-wise, this laptop is perfect for just about any everyday task. It can take on just about anything you throw at it, with the Intel Core i5. Our tests show this laptop has snappy performance when you’re running regular apps with it. You might have trouble running any graphics-intensive applications though, as it only has an integrated GPU.

Even with the lack of a dedicated GPU, it still has the overall performance going for it. Besides the powerful processor, it also comes with 8 GBs of RAM and hybrid storage. As it’s hybrid storage, you get to enjoy the enhanced speed of an SSD.

You don’t need to worry about running out of space either since there’s a 1 TB HDD as well. The whole OS works seamlessly once installed on the SSD, and the apps load up faster as well. Though this laptop isn’t for video editing, it’s still an excellent choice if you do image editing.

Besides, the overall build quality of the laptop is remarkable as well. It’s easy on the eyes, but it also offers some conveniences. The bezels of the screen are narrow, so there is more immersion. The keyboard provides a comfortable typing experience through well-spaced buttons. Even the weight doesn’t feel very heavy, which is ideal if you want to carry the laptop around.

The display quality of this laptop sets it out from others as well, as everything is bright with accurate colours. The display is a Full HD display so you can enjoy high-quality movies. In fact, the sound quality is beyond average as well. As you can see, the laptop offers a significant amount of entertainment value, and undoubtedly deserves to be included among the best laptops under 60000.

  • Very portable.
  • Screen quality is great.
  • Keyboard design is excellent.
  • Good battery backup.
  • Average camera.
  • Low speaker volume.
  • Not enough USB ports.


6. Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Intel Core i5 14-inch Full HD Laptop

There’s one more laptop from the Ideapad series that fits well into the 60k territory. The E14 has its own set of benefits, and aside from the excellent design, it does offer some other great features.

Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Intel Core i5 14-inch Full HD Laptop


  • Uses a powerful and reliable Core i5 processor to offer maximum performance.
  • Has a lightweight and unique design.
  • Comes with the robust build quality for a long lifespan.
  • Has several features that increase user security.

If you need a business laptop, then this is something you might want to check out. It has a lot of privacy-protection along with solid performance. Let’s talk about that performance first.

The laptop runs on a 10th Gen Core i5 processor, which is one of the fastest processors available in 60k budget. Besides, this Core i5 also has a rather high clock speed of 4.2 GHz so that overall performance will always be smooth and snappy. Multitasking isn’t an issue either, with the 8 GBs of RAM. There’s only one RAM slot, but you can still replace the 8GB RAM with a 16 GB one.

Although the laptop will offer high performance, you won’t have to deal with any heat. The E14 uses Owl Wing fans to keep itself free from dust and overheating. It also optimises itself to make sure the heat intelligently. As a result, the laptop will have a longer lifespan than what you’d expect for a laptop at this price.

The battery is also one of the reasons this laptop is a solid pick in our list of the best laptops under 60000. With proper use, the laptop can last more than 10 hours. Even if the charge does go out, you can charge it up all the way upto 80% in less than 1 hour.

The Ideapad E14 also exceeds expectations when it comes to design. Though the laptop isn’t a gaming one, it does have the quality aesthetic of that category of laptops. The keyboard and the corners of the laptop look clean and pleasing to the eye.

There are also some red accents which add to the look of the laptop. Of course, the body isn’t just good with design- it’s also very solid. It can take accidental drops and even spills like a champ. The body doesn’t weigh much either. That mixed with the robust build quality makes this laptop is ideal for portable use.

One more highly notable set of features this laptop has is the security ones. For a start, you get fingerprint security, which isn’t something you see in a lot of laptops. You don’t need to worry about anyone stealing your login password.

Your other passwords are safe as well, as the laptop comes with a TPM 2.0 chip which encrypts sensitive data and passwords. There’s even a privacy shutter on the webcam to top it off.

  • Lightweight.
  • Fast bootup.
  • Quality display.
  • Great security.
  • Fast charging.
  • Great battery life.
  • Expendable RAM.
  • Camera quality needs improvement.
  • Body attracts a lot of finger marks.
  • Average audio.


7. Dell Inspiron 5408 14 inch FHD 5000 Series Laptop

Of course, no best laptops list would be worth anything without a Dell laptop. As always, dell manages to offer a laptop that has excellent value for its price.

Dell Inspiron 5408 14 inch FHD 5000 Series Laptop


  • Processor is great at multitasking.
  • Comes with an NVidia GPU which handles any high-graphics applications with no effort.
  • Has a high-quality display that produces accurate colours.
  • Has good battery life, alongside fast charging speeds.

If you want a reliable laptop for video editing, then you can give this one a go. It has all the GPU power you’d need and also has an excellent overall performance. The Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD work flawlessly together to bring the user smooth and high-speed performance.

The speed won’t go down even if you multitask, and if you want to use more apps than the 8 GB RAM can handle, you can expand the RAM. All these make the laptop a great daily driver as well.

The GPU is one of the most vital points of the laptop. It offers you an NVIDIA GeForce MX330 with 2GB VRAM instead of integrated graphics, so you can enjoy the smooth and lag-free performance even when doing graphically-intensive tasks. Besides being great for video editing, the laptop can also run several high-quality videogames.

Another notable thing is the display- it’s 14-inch but looks bigger than you’d think due to the narrow bezels. The actual visual quality is impressive, especially for the price. The Full HD resolution ensures that everything you see on display remains as crisp as possible.

We’ve run a couple of other tests on the display as well, and they show that the accuracy of the colour reproduction is also remarkable. You can even enjoy the display in its full glory outside, as it has an anti-glare coating on it.

The fact that the battery life of the laptop remains reliable despite the power says enough for its quality. With smart use, you can last longer than 6 hours with the laptop, and if you run out of charge, you can fill the battery up quickly. The laptop supports fast charging and can fill its battery to 80% in 30 mins.

  • Dedicated GPU.
  • High display brightness.
  • Supports mid-range games.
  • No heating issues.
  • RAM expandability.
  • Fast charging.
  • Mild heating issues when using heavy apps.
  • The keyboard feels a little too soft.
  • Not enough speaker loudness.


8. Acer Swift 3 AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 14-inch Ultra Thin Laptop

We aren’t done mentioning all the brands though- Acer also produces premium laptops at 60k, and the Acer Swift 3 is one of the best laptops under 60000. It’s a great pick if you want a powerful everyday laptop.

Acer Swift 3 AMD Ryzen 5 4500U 14-inch Ultra Thin Laptop


  • AMD Radeon 5 processor will get you through all necessary tasks with no hassles.
  • Comes with 8 GB of RAM alongside an M2 NVME SSD.
  • Both keyboard and touchpad feel comfortable to use.
  • Very thin body, along with exceptionally light weight to enhance mobility.

Let’s begin with the best of the laptop’s performance aspect. While it does have Ryzen 5 CPU, which is better than its Intel Core i5 counterpart, it also contains more core for better multitasking.

The processor has 6 cores rather than the usual 4, which gives it more power to handle multiple applications at once. The integrated GPU isn’t bad either; you can still make good use of it by watching HD movies or playing some of the older videogames.

The laptop also comes with 8 GBs of RAM out of the box, which should be more than enough to run any applications you want. With the storage being an SSD, loading and running apps are faster than you’d expect. You’ll notice how fast the laptop is at the moment you turn it on, due to the fast bootup times. Though it would’ve done a little better in the space department with hybrid storage, you still get a significantly large 512 GB space.

Moving on, let’s get on with the build quality of the laptop, starting with the inputs. The keyboard quality is better than the other laptop options when it comes to typing. You can type comfortably with full speed with the laptop’s keys. The design of the keyboard also adds to the overall appeal of the laptop.

Not to mention, the touchpad itself isn’t bad either. It offers you a lot of usage space without the buttons, and the gestures are precise and responsive. Although, with all these, the keyboard’s backlighting doesn’t meet our expectations all that well.

Acer is almost as good as HP when it comes to laptop thinness, so you can expect the laptop to be very slim. Due to the thinner body, the laptop’s weight also goes down significantly. It only weighs a mere 1.2 kg and is easy to carry around.

Lastly, the laptop also has a decent display and a good battery, especially considering the price. If you want to buy this laptop, you certainly won’t be regretting the purchase.

  • Hybrid storage.
  • Hexacore processor with fast performance.
  • Extremely light.
  • Good battery.
  • No RAM expansion.
  • Display brightness leaves could have been better.


9. HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX 15.6-inch Laptop

If you’re a gamer looking for a truly exceptional gaming laptop, then this one is the best you can find in the price. It’s entirely focused on providing the user with a smooth gaming experience, and that’s obvious at just one glimpse at the laptop’s design. The design itself is a reason for this laptop to be considered the best laptop under 60000, but it has much more to offer.

HP Pavilion Gaming DK0268TX 15.6-inch Laptop


  • Has an eye-catching design without any compromises.
  • Uses a fast Core i5 processor mixed in with 8 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD for good overall performance.
  • Can run a lot of games with the powerful dedicated GPU.
  • Has several ports to offer extra convenience.

The laptop’s design shows off its power at the first glimpse- you don’t see a lot of laptops with such unique yet bold design. Each edge and corner of this laptop is carefully designed to stand out among others and awe just about anyone that looks at it. The laptop’s hinge may seem slightly odd, but it’s just as durable as a regular laptop’s, if not more so.

Of course, no GPU is good without a powerful CPU. So it’s a good thing that this laptop runs on the Core i5 9300H, which is an excellent CPU on its own. Its maximum clock speed is 4.1 GHz, so it’ll always be able to keep up with all your programs. It works well with the high-speed storage and RAM to enhance both gaming and overall performance.

Now, let’s talk about the true muscle of this laptop- the GPU. It runs on a 4 GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Graphics Card. The GTX series is one of NVIDIA’s most powerful graphics cards series. So, unless a game is extremely demanding, you can play any game lag-free with the smoothest performance.

Other laptops in this price range that come with GPUs will offer 2 GB of VRAM, so this laptop’s 4 GB is another plus point. You can easily run PUBG or GTA V on it, or even do heavy video editing work.

Even better, the laptop also comes with an abundance of ports for your gaming accessories. It has 4 USB ports, so you can plug in your other inputs alongside your mouse and keyboard, like a joystick. There’s even an HDMI port for you to mirror your laptop screen to a monitor if you want to.

The laptop’s battery deserves an honourable mention well, as it can last very long despite being used by the laptop’s high-power components.

  • Most powerful gaming laptop in this price.
  • Keys feel solid and comfortable to use.
  • Premium gaming laptop design.
  • Battery charge could’ve been longer.
  • Camera quality is mediocre.
  • Refresh rate is only 60hz.


10. Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core i5 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop

Another quality gaming laptop you can check out is Acer’s Nitro 5. It’s a little cheaper and less powerful, but just as good for gaming.

Acer Nitro 5 Intel Core i5 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop


  • The processor can handle a lot of tasks with its high clock speed.
  • RAM expansion allows user to play newer and more demanding games.
  • Storage is very fast despite it being an HDD.
  • Great battery life for a gaming laptop.

As like earlier, let’s take a glimpse at the design before we head on to the performance aspect of the laptop. It certainly shows off its own gamer aesthetic, with the unique red design that’s slimmer than you’d expect from a gaming laptop. The red backlight also complements the laptop’s design.

Now we can discuss how fast this laptop is. It runs on a 9th Gen Intel Core i5. Though that’s not as good as a 10th Gen one, it can still offer you quite a bit of power. Besides, the processor also has a high clock speed, going all the way up to 4.1 GHz if necessary. The multitasking performance is exceptional as well, and it can handle a lot of games without any issues.

The Nitro 5 also has a powerful dedicated GPU- an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, which is one of the best lower range GPUs. It can perform quite well, and there’s 4 GBs of VRAM to make sure the performance remains smooth. You can play any high-graphics games like Resident Evil, GTA V and even FIFA.

The RAM is also perfect for gaming. You get 8 GBs out of the box, which meets the minimum requirements of most games. If that’s not enough for you, then you can expand the RAM to 32 GB, which is excellent for the price as most laptops only allow you to go upto 16 GB. With such high RAM, you’ll also have good overall performance and be able to use the laptop for other purposes.

Another great thing about this laptop is that, alongside offering a large HDD space, the speed is equal to that of an SSD. That is due to an advanced piece of technology called Optane Memory, which boosts HDD performance to an SSD’s level by storing important system data on it. With the data on the Optane Memory, the processor can access it much faster, and the overall speed of the laptop will become faster.

Lastly, let’s talk about the battery. The battery life is remarkable for a gaming laptop, and that says a lot about Acer’s quality. The laptop says it will last 8 hours on paper, and our tests show that it can last to at least a minimum of 6 hours, which is more than enough for a gaming laptop.

Overall, this is one of the best laptops under 60000 for gaming, if you want something that’s at the lower end of the budget and has good power.

  • Optane Memory shortens loading times in games.
  • Quality display with several viewing angles.
  • Good cooling mechanism.
  • Can run games with high-graphics.
  • RAM expandability.
  • A little heavy.
  • Not slim enough.
  • Only comes with the Black-Red colour combo.


11. ASUS VivoBook S14 Intel Core i5-1035G1 14-inch FHD Laptop

ASUS’s VivoBook S14 may be at the end of our list, but its performance easily competes with the other laptops in the list. Nothing is more true when it comes to the storage department, which is even faster than all the other laptops in the list. Its excellent overall performance and other features make it deserving of being considered one of the best laptops under 60000.

ASUS VivoBook S14 Intel Core i5-1035G1 14-inch FHD Laptop


  • Has exceptionally fast storage that promises speed.
  • Runs on a reliable Intel Core i5 processor to keep performance consistent.
  • The keyboard feels great to type on, and the touchpad is responsive.
  • Display is crisp and ideal for outdoor use.

Before we get started with everything else, let’s talk about the biggest advantage of this laptop- its storage. The laptop already offers fast storage with a 512 GB SSD, but there’s more to it than that. It works faster than you’d expect because the S14 also comes with a 32 GB Octane Memory.

It’s where all the important system data is stored. This laptop can serve as an excellent business laptop, as all your work-related programs will run faster on this laptop then all the other options. That’s because the vital processes of the laptop will be transferring data back and forth from the Optane Memory, leaving the SSD ready to deal with other programs.

You can also expect top-notch processor performance as the laptop runs on a 10th Gen Intel Core i5, which is ones the fastest processors in the price. The processor works well with the other hardware of the laptop to offer you smooth and lag-free performance.

It’s also good with the battery, and because of it, you can last a lot of hours into the day with this laptop. The S14 also comes with 8 GBs of RAM out of the box, so you’ll have enough RAM to spare for any programs. In fact, all this hardware allows the laptop to have excellent multitasking power as well.

Of course, any user would need good inputs to work with full productivity. Both the keyboard and touchpad on this laptop are beyond average. The keys of the keyboard are spaced well enough to be comfortable to type on while offering the user faster typing speeds. The keyboard itself feels solid and will likely last a long time without needing any replacements.

Aside from the excellent keyboard, you also get a reliable touchpad. Most laptops miss out on good touchpad quality because of focusing on pure power. This laptop isn’t one of these. You’ll feel very comfortable using its touchpad and aren’t going to need to get an extra mouse.

That’s not all the features of the laptop that allows it to be an excellent work option. It weighs very little, allowing for greater portability. You can use it anywhere outside, as the display quite bright with an anti-glare coating on top to allow for perfect outdoor visibility.

If you’re a programmer or someone who works at an office, then this is an excellent option for you. It even comes with a fingerprint scanner to complete the package.

  • Excellent bootup speed.
  • Consistent and long battery life.
  • Fast storage due to the combination of SSD and Optane Memory.
  • Excellent audio.
  • Fingerprint scanner.
  • Lightweight.
  • While audio is great, the volume could be higher.
  • Mild heating issues.
  • A little bit expensive, especially as it doesn’t have RAM expandability.


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Best Laptops Under Rs 60000 – Buying Guide

That’s it for our picks of the best laptops around at this budget. It’s time for the buying guide. Let’s start by talking about the major components you should be checking first.

Types Of Laptops

The first thing to consider is the type of laptop you want to get. A lot of laptops look similar but work very different from each other. A few have higher specifications, or some have hardware specifically combined to provide the best performance for a particular situation.

There are 4 types of laptops for the most part: Gaming laptops, Graphics laptops, Student laptops and Basic laptops. At a Rs 60000 budget, you should find a good laptop in any one of these categories.


1. Gaming laptop

We’re mentioning gaming laptops first because these are the most powerful at the price range, especially in terms of raw power. While they’re perfect for gaming, they’re useful for other tasks as well.

Generally, these laptops have powerful processors mixed with high RAM and a dedicated graphics card that has a lot of VRAM. A lot of gaming laptops also come with unique designs, which give them a bit more of a gamer aesthetic.

At Rs. 60k, you can get laptops with Intel Core i7 processors, or AMD’s Ryzen 7 processors. These laptops also come with support for a lot of RAM expansion. As a graphics card, you’d get something powerful like an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 with 4 GB VRAM.

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2. Graphics laptops

Like Gaming laptops, these laptops also come with fairly high specifications. But, these are cheaper, and the features are more focused on practicality and portability over power and design. Graphics laptops have relatively powerful processors and at least 8 GBs of RAM.

They also come with GPUs that can run graphics-intensive design apps without issues. They also have responsive inputs. Generally, you wouldn’t see a Graphics laptop with an HDD, as SSDs are necessary to load large project files. Bigger SSDs are also inexpensive, so you’ll get something like a 512 GB SSD or hybrid storage.

The best graphics laptop under 60000 would be one that has touchscreen support and flippable keyboard. It’ll also be beneficial if the laptop comes with a stylus.


3. Student Laptops

Student laptops lie at the lower end of 60k budget laptops. If you’re interested in getting a portable laptop to carry around, then these are the way to go.

Most student laptops in this budget will offer you a fair amount of power as well if you want to do other things on the side. Their defining points are their lower prices and their portability. Student laptops also come with decent processors that offer good multitasking capabilities along with snappy performance.

Besides, these laptops are also quite thin so they can fit into bags with no effort.

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4. Basic laptops

These are the cheapest kind of laptops you can find. Though, if you need a truly basic laptop, we’d suggest one from Rs. 30k-40k budget as most basic tasks don’t need that much power. At 60k, the best basic laptops can still offer you a lot of power, enough to keep some in reserve for heavy-load applications.

If you just use Youtube and chat while sometimes doing some heavy work or gaming, then you can go for these. These laptops can also offer a lot of battery power at a lower price. Most basic laptops in this range usually come with i5 processors, 8 GBs of RAM. They have entry-level graphics cards, which can’t handle that much load.

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AMD Processor VS Intel Processor

60k is a good price when it comes to processors, and you can get plenty of powerful ones from both Intel and AMD. On a lower price range, Intel processors aren’t all that good. But at this budget, both Intel and AMD processors are incredibly powerful. Intel’s an older company and has made a lot of strides when it comes to computer processors.

AMD might be a little newer, but their processors still stand on par with Intel ones, and some even exceed certain models. AMD laptops are excellent for graphics design at a low price, as integrated AMD graphics can run most graphics-intensive apps even better than Intel’s integrated graphics. You should at least have 4 cores and 8 threads in a laptop costing Rs 60000, to make full use of the potential.

For the best performance, you should at least get 10th Gen Intel Core i5 or i7 processors. If you want to go for AMD, then you should pick AMD’s 3rd or 4th Gen variants of their Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 processors.

These Intel processors work well with the laptop’s overall performance, especially as they’re the ones that come with Optane Memory. They also have advanced connectivity support like Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth V5.0 or Thunderbolt 3. Meanwhile, AMD processors have their own upsides as well. Their better processors are cheaper, and generally have more cores along with multithreading, which is something Intel’s CPUs lack.


GPU – Graphics Card

We’ve touched on the subject of GPUs when talking about the processor. Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at what impacts a particular GPU will have on your laptop performance.

For a recap, processors already come with basic GPUs called integrated GPUs. These aren’t very powerful at all, but they’re still acceptable for regular use. They also take up some of the laptop’s overall performance by running on shared memory with the laptop RAM. This shared usage reduces the amount of RAM your laptop can use for other tasks.

If you’re a video editor or intend to game with the laptop though, then you’d need to go for dedicated GPUs. If you think that dedicated GPUs are expensive, there are still good options across each price range.

Most of the laptops come with a GDDR5 RAM, which is something you should strive to get regardless of the GPU power. There are also GDDR6 GPUs which provide additional support for virtual reality as well. Keep in mind that you want to get yourself the best laptop under 60000, then you’d definitely have to buy a laptop with GDDR5 GPU at the very least.

The NVidia GTX 1050 is one of the best dedicated graphics cards at 60k, though it’s not one of the higher-end graphics cards. Although, you can’t go for Nvidia’s RTX cards, which raise laptop prices far beyond 60k. Their MX260 is also a great lowest range option.

If you don’t need dedicated graphics, you can use Intel’s UHD Graphics or AMD’s Radeon Vega 8.



Hard Disk Drives are what the majority of the computers use, and these storage drives are known to offer a lot of space at a lower price. Solid State Drives or SSDs are more recent, and most people already have one in their computer, either as an alternative for HDD or beside one. These storage drives are fast and make the system run smoothly.

The only catch is that you’ll get less storage at the same price as a higher storage HDD. Most of the time, that isn’t that much of a concern, as there are 512 GB SSDs available in most laptops.

However, for Rs. 60k, you can get hybrid storage where there’s both an HDD and an SSD. You can also opt to have laptops that come with Optane Memory, which can boost up the regular speeds of an HDD and provide reliable performance.

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Things to consider before buying the best laptops under 60000

After you’ve decided on all the factors above, it’s time to get to the specifications and pick the right combo for yourself. Getting the right combination of hardware is important for having the laptop meet all your needs.

1. Processor

You have to focus on the processor first. It would be best if you choose by considering what you want to do with the laptop. If you’re a basic user that wants a future-proof laptop, pick the Intel Core i5 or an AMD Ryzen 5, as one of these will give you sufficient power and they’ll also have relatively long battery life.

If you’re a heavy user, you can either go for a fair amount of power and a long battery or go for the maximum power available in the budget. The former is the best for video editors or graphic designers, while the latter is more fit for gamers. The battery life matters because processors play a significant part in the power consumption of the laptop. If you want to ensure you get the best laptop under 60000, make sure it’s a recent generation processor as well.


2. RAM

There isn’t much to say about RAM, but as it’s vital to the performance of the computer. Hence, you should look at the RAM of the laptop you want to buy. That doesn’t stand only for the initial amount of RAM you get- there are a few little things to make sure of as well.

First, you’d have to make sure that the laptop uses DDR4 technology if you want to be able to find replacements in the future. RAMs using older technology are harder to find.

Another thing to look out for is how much expansion is available. At Rs. 60k, the laptop should support at least 32 GBs of expendable RAM. If your choice doesn’t have that, then you should check the laptop for any possible compromises and that the laptop supports at least 16 GBs of RAM.

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3. Storage

We’ve already talked in-depth about this, so we’ll just sum it up again. HDDs have a lot of storage but slower than SSDs, which work in reverse- they have less storage but work fast. Usually, the best laptops under Rs. 60000 would come with both a large HDD and a large SSD where the user can have the OS on. However, that configuration lies at the higher end of the 60k budget.

If you want to go for the lower end, then you can go for the more inexpensive option- a laptop with a large HDD combined with Optane Memory.


4. Battery Life

Rs 60000 is enough to get you a laptop with excellent battery life. The battery is one of the most significant advantages of owning a laptop. It allows the user to be more mobile and prevents unexpected power cuts from corrupting data. If a powerful laptop has a long battery life, then that’s generally a sign of a good laptop.

The best laptops under 60000 offer that combination of power and battery, and also come with additional advanced features like fast charging.

There are some things you can do to make sure the battery of the laptop you buy lasts as long as possible. To begin with, you can make sure that the laptop you intend to buy has good cooling and a design that allows better airflow. Otherwise, the laptop can heat up. This heat puts more stress on the battery and shortens its lifespan.

You can also do several things after you purchase the laptop to make sure the battery life remains at its peak for as long as possible. Before we get to the do-s, there are some don’t-s that you need to remember; you should never let the charge of your battery die out completely.

This kind of charging arrangement is a golden rule for all devices that use lithium-ion batteries. The user should never let the battery run out of charge, and they should never let it reach full charge either. Li-ion batteries will give the best performance if you keep their charge somewhere between 20%-90%.

Other than that, you can also efficiently manage your startup applications, run system optimisation apps like IObit’s Advanced Systemcare, and keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi usage to a minimum by keeping both off when you’re not using the laptop.

If you follow these tips, you can rest assured that you’ll certainly get a great battery life out of your laptop battery, and even get some performance improvements on to the side. One more thing to keep in mind is to take good care of the charging adapter. If something happens to it and you buy a new one from the market that isn’t meant specifically for your laptop, you might risk harming its battery.

If everything goes right, you can easily enjoy more than 6-8 hours of battery on medium or sometimes even heavy use.


5. Display

60000 is the budget where you start getting some of the more advanced features with the laptop display alongside the high-resolution FHD display expected in the budget. Before you get onto looking for these features, though, you should make sure that the display is an IPS display and has good viewing angles.

You should also make sure the display comes with anti-glare technology if you intend to travel outside with it or get a laptop touchscreen input. The last part is important because touchscreen laptops have a glossier display, and as such tend to have glares often.

So, if you’re a graphics designer and are getting that kind of laptop, you should be sure that the laptop display has this feature. Additionally, there’s also something you can get if you’re a gamer. Laptops at this price also sport 120Hz displays, so if you game competitively, you can get these.


6. Graphics Card

You can find plenty of graphics power in laptops around Rs. 60k. That applies to both dedicated and integrated graphics. There are high-quality dedicated graphics cards, but there are also good options in laptops that don’t come with any, as the processors such laptops use are still fairly powerful and include solid built-in graphics.

If you’re a video editor or gamer, you will do best with the ones that have dedicated graphics. Though, integrated GPUs will still be useful if you don’t want to go for the higher prices.

If you want to go for dedicated GPUs, then you can find several of NVidia’s fairly powerful ones like the GeForce GTX 1650 or the MX350 with 4GB VRAM. For integrated options, you have the AMD Radeon Vega 8 or the Intel UHD graphics.


7. Screen Size

We’re talking about the screen size separately from the display part because it impacts more than your viewing experience. Of course, having a bigger screen would offer you more immersion, but it has some disadvantages on its own. You have to think about the screen size carefully, as you can’t change it like you can change the RAM or storage.

The biggest laptop screen you can find is 17.3 inches, but that’s not available in the 60k budget. The best laptops under 60000 usually have a 14-in to 15.6-inch screen size. If you’re looking for the entertainment value or you’re a gamer, you can go for 15.6-inch. A smaller laptop, though, would be great for portability as it’s slim and light. However, it’s not fit for a heavy user as these smaller laptops don’t support the more advanced GPUs and have fewer connectivity ports.


8. Number of Ports

The number of ports isn’t going to bother you much if you’re an average user. However, if you tend to use your laptop with a lot of accessories, then it would help to check out the number of ports the laptop comes with beforehand. If you want every kind of port, you can go for laptops with bigger screens. That’s because the screen size determines the overall size of the laptop and a bigger size means more space to put ports into.

Besides, you should also make sure the laptop has USB 3.0 and 3.1 ports, as they’re much faster than their older counterparts. You should also be looking for USB C and Thunderbolt 3 ports, especially if you’re getting a laptop with a 10th Gen Intel processor. Thunderbolt 3 ports can allow data transfer speeds upto 40 gigabits per second.

Lastly, the other thing port you should endure that the laptop has is an HDMI port, which you can use to connect it to a PC. TV, or even a home theatre. The best laptops under 60000 usually have a well-balanced arrangement of ports and offer much more than most of their cheaper variants do.

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9. Keyboard And Touchpad

The keyboard is going to be one of the components you use the most. As such, you should be getting one that feels comfortable for you, especially if you’re going to be typing a lot. To find the right keyboard for you, you can start out by considering the size of the keyboard.

Smaller screen laptops have a more compact keyboard without any numeric pads. On the other hand, the bigger screen ones are the opposite. Smaller keyboards will have less key spacings, making typing a little bit faster on them. Something else that you might find extremely handy about the keyboard is lighting.

Backlit keyboards make typing effortless in conditions with little to no lighting. You can even use the laptop more comfortably in bed at night with that sort of keyboard.

Likewise, you should also ensure the quality of the trackpad. You won’t always carry a mouse along with an external keyboard around everywhere you go. So, you should make sure that the touchpad has good quality. For a start, you need to make sure that the touchpad is responsive feels comfortable to use. The finer things you should look out for are the size of the touchpad and gesture functions.

Some of the best laptops under 60000 don’t usually have touchpads with buttons. Instead, they use a multi-gesture function to help you navigate around the laptop.


10. Cooling

Cooling is something you can’t overlook when it comes to laptops in this budget. These laptops are fairly powerful, so you need to make sure they can handle all that high power well without any hitches.

At Rs. 60k, we advise making sure that the laptop has great cooling capabilities, as much cheaper laptops come with a decent cooling system. Plus, having good cooling will also benefit battery life.

Not to mention, too much heat can eventually cause the laptop to wear out, so a good cooling mechanism aids in durability. One of the things you can do to ensure cooling is ensuring that the laptop has adequate air ventilation.

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11. Privacy and Security

The majority of the laptops you can find are incredibly reliant on the internet for good performance. So, sooner or later you’re going to need to use the internet on the laptop. While the system remains connected to the internet, it’s also open to cyberattacks. Someone might end up misusing your laptop or stealing personal data.

So, you should make sure that the laptop you buy has adequate internet security. A lot of good laptops come with licensed professional antivirus software to keep your computer safe from viruses. Use these programs often and learn to manage your Windows Firewall effectively.

The physical security of the laptop is also important. People can steal passwords easily. So, to prevent that from happening, you can buy a laptop with biometric security. A fingerprint reader will prevent any person other than you from breaking into your computer. Sometimes these laptops also have face recognition, where you can just look at the screen to unlock it.


12. Optane Memory

Optane Memory is a way to get SSD levels of speed in a normal HDD, thus providing the user with the greatest capacity mixed with the highest speed. They do so by storing data you often use- like boot files, software data etc. close to the processor.

This way, the processor can access the data faster than it can access a storage drive or even the RAM. This kind of memory is programmed to adjust itself as you use it, allowing your laptop to work to its highest potential.

One of the best things about Optane Memory is that the data stored in it stays intact even when the power goes out. 16 GB Optane memory would be the best one to go for if you want to save some money, as they’re cheaper than their 32 GB variants but still similarly fast.


13. Speakers

If you’re a fan of music, then you’d be glad to know you can find a whole variety of laptops in this price providing you with different kinds of speakers. You can test out the speakers before purchase and find the ones right for you. Some laptops will give you high-quality hardware when it comes to speakers, along with multiple software enhancements on top to enhance immersion.

Even if you’re not an audio enthusiast, you must make sure the speaker quality is good. Otherwise, the effects of having a good display might be lost since mediocre speakers can break immersion. Some laptops even have Dolby Audio to offer you a premium quality sound experience.


14. DVD Drives

While DVD drives aren’t as necessary in more developed countries, which come with high-speed internet, the same can’t be said for India. Some people still have to wait for a long while for downloads, so having a CD at hand for necessary data can save a lot of time. If you have relatively slower internet, then having a laptop with a DVD drive can help you a lot.

The best laptops under 60000 can come with DVD drives, as there’s more thought put into their design due to the price. Having one isn’t necessary, but it’s good to do so just in case.

One of the most useful instances of having a DVD drive is when you don’t want to go through the trouble of programming Windows files into a Flash Drive for installation. Instead, you can go ahead and use a pre-programmed Windows Installation disk.


15. Webcam

One of the things that make a laptop perfect for educational purposes is a built-in webcam. Rather than having to rely on your phone’s screen for videocalls or needing to set up an extra camera, you can just use the laptop’s webcam to participate in online classes.

Simply having a webcam isn’t enough, though. Some laptops come with a VGA camera, which is unacceptable at this price. Most of the best laptops in this budget come with high-quality webcams, which are clear and crisp. Some even have additional features like privacy shutters that increase the safety of the user’s privacy.


16. Extra Features

Some laptops also come with a few extra features that make life easier. One of the best of such features you can find is the rapid charging, which can charge up nearly the entire battery in less than an hour.

Other features include dust-proof design, RGB lighting and special speakers. Additionally, you can also get some things software-wise, like Microsoft Office or the Antivirus we mentioned earlier.


17. Brand

The brand is vital when you’re considering buying a laptop. A lot of less-reputed brands can offer you laptops with high specifications, but these are just going to be specifications made through cheap hardware. For instance, there’s a huge difference between an HDD from a random brand and one from Toshiba, which is known for making excellent HDDs.

Not to mention, if the components inside aren’t designed and put together in a way to allow consistent airflow, you’ll have to deal with a laptop that heats up often.

Hence, we advise that you go for well-established brands. Their hardware might be more expensive, but they actually match their numbers on the box in terms of real-world performance. Not to mention, the durability factor also goes up significantly.


18. Warranty

For an experienced user, fixing most laptop issues is an easy task. However, sometimes problems occur in the more delicate parts of the laptop, like the BIOS or the motherboard. In such a case, you’d need to have the laptop looked at by a technician.

If you have a good warranty, you can have that done for free, and if the brand is decent, you’ll get excellent service along with occasional checkups to keep the laptop running well.

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Recommended Configurations for best laptops under ₹60,000

Once you have a good idea about every component of the laptop, you can get yourself a great purchase. Here are some recommendations from our experts if you want to get some of the best hardware at the price.

  • Processor (CPU): 10th Gen Intel Core i5or 3rd/4th Gen AMD Ryzen 5.
  • Cores: Minimum 4 cores, but 6 cores work best, along with 8 threads.
  • Memory: 8GB out of the box, with expansion support upto 32 GB.
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce MX350 for less intensive graphics work, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 for very heavy graphics use. 4 GB VRAM for either GPU.
  • Graphics (For users that don’t need powerful graphics): Intel UHD Graphics or AMD Vega 8 graphics.
  • Display: FHD display with IPS technology and anti-glare.


Best Laptop Brands in India

Each brand has its own speciality when it comes to a specific price point. Here’s a list of the best brands which have created some of the best laptops in India.

1. Lenovo

Lenovo is more of a budget brand, but its laptops are premium quality despite the prices. Many of their laptops have dominated top laptop lists time and time again.

Many of these laptops come with excellent displays alongside reliable processing power. If you want high specifications at low prices without any compromises, then you can easily go for these laptops.


2. HP

HP has quite the popularity. You’ve likely seen HPs name several times- they’re known for creating all kinds of top-quality computer equipment like monitors and printers. HP also provides its users with excellent customer support.

As the company is very well-known, you’ll easily be able to find spare parts if you need any. And in terms of practicality, not only are their laptops solid and reliable, but they’re also some of the lightest and thinnest you can find. In fact, HP has made many laptops that are good enough to be considered some of the best laptops under 60000.


3. Dell

Dell is a producer of some of the best well-rounded laptops on the market. Their laptops not only have excellent build quality but are also great for multitasking and have some of the fastest booting times. Not to mention, the display quality for all their laptops is also remarkable.



ASUS has managed to become synonymous with high-powered laptops- the brand will always be one of the ones to come to mind when someone thinks of getting a powerful high-quality laptop.

Not only are these laptops great for resource-intensive tasks, but they’re also excellent for everyday use. They provide the user with a significant amount of power for the price and last a long time.


5. Acer

Acer laptops are fit for all kinds of users, as they offer quite an impressive set of specifications for the lower end of a Rs 60000 budget. Not to mention, they have excellent battery life- some of these laptops can even last as long as 11 hours.

They even have excellent customer service, unlike a lot of other brands out there. If you want to get your laptop fixed, you’ll be able to do so without any hassles.


6. Xiaomi

Xiaomi is quickly rising in popularity due to their powerful phones which provide premium performance at a lower price. The same goes for their laptop line- for instance, the Mi Notebook series offers great power and battery life, more than you’d expect for the price. These laptops are also rather light, with great displays which provide good viewing angles.


Best laptops under 60000 in India – Frequently asked questions

1. How good can the battery be in a 60k laptop?

You’ll be able to find quite a few attractive options when it comes to laptop batteries at this price. Some of the best laptops under 60000 come with incredible battery life for a laptop, lasting as long as 10 hours. Some laptops even last 18 hours, if used well. If you want to get the better end of the deal, you should make sure that the laptop has at least 9 hours of battery life, good airflow and fast charging.


2. What should I focus on as a video editor?

Well, you can go for either Gaming laptops or Graphics design laptops. Both are great for video editing, though we’d suggest checking out the Gaming ones first. Video editing requires a lot of processing and graphical power. If you’re going to do particularly heavy projects, it would be best to go for Gaming laptops as they have both kinds of power to spare in spades.


3. What kind of laptop would be the best for a student?

Before we start, we’d advise checking out the best 50k laptops on the market if you’re looking for a powerful laptop as a student. These laptops offer high specifications at the lowest price, which is ideal for any student.

The perfect laptop for educational use needs to have the good processing power and multitasking capabilities. The laptops you buy should be well equipped to handle projects and online classes.

You wouldn’t need a lot of graphical power, as good processors have enough of that to handle several videogames, and provide some entertainment value. You won’t run out of entertainment options with the display quality and the built-in GPU. Besides, you should also look for a good clock speed, alongside a minimum of 8 GBs of RAM.


4. Can I get a good gaming laptop at a 60k budget?

Yes, you can. Though likely not anything from the highest tier. Gaming laptops are expensive, as they have high-powered GPUs and CPUs. These components are even more expensive than a lot of their desktop counterparts. That’s because laptop components need to be resized through some advanced technologies to provide a lot of power at a smaller size.

So, you can’t expect the perfect gaming laptop for 60k, but there are some great options available. If you want a good laptop for gaming, then this price point is certainly good enough. In fact, you can get plenty of decent gaming laptops at 60k, and there are even some options available at the 50k budget, like the Acer Nitro 5.


5. How good are graphics design laptops at 60k?

Well, there are several laptops available in the market that can easily handle video editing, which is quite intensive on its own. It’s not hard to find a powerful laptop that can run most graphics design applications like Adobe or AutoCAD and come equipped with the unique features which increase productivity when doing graphics work.

To get the best out of the laptop, make sure it has at least 8 GBs of RAM and fast storage. You need these because most of the necessary program files are large and need some time to load. Additionally, you can also ensure that the laptop has a touchscreen and a tablet-mode for a bigger productivity boost.


6. What is the most powerful generation of CPUs in this budget?

The newer the generation, the more feature-rich the CPU will be. Newer generation CPUs have greater power efficiency, and each iteration of the processor comes with more advanced technology. For instance, newer generation Intel chipsets use Thunderbolt C and Wi-Fi 6, which allow faster internet speeds and faster data transfers, respectively.


7. How long will the laptop take before getting performance reduced from wear?

That really depends on how much you use the laptop and how well you maintain it. If you take good care of your laptop, you can make last more than 5 years before the performance starts going down and problems start popping up.

Even more, you can also get an extra year or two if you get the laptop from a reputed brand, as there will be more build quality. Without good care or a good build quality though, you’ll notice your laptop getting worse after only 3 years or so.


8. Do I need a particularly powerful laptop for online classes?

No, you don’t. You can even save some money if you go for a lower-end laptop since powerful processors and GPUs are expensive. However, a laptop is still a significant investment, and it might benefit you in the long term if you buy one with a decent amount of power.

Having a good processor will help you out when you’re doing projects. If you add a medium-range graphics card in as well, then you’ll also be able to future-proof the laptop. After all, having these allows you other potential uses for the laptop like graphics design or light gaming.

Plus, having more entertainment value is going to come in handy after intense study sessions. After all, people can’t go out to refresh their minds and relieve stress as certain areas are contaminated and unsafe due to recent events.


9. What kind of webcam quality can I expect?

It’s a good idea for you to consider this, especially if you intend to use the laptop for online classes.


10. How can I make sure the laptop is fit for the future?

You can ensure that the laptop you buy remains upgradable in case you need more power in the future. You should be able to do that, as the best laptops under 60000 come with plenty of upgrade options. One of the things you can do to future-proof your laptop is making sure that the RAM is a DDR4 RAM and support 32 GBs of expansion. Having extra storage slots will be good as well.

Having a decent amount of RAM at the start, along with more expansion options, will make your laptop performance stay up longer. Most of the time, the initial memory wouldn’t be enough to support a lot of software, and if that happens, there will be more stress on the laptop’s hardware. The laptop might wear out sooner as a result.


11. Are Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Home the same in terms of performance?

Laptops usually come with one of the two variants of Windows 10; either the Windows 10 Pro or the Windows 10 Home. When it comes to performance, there won’t be any difference. In fact, an average user might not notice a lot of differences at all. Though, there are some extra features in the Pro version that might be useful.

Before we get into Pro though, let’s talk a little bit about Windows 10 Home first. The latter is the simpler version of Windows. It has fewer features than that of the Pro version though it does come with all the necessary ones.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 Pro comes with tools and features for more advanced users. Some of these are the Bitlocker tool, the Group Policy Management tool and Assigned Access. These will give you more control over the laptop’s system.

The Bitlocker tool is useful for both users, as it encrypts drives and doesn’t need a lot of effort to be set up. You can even use it to encrypt a USB drive. The Assigned Access 8.1 tool can also be useful for some regular users as it allows them to lock user accounts and restrict access to certain apps.

Group Policy Management is also quite useful, though not much for an average user. An advanced user can make several tweaks to the laptop’s performance and appearance with it if they know what they’re doing.



That’s it for our list of the best laptops under 60000. 60k is the perfect price point for an inexpensive laptop, so you’ll find something for you whether if you’re a gamer, office user or a student. And if not, our detailed buying guide is always there to help you along. We wish you a satisfactory purchase.

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